Everyone Deserves Help

On Friday night, for the first time ever, I blocked someone on Twitter for posting something that I didn’t agree with.

Normally, I’m very respectful of other people’s beliefs. I don’t mind what other people tweet, whether it be political views, personal feelings or just moaning about something that they hate, I generally go on the principal of ‘if I don’t like/agree with it, I just scroll past and keep myself to myself’. I see Twitter as a place for people to vent, and I like to believe that others would also respect my right to vent too, because nothing ever comes from unnecessary drama.

This person, however, tweeted something that I just couldn’t not react to. I didn’t respond, or pick a fight, I just decided to prevent this sort of thinking ever coming up on my feed again. But what was it they said?

Many of you would have spent Friday wearing red and eating cake for charity; that’s right, it was Comic Relief. And as I watched the ever harrowing appeal night show, tearing up at all of the unfair goings on of the world, I felt proud of the UK for playing such a big part in trying to make changes in the world, and doing as much as we can to improve the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

I won’t quote, or name and shame, but the tweet I read implied stated that those living in some of the poorest countries in Africa, the adults AND children dying of diseases that we’re fortunate enough to not face here in the UK do not deserve our money. Why don’t they deserve it? Because they’re not British.

Would you ever deem someone unworthy of help? Would you ever deny a dying child medical attention? I was honestly shocked that this person could seriously watch some of these clips and not even feel a little bit of sympathy to the parents who have to watch their children die, or for the children who have had to lose their parents. Does a person’s ethnicity make any difference? Shouldn’t we do whatever we can for whoever we can?

I’m sorry if this came across a little ranty, or maybe even naive, but I’ve always been charity minded and done as much as I can, and I can’t believe that there are some people who wouldn’t do the same.

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