5 Thing I Don’t Spend Money On

I’m always money-conscious. I check my online banking at least twice a day and my credit card statements almost as frequently. I check every transaction coming in and going out, and while this may seem anal to some, its what makes me great at keeping a budget.

Being good with money is something that I take pride it; its how I can afford to live my life the way I want to, and how I can save while still enjoying myself, and there are a few things that hardly ever appear on those regularly checked bank statements, which probably help me save a lot.


I’m not tee-total, but I rarely drink anymore. I’m not a night-out person, and on the rare occasion that I do go out, I’m such a lightweight that it doesn’t cost much anyway. It amazes me that some of the guys I work with drop £50-100 in a single night and I’ve never even spent a fraction of that.


On occasion, normally at airports, I’ll treat myself to a magazine or two, but I can’t find a reason to justify £3-5 on something that I’ll probably skim read once, and maybe pick up one more time, before it gets dumped in the recycling bin.


The perks of being a non-coffee drinker is that I don’t spend any money on a getting a caffeine fix. Also Starbucks hot chocolate is yuck..

Train tickets

Unless they’re a good price, whenever I need to get to London I walk straight past the train station and get on a coach instead. UK train prices are ridiculous, especially when it costs almost £40 to get to London when I can do it for £10 on a coach that takes about the same amount of time.


Unless you’ve got that glorious ‘first box free’ followed by the desperate rush to cancel the card payment after the free trial is up, I pay for Netflix and that’s it. No Graze boxes, no beauty subscriptions or any of the other monthly direct debits that clog up your account.

They might seem like little things, but I think I probably save a fair amount of cash without spending money on these, and they’re all things that I quite happily live without, so all the better for my bank balance!

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5 thoughts on “5 Thing I Don’t Spend Money On

  1. I’m soo relate to everyone of those! It’s the little things that add up over time. Coach is often so much cheaper and there’s often no changes as well. I can live without a coffee and a magazine every day, if it means I get to travel more!

  2. I’m the exact same as you hehe. I check my bank all the time keeping tabs on things so that I know what I’ve got. I’m also the same when it comes to going to London I am going in a few weeks to see Annie and train tickers were coming up as like £45 and I paid £14 for the coach xxx

  3. I’m the total opposite to you – I’m SO BAD with money. I spend way too much on crap I definitely don’t need. But I want it, and that seems to make it okay! However, I don’t spend money on alcohol, being completely tee-total, or train tickets or subscription boxes!

  4. Yes I can relate to so many of these! After booking a really cheap holiday with my friends, I’ve realised the value of money (you can travel to Indonesia for £100-£300!!) so why spend on these things that you can do without?

    And I love taking the coach to other places in the UK – it’s so much cheaper and you can even get a student discount from unidays!

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