Why Destroying Mental Health Stigma Matters

In recent years, its safe to say that mental health has become a much more talked about topic. People are being more open, battling the stigma, and great change is being made.

I think its amazing. Every day I see people on Twitter talking openly about their conditions and better still, the world is accepting them for it. Because why shouldn’t we?

Cos here’s the thing about mental health: we all have it. SHOCK HORROR. You don’t have to have a heart condition to be conscious of what you do to look after it, right? So why should you be thinking any differently about your brain?

I’m lucky enough to have never been diagnosed with a mental health condition, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have bad days, in the same way that even though I don’t have a lunch problem, it doesn’t mean I never get out of breath. We need to stop thinking that just because we don’t have a problem, we aren’t at risk of bad health. I don’t suffer from an anxiety disorder, but I do often get very anxious which can lead to lack of sleep or random outbursts of sobbing.

The brain is not only an organ like the heart, lungs or stomach, but it is the control centre for our entire body. You’re damn right it needs looking after and taking care of. It might not product blood or vomit when its in a bad condition, but the effects can be incredibly harmful if not taking seriously. Take stress for example – stress on a particular body part can lead to a fracture, which is seen as bad, right? Stress can lead to the failure of the immune system. But if someone tells you they’re stressed over something, you tell them to calm down and get over it. NO.

If you have a brain in your body, then mental health should matter to you. Take it seriously.

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