Things Small Business Owners Want You to Know

I love small business. I love being a small business owner, I love supporting small businesses, and I love seeing other people supporting them.

There are, however, some things that I, and I know other small business owners wish the general public would know next time you think about shopping small.

So much time goes into things you don’t even see

The hours that go into ordering supplies, packing up orders, doing post office runs, website/store upkeep, and that’s before you even factor in the time that goes into the designing and producing of the finished product.

We hate asking for money

I don’t know if this is just me, but I know that especially when it comes to custom orders, despite knowing how much time and work will go into it, its so difficult to put a price on things.

But its annoying when people ask for freebies/discounts

I always love going the extra mile for customers, and I always give a fair price (and undercharge in a lot of circumstances), but it sometimes feel like a slap in the face when people come back and say that its too expensive, or try to haggle a lower price.

Please stop comparing us to big businesses and stores

Asos might do free delivery, and you might be able to buy a t-shirt from Primark for £1, but as much as we can dream, we’re not multi-million pound companies.

Please talk to us

If you need an order by a certain time, or have any queries or concerns, we’re more than happy to do what we can to help. Don’t order a 2 week custom and complain that it didn’t arrive within a week..

We love seeing your photos

It makes us so happy when we see our products out in the world and being loved!

We are grateful for every order

For you it might be a cute purchase, but for us its another person supporting something that we love to do, and we appreciate every customer.

Ultimately, small business owners are super lovely and just want to make their customers happy, so next time you’re on the hunt for something, why not shop small?

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2 thoughts on “Things Small Business Owners Want You to Know

  1. The freebies is one of the big issues we have at the firm, especially with smaller blogs and even family and friends. People don’t seem to understand that small businesses operate on limited resources. Sometimes we can help, but other times we have to put paying the bills first.

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