Introducing Ozzy and Ronnie

Hey gang, I thought I’d brighten up everyone’s Mondays by introducing you to our family’s fuzziest new additions.

Meet Ozzy and Ronnie! They are 8 weeks old and we brought them home on Friday, so they’re just starting to adapt to our mad house and find their tiny ways around.

They came from a litter of four which were found abandoned in a shed and were rescued by the Cats Protection League, and their mother was nowhere to be found – they were only 4 weeks old when they were rescued.

Ozzy is the fluffy one in the back of the photo, and he was the largest of the litter, but also the most shy, and he’s taking a little bit of time adapting to home life, spending most of his time hiding under the sideboard in our living room, but he’s slowly finding his paws.

Ronnie was the smallest of the bunch, but makes up for such with his big personality aka he’s a total nutter. He goes from sweet and snuggly to moving at 100mph with only a seconds notice.

Like I mentioned earlier, they have only been with us since Friday and they’ve still got a lot of acclimatising to do, but we’re already very much in love with them both. We’ve also never had our own cats so this is quite the learning experience for us too! 

As for the names, any classic rock fans might recognise them as two members of Black Sabbath, and you can thank my dad for that. He had one job..

Keep an eye out on here and my social media for kitty updates!

10 thoughts on “Introducing Ozzy and Ronnie

  1. Oh my gosh – adorable! You’re making me want a kitten all over again. They’re such cute little bundles of fluff. Enjoy every minute with them!

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  3. The only thing better than one kitty is one black kitty, but that’s topped by two black kitties. What tops that? Two black kitty brothers! Congratulations on Ozzy and Ron joining your family! I look forward to following them as they train you to be proper kitty servants.

    As someone with two black kitty brothers (Andy and Dougy the Persian kitties) I’ve raised from kittens, I assure you you are in for some adventures.

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