Things I’ve Never Done at Walt Disney World

You don’t have to know me well to know that I’m a serious Disney addict, and when it comes to Walt Disney World, Florida, I like to think I’m somewhat of an expert. This November I’ll be making my fourth trip four years, and I always spend a lot of time planning each trip in order to make sure I get the most out of every visit, but there are a few things, including a few ‘classic Disney moments’ that I have never actually done..

Taken a photo at the Walt Disney World wall in Orlando Airport

The first photo on any trip for most people is before they’ve even stepped foot out of the airport, courtesy of the amazing sign on the wall of the Disney Earport shop in the main lobby of the airport, but I’m always too busy thinking about getting to the hotel to even stop for a photo of the sign, let alone with it..

Been to Tom Sawyer’s Island

On every trip to the Magic Kingdom I think about the fact that I’ve never taken a raft over to Tom Sawyer Island, but I’ve yet to actually make the effort to change that..

Had a dole whip

Unashamed hater of all things pineapple, this iconic park treat is not something that I ever had, nor ever will waste a snack coupon on.

Met Gaston

While I’m on a mission to meet 100 different characters this year, if I can complete it without having to meet Gaston I’ll be a happy bunny. Apologies to all the Gaston fans out there but I cannot stand him and I can only imagine a character meet with him being my worst nightmare!

Driven down Main Street USA on one of the Main Street Vehicles

I always love waving at the families and guests who hop on the classic cars, omnibus or horse drawn cart that journey up and down Main Street, but never once have I hopped on board myself.

Any pin trading

As I’m not a pin collector myself, I’ve never actually experience pin trading in the parks.

Taken part in the Frozen Singalong

Despite loving a show and an excuse to have a sit-down and enjoy some air-con, I’ve yet to do the Frozen Singalong Celebration in Hollywood Studios..

Stopped to watch the Electrical Water Pageant

At the end of a long day in the Magic Kingdom, I tend to march straight for the nearest bus back to the resort for the night, so although I have seen some of the floats for the EWP, I’ve never actually taken the time to stop to watch the pretty display on the Seven Seas Lagoon.

What are your Disney World must-dos?

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10 thoughts on “Things I’ve Never Done at Walt Disney World

  1. I’m back in October for my very first Disney Halloween and could not be more excited. TBH all of my must dos are Halloween related. I always feel like Orlando airport is such a missed opportunity because like you said, you just want to get to where your staying and you never have time to explore it on the way home. I feel like I’d need an extra day to dedicate to it 😂😂 xx

    Jay |

  2. I’d recommend the frozen sing-a-long. It was always one we skipped because I just didn’t think I’d enjoy it that much, but we went on our last trip and it was actually really fun 🙂

  3. We visited Tom Sawyer island on our first trip and we’ve never gone back out there. It just felt too much like some local park with a playground that we would see all over Minnesota. Not much magic there.

    Gaston is a hoot, with quips and jests. Definitely not ideal if you don’t enjoy banter, but he can usually sense if you are not into that and tones it down.

  4. OMG you must take the time to eat a Dole Whip! They are incredible! Tom Sawyer’s Island is also fun. I live in Orlando, so I can’t have the opportunity to take a picture by the airport wall, but I wish I did! I have some Disney travel posts up on my blog if you need any help planning your next adventure.

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