Another Disney Trip Bucket List

In two weeks time, I will be on my way to Manchester in preparation to fly out to Orlando!! Yes, I know I’ve been to WDW once already this year, but I’ve worked my butt off to pay for this trip and its my first proper holiday with Matthew and our first Disney trip together and I could not be more excited.

What I love about Disney is that even having been before, on every trip there is always something new, or something I’ve never done before, and even just the usual magic that gets me so excited every time, and this trip is no exception. There are a bunch of new things I’ll be experiencing on this trip, as well as some firm favourites, and here are just a few that I’m buzzed for:

  • Pandora – on my last two trips to WDW, I’ve observed the cranes and developments of the newest addition to Animal Kingdom, and on this trip I’ll finally get to see the beautiful creation that is Pandora. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind of it not living up to my expectations!
  • Food and Wine Festival – this will be my first time going to F&W at Epcot and I’m so hyped to eat ALL THE FOOD.
  • Bon Voyage breakfast – speaking of food, I’ve been internally squealing about the newest character breakfast since it was announced, and I can’t wait to be finally doing it!
  • Taking cute photobooth photos in DinoLand – Sarah and I found the photobooth in Animal Kingdom back in Feb, but I’m planning on being the ultimate cheese couple and dragging Matthew in there so we can have old school photobooth print-out photos
  • Toothpaste wall photos – being the Disney basic girl I am, I am of course buzzed for wall photos, but would you believe I’ve yet to take photos at the toothpaste wall?! Of course I’ll also be doing the other walls too (hello bubblegum wall) but this is one I’m particularly excited for.
  • Mickey’s Not So Scary – I am going to trick or treat til I drop! This will be my first ever Halloween party and while I’m not the biggest Halloween fan normally, I can’t wait to see all the exclusive shows and parades, plus all the amazing characters!
  • Blizzard Beach – my last two WDW trips have been during the early months of the year, so I haven’t been to the waterparks since 2014. I rarely spend a whole day in a waterpark anyway, but I’m excited to be going back.
  • New outfits – you don’t have to know me that well to know I LOVE planning Disney outfits. For this trip I’ve got all new looks and I am LIVING for some of them!
  • A new Disney gym – we’re staying at Coronado Springs for this trip, and the resort has its own gym! If I’m staying at a resort with a gym I always go for a nosey and a workout, call me crazy!

I’ll be in WDW from October 30th-November 14th, and if anyone is around give me a shout!

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9 thoughts on “Another Disney Trip Bucket List

  1. I absolutely love WDW!!! My first trip I was 30. I’ve been 4 times since then and planning to visit WDW in Paris in 2018. I remember on my first trip I was so excited and was acting like such a kid, that when I saw Mickey Mouse I ran up to him and with sheer excitement and joy said, I’ve been waiting my whole life to meet you!” Of course mimicking an old WDW commercial, but I really was EXCITED! And oh my goodness, when I saw my favorite Disney character Winnie The Pooh, I was like an over zealous kid on Christmas Day!! I can’t wait to go back! Enjoy your trip!!

  2. Ah how exciting that you are going back! There are so many fab walls for photo ops in Disney and the Toothpaste one is so pretty! I hope you have the best time xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. Ooh this is fun! I haven’t made a WDW bucket list yet, but I feel like I should because who doesn’t love a good “mission”? Never heard of the Bon Voyage breakfast until reading your post and now I’m bummed there’s no more space for my trip in December 😦 Hope you have lots of fun!!

  4. I love Disney World! I live in Orlando so I have an annual pass. I’ve never heard of the toothpaste wall though! I also love the new Pandora ride and the Food and Wine Festival as well as Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain. I have some tips on my blog if you want to beat the heat or find a plan to do 4 parks in one day

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