Why Has ‘Fit Shaming’ Become A Thing?

No, that’s not a typo in the title.

I, for one, cannot understand the shaming culture that we have created. We’ve had ‘fat shaming’ and ‘skinny shaming’ and unfortunately we still see this unnecessary viciousness every day, but what has really shocked me in recent months is what I personally like to call ‘fit shaming’.

This is something that I have personally experienced for a little while now, but whenever a new year comes round, I see this increasing across the likes of Twitter, and this is the bizarre concept that people seem to think its okay to try and make people feed bad about trying to be healthy. Not trying to be skinny, not fad-dieting or specifically trying to lose weight, this is just the act of trying to live a vaguely healthy lifestyle by going to the gym every so often, making a healthier food choice every once in a while or just trying to be more active.

Are you as confused by this as I am?

We all know that one of the most common New Years resolutions is people aiming to be a bit healthier or get fitter. Whether you manage the whole year, or just the first day, I think its a great resolution to have, and I don’t think anyone should be made to feel bad about setting this goal, New Years or not. Despite this, though, the keyboard warriors of the world love to try and make people feel crap about it.

Me? I’ve been teased by people I work with. Yep.. Snide comments about the fact that I went to the gym that morning, laughing about the fact that I packed a salad or teasing me and other colleagues when we compared Fitbits.


I don’t really care about people making stupid little comments, but I just cannot comprehend why anyone thinks there is anything shame-worthy about fitness. I mean, I don’t think anyone should be voicing judgement on other people’s personal choices and decisions, but of all the things I just do not understand this behaviour.

I’m just gonna say it louder for the people in the back: LET PEOPLE LIVE HOW THEY WANT TO LIVE.

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12 thoughts on “Why Has ‘Fit Shaming’ Become A Thing?

  1. Lottie!

    This is so ridiculously accurate it pains me! I get mocked for running going to the gym etc. When I pick a healthy meal option or turn down a takeaway it’s “why are you on some diet now” and when I let myself have a bit of a break and go for something to treat myself it’s “oh so you’ve given up on your diet”

    Honestly feels like I can’t win some times. And truthbis I shouldn’t have to “win”. My body, my choice. Support me or don’t I don’t need your approval!

    Great post!

  2. I was literally thinking about this the other day!! I remember co workers used to tease me if I turned down a doughnut or chocolate! I think people try and make themselves feel better about their poor eating habits it’s so stupid. Glad you wrote this!

  3. Spot on! Diet-wise I find a lot of people like to shame me for being veggie too. I appreciate a lot of veggie’s haven’t given us a very good name by banging on about it every two minutes, but I’m not one of them and I’m sick of being asked “but don’t you miss bacon sandwiches?”.

  4. Aww its really sad that people are making snide comments about anything in the workplace. I feel for you that you have to put up with that as having gone through it in the past I know it doesn’t make for a great working environment. I can never understand why people would make such comments, but I suspect (whether consciously or unconsciously) they are jealous in some way, which if you think about it, is actually kinda sad, so I say pity them, for if they feel the need to be snarky and snide, then there is obviously something below the surface bothering them about there own situation, and maybe secretly they just wish they had the same drive to be healthier and fitter and more fulfilled that you do 😊 x

  5. I completely agree, I’m sick of seeing people consider those who enjoy fitness to all be fat shaming snobs! I’ve seen a lot of posts this January about how it’s okay to not go to the gym and it’s fine to eat what you want – which I do agree with to a certain extent, everyone should be happy with their lifestyle. BUT when it’s almost pushing the message that fitness fans are just self obsessed body shamers it’s exhausting!

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