My Plan of Attack for Instagram

The algorithm might be screwing us all right now, but this year I’m determined to hit some goals when it comes to Instagram. Its always been my favourite social media app, and although engagement is a bit sucky right now, bots are a nightmare and the follow/unfollow game drives me a little crazy, I do still love it.

What I do not love is that little number at the top of my profile that just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Even when I get that little notification to say I’ve gained followers, the number never seems to change, and its a little disheartening, but I refuse to let this setback, albeit fairly major, bring me down, and I’ve been spending a lot of time so far this month coming up with things I’m going to try to get back in the game.

Plan plan plan

I’ve always liked pre-editing my photos and saving them into the handy drafts function that Instagram has, but I’ve never actually had a proper planning tool for what to post when. Well I did a little research and took a few recommendations and downloaded Unum, which is an app specifically for planning out your Instagram feed. You link your account and it imports your current feed, then gives you a whole bunch of blank squares that you can put photos into to decide exactly where you want them to go in your feed. You can even edit photos and upload them to Instagram directly from the app and I am loving it.

Get engaging

I’m ashamed to say that recently my activity with other people on Instagram has taken a dip, but I’m getting back on track by double-tapping and dropping comments whenever I can. I’m not sure if this will actually help my own account at all but if it puts a smile on the face of another user looking for some engagement then my work is done.

Celebrate others

Again, whether this actually helps my own follower count or not I don’t know or care, but recently I did my first ever Instagram story shout-out to some of my favourite accounts, and it made me so happy! I’m gonna try and make this at least a monthly thing going forward and continue spreading the love.

Spend more time looking for new accounts

I’m very much the person that follows people I know, then people who appear in the suggestions tab, and people I see sharing their links on Twitter, but I rarely just go hunting for new accounts to follow, so I’m gonna hit the explore tab a bit more and brighten other people’s days by hitting that follow button.

Get regular and utilise stats

My aim for 2018 is to try and post every day wherever possible because its rumoured that being more regular generally sees an increase in engagement. Well I’ll have to wait and see with that one, but what I am curious to test is looking at some of the analytics from my posts. As well as planning posts, Unum also has an analytics tab which shows all sorts of data from my most popular posts, best hashtags and even the best times for me to post on each day of the week based on previous engagement – apparently Thursdays seem to be my best day! PS. This is all included under the free version of Unum, but you can pay a subscription for more insights.

Have fun with it

More importantly than anything else, I just want to continue loving Instagram. Towards the end of last year I found myself falling out of love with it a little as I felt some posts were forced, or didn’t fit my style and I just didn’t like feeling that way. I’ve currently got a bit of a yellow theme going on, and with yellow being my favourite colour and also a happy colour, I’m smiling every time I look at my feed which is exactly what I want.

If you wanna help a girl out, my link is below, or you can search for me @lottiedoesdisney!

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10 thoughts on “My Plan of Attack for Instagram

  1. I love your Instagram! I found it on a shout-out I think and realised it was your account (because I’ve followed your blog for a while) and I had to follow you!

    I’m struggling with the algorithm myself, perhaps I shouldn’t have made my old personal account my blog’s account, but I tried switching to business and that made everything worse. Within about a week of switching back to personal I had 100 more followers!

    I’m mainly getting followers through shoutouts, and I’m desperately close to 600 now! But whenever I wake up to new followers, the same amount has unfollowed me. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    I love this post, and I love your account. (lizeindisneyland on instagram) xo

  2. Instagram is a hard nut to crack these days. Interaction is hard work and it’s almost a full time job just to keep up to date with everyone’s posts. Especially when you try to follow as many peeps as possible and are not a follow to unfollow player! Hate those peeps!

    Great post! 🙂 x

  3. I hope it’s a better year for Instagram overall, minus as many ghost accounts as possible. I thoroughly enjoy reading about your adventures. They’re always uplifting. Keep up the great writing 😊

  4. Such good tips Lottie! I’m definitely getting that app! I’ve been really trying with my instagram, and over Christmas I was posting at least twice a day (during the “peak” times) and I kept a Christmas theme going as well, I gained so many new followers but lost nearly the same amount that I gained! VERY frustrating. I have never unfollowed an account just because they’re not following me, I follow theme because I like their pics or their stories. I hope we both kick Instagrams butt this year! Bring it on! Xx

  5. I post everyday and I can’t say I notice much growth from doing so 😦 I loathe IG at the moment, because of how shitty the engagement is, but I’m determined to just enjoy sharing my photos and whatever happens happens. Good luck with your plan of attack!

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