Places I’d Like to Visit in 2018

After an incredible year of trips in 2017, this year seems to be lacking a little. Apart from going to San Francisco and Aulani in April, I have no other plans for the year; no Disney parks, no international races, nothing.

I can’t complain. Last year was truly incredible, but the purse strings need to be tightened as Matthew and I will have a lot coming up over the course of this year, and we will have an amazing time in April, but my wanderlusting little brain needs some sort of stimulation, so instead of broadening our horizons, for the rest of the year we’ll be staying within the borders of the UK and hopefully doing a few little weekends away and staycations instead.

I’m almost ashamed of how little of the UK I’ve really visited, and there are so many places that I’ve always said I’d like to go to, so here’s a few of the destinations I’d like to tick of the list this year.


I don’t know if I ever went to Brighton as a kid, but I’ve really wanted to in the last few years. I guess the fact that I already live in a seaside town meant the beach wasn’t so much of a draw as it can be for many, but to me its always just looked so pretty and Instagrammable and I think it would be a really cute weekend break.


Ok, so I have been to Bath before, and I actually went just before Christmas with work, but as that was just a few hours in the city centre, it left me wanting more!

The Eden Project

This is another one I’ve done before, but Matthew has never been and I’ve always loved it, plus there are so many cute Cornish places we could also visit to make a few days out of it.

The Lake District

I am from pretty much as south as south gets, so the north isn’t somewhere I’ve really explored so much, well that is until I met a boy from Manchester! As we’ll be going up that way in the next few months to help Matthew’s mum move house, he suggested we take a little trip up to the Lake District which is somewhere I’ve always fancied.


To be honest, I don’t know what draws me to it exactly but I’ve just always liked the sound of Cambridge, so I’d quite like it if we can make a little trip this year.

This might not seem like much of a list, but this year is full of uncertainty for us and as crazy as it sounds, we don’t really know what will be happening six months down the line, so stay tuned!

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12 thoughts on “Places I’d Like to Visit in 2018

  1. Definitely visit Cambridge if you can, its a cool city. Staycation sounds fun, I’m like you, I’ve travelled to other parts of the world yet barely seen things that a rea a lot closer! Enjoy your travels!

  2. The Lakes are stunning, you should definitely stop by! I’ve just got back from a break there last week, we visited Bowness and Ambleside on Lake Windermere and had the most wonderful time! X

  3. The Lake District is awsome, you’ll love it! Take walking boots, but don’t be put off if you don’t like mountains because theres plenty of low level and mid level walks as well. It’s a photographers dream (when its not raining!)

  4. If you go to Brighton and need to find something to eat, stay away from the franchises and don’t just settle for fish and chips every time. Brighton has so many independent cafés and bakeries with unique snacks and health foods. I promise you won’t regret exploring there ☺️

  5. The Lake District is absolutely a breathtakingly beautiful place! I’ve only been once and I can’t get it out of my mind ❤️

    Soffy //

  6. You’ve got some fab places here. Definitely come up north the Lake District is stunning loads to do great scenery fabulous pubs and mini breweries. I’ll link you my mini break post on Twitter.

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