How Relateable Do Bloggers Actually Have To Be?

I’ve been thinking a lot about bloggers and relate-ability lately. Let’s face it, the aim of the game for most bloggers is to create content that people are going to want to read, right? But do readers always want to see something that they can relate to?

I recently read a really interesting post by Hannah from The Giraffe’s Life about why Zoella is considered by many to be unrelateable, and I agreed with many of the points put forward; personally I’ve never really been that bothered by Zoella anyway. But regardless of whether or not her millions of fans actually relate to her life of million pound mansions, jetting off to 5 star hotels and being on the cover of every magazine under the sun, they still want to watch her videos and read her posts, which got me thinking about whether or not bloggers do actually need to be relateable?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I kinda like reading about things that I would never actually be able to do myself. Clickbait-y titles like ‘I spent £700 in Primark’ are intriguing, and I can’t help but want to see what on earth was purchased to rack up that receipt total.

From my own stats, I know that my most popular posts are my holiday diaries, especially when I’m in Disney parks, and while I’d love to live in a world where being in Disney parks is considered everyday, I know that it isn’t.

And yes, on the flipside I do love a high end makeup dupe, a budget city break and quick, easy recipe posts, but I’m also super nosey and would love to see what it was like at the latest Spectrum release party, because it’s something that I’d never get to experience myself.

I think also that there’s a huge difference between the relate-ability of a blogger and the relate-ability of their content. A relateable blogger could do the most unrelateable activities, and I’d still read what crazy stuff they’d be up to, but an unrelateable blogger could buy five things under £5 from Primark and I’d have that little meh feeling when I read it, so I guess in that respect relate-ability is kinda important.

These are just my own personal musings on the subject, I’d love to hear your thoughts so drop me a comment!

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7 thoughts on “How Relateable Do Bloggers Actually Have To Be?

  1. I love the distinction between relatable content and a relatable person. My fave vlogger right now, goes on the most insane press trips for designer brands but watching her videos feels like I’m just listening to a friend. As long as you stay relatable and humble as a person I think that’s the main thing.

    Chloe x

  2. Someone above commented on this, but there’s a difference between someone who has relatable content, and someone who’s a relatable person. I think if the person in relatable in the sense of me liking their personality, I’m definitely more willing to read/watch anything by them regardless of their lifestyle. Sometimes it’s interesting seeing how the “other side” lives. Great post! xxx

    Melina |

  3. I tend to read blogs where the person is relatable rather than the content. I ooo and aah over other people’s travel and haul posts but if I don’t like the, “tone” of the post if you will, I’ll likely scroll on by no matter how relatable the content was.

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  5. Loved this post – I’m always intrigued by ‘how the other side’ live, in a way. It’s always interesting seeing the experiences through other peoples eyes that you’ll never get to experience yourself personally! x

    Han |

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