A-Z of Me! Part 2!

In case you missed part 1, catch up here!


N is for notebooks! I have a million notebooks, and I use every single one of them. In fact, at any given time I probably have at least two notebooks within arms reach.

O is for October baby! October 3rd, if you want to mark your calendars..

P is for Pinterest! I love Pinterest, but if I use it after a certain time in the evening, it will make me fall asleep, ha!

Q is for quizzes! I’m a wizz, full of useless general knowledge.

R is for right! Right handed, right side of the bed, always have to be right.. ūüėČ

S is for savoury! I prefer savoury over sweet 9 times out of 10!

T is for Taekwondo! Although I had to give it up a few years ago, I did Taekwondo for 10 years and am a black belt!

U is for umm! Used WAY too much in every day conversation..

V is for vet! The first job I ever wanted as a kid.

W is for woof! Although we don’t have them anymore, I grew up with two dachshunds who I loved!

X is for x-ray! (because what else, right?) Fun fact, an x-ray of my teeth is actually published in a primary science teaching guide!

Y is for yellow! My favourite colour, can you tell?

Z is for zzz! I love sleep, and absolutely cannot function without it. Also, if I need it, I can fall asleep pretty much anywhere and there’s no stopping me; cinemas, public transport..

So that’s a little bit of an insight into me! Some of them were way harder than I expected..

If you wanna give it a go, be sure to drop me a comment with your link!

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What I did in my week off

Today marks the last of six days of annual leave I’ve taken from work, and I thought it would be kinda fun to share with you what I did with all this marvellous free time!

What I Did In My Week Off


While I love my gym, it doesn’t have a swimming pool, so I thought that having all this extra time, I’d make advantage of the free 7 day pass that I had to my dad’s gym so that I could go for a swim every morning. Its been ages since I’ve been swimming properly and quite honestly I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it, and also how good it is for you!

Adventures with friends

As soon as I booked the time off work, one of my top priorities was planning a day in London to see Chelsea and Sarah, and we had such a nice day! Ok, so we might have spent almost 4 hours in Wagamama and consumed a lot of cookies, but that was exactly what I needed.


Despite being away from the day job, I’ve been sorting out a bunch of new designs for The Happiest Fitness Co, including the t-shirt design for the Frying Pan 5K – have you signed up yet?


I didn’t get to write as much as I thought if I’m honest, writer’s block has been coming and going all week so I’m not as ahead of the game as I thought I could get this week. Fortunately, I’m pretty good at finding the time for blogging day to day, so I’m not too worried!

A whole lotta nothing!

In reality, I haven’t done nearly as much as I thought I would get done this week. We’ve still got workmen in the house every day finishing our bathroom, so that’s been a bit of a hindrance (especially as I’m still having to go to the gym for a shower), and in an attempt to stay out of their way I’ve spent an awful lot of time just watching tv and movies! I did also see Captain America: Civil War at the cinema, which I really enjoyed, and I went out to lunch one day; I think doing nothing is part of having time off work though, right?

And now I have to go back to work tomorrow, waa ūüė¶

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A-Z of Me! Part 1

First up, I didn’t come up with this idea myself; I read a post by someone who had copied it from someone who had copied it from someone.. I just thought it was such a cute idea, and thought it would be a fun way to share a little bit more about myself with my lovely readers!


The concept is simple, for each letter of the alphabet, I’ll be sharing a relevant fun fact/part of my life/little insight into me, yay! I’m kicking off with A-M..

A is for ASOS! I’d say at least half of my wardrobe was bought from ASOS.

B is for birthday! I used to be obsessed with my birthday, and then after one kinda rubbish year I stopped caring about it that much. It is, however, still a really big deal because I share my birthday with my youngest cousin, and I always want her to have the most magical day!

C is for chickens! I have 8, and I love them all.

D is for Disney! I don’t think this one needs explaining..

E is for Ellie Goulding! She’s my absolute idol in so many ways.

F is for flowers! My favourite are gerbera daisies ūüôā

G is for green tea! Specifically matcha green tea, I drink it every morning.

H is for half marathons! I spent the whole of last year training for RunDisney, and have run two already this year, with at least two more to go this year, eek!

I is for IKEA! I love going to Ikea, and any excuse for a trip is a good one.

J is for Jess! My best friend.

K is for ketchup! I can pretty much eat ketchup with anything, and I’m not even sorry..

L is for Lottie! I’ve always been Lottie to everyone I know, but I was actually christened Charlotte. While I have absolutely nothing against the name, it just never felt like my name, and after years of waiting to do it, I officially changed it to Lottie when I turned 18.

M is for musicals! I love them, I could spend forever going to see West End shows.

Well that’s half of me! Stay tuned for the second installment..

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NEW New Years Resolutions

Tomorrow is March. MARCH.


We’re already two months down this year, and in classic form, I’m looking back at my January New Years Resolutions and wondering what I’ve managed to achieve so far this year, and for a change, I’m pretty¬†happy with where I am.

In the last few weeks though, I’ve been taking a bit more time to think about myself; improving my mindfulness,¬†habits and general thought processes, and I’ve decided to make some new resolutions, which are a little more about me and my¬†happiness.

Be more creative

I’ve always been a creative person, even if its not in the classic sense, and creativity makes me feel good, so whether it be spending my lunch break with a colouring book or taking more pretty photos for Instagram, I’m welcoming it. I’ve even started being more creative with my weekly organisation, and I love it!

Take more time for myself

Last year I took a pretty¬†huge independent step going on¬†holiday by myself, and it taught me that me time is totally ok and that I don’t always need company to enjoy myself. I spend so much time at work surrounded by people and¬†helping others that its ok for me to take time out.

Improve myself in little ways

I always want to be my best self, and while going back to school¬†holds no interest for me, I want to learn new things, even if its just something small like a new cooking technique, or something a little bigger like an online course; I’m planning on learning something new every week.

Keep dreaming

I¬†have so many thoughts, ideas and dreams, but I’m also my own worst enemy when it comes to shooting them down, so I’m going to stop seeing all my dreams as ‘pipe dreams’. Anything is possible if you just believe!

Be positive and share it

I can often jump to worst case scenarios, but I’ve¬†had enough of that! I’m going to be working on thinking more positively and sharing this positivity with those around me. Watch out guys, I’m gonna be throwing all sorts of¬†happiness your way!

Be more open to change

Whether I like it or not, change is a part of life, and I’m working on being ok with that. I used to¬†hate cheesecake and now I think its delicious, and if all change is like that then I’m cool with it!

Are you sticking to your New Years Resolutions, or are you rethinking like me?

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I was just typing good morning when I noticed the time, so good afternoon!

What do you think of this new look then?

Personally, I’m obsessed. I think it reflects me as a person so much better in all its yellow glory, and my new¬†header from the amazing Jemma from Dorkface just brings it all together so well, eek!

As I said at the beginning of the year, you’re still going to be seeing a lot of the same stuff around¬†here – a¬†huge¬†helping of Disney, with a side of lifestyle, travel, food and fitness, and if I do say so myself, I’ve got some really fun stuff lined up!

So take a look around, get yourself used to the new layout because I want everyone to love it as much as I do!

Have a great weekend!

Lottie Does 2016

And its 2016, hello everyone!


A new year, a new start for many, and a little change up for this little blog of mine..

Look up. See that the top menu’s looking a little sparse? Now look down the righthand side. My widgets are all moved about. No, these aren’t the ‘major changes’ I’ve been¬†harping on about on Twitter for the last few weeks, but they’re in preparation for it.¬†I love my blog, and 2015¬†has seen so much growth and support, and my love for blogging¬†has grown more than I could¬†have imagined possible, and that is why, come January 20th, I’m re-branding a little..

Lottie Does is on its way!

No, I’m not stopping writing about Disney. I can basically guarantee that I’ll still¬†throwing plenty of Disney around¬†here, and don’t worry, all my old posts will still be here! But in the last few months I’ve been expanding my range of post subjects, and its gone down so well that I can’t wait to continue, and trust me, I’ve got so much planned! I’ve got new series, continuing series.. There’ll be lifestyle, food, travel, fitness; I’ll be sharing recipes, reviewing products and going on adventures, and I’m so excited!

I’m also changing my layout; I’ve got a new design ready and the gorgeous and talented Jemma from Dorkface is designing my new¬†header, and most importantly, I’ve purchased my domain, so my web address will be changing to lottiedoes.com!

Big love to everyone who¬†has kept up with me in 2015, and I really¬†hope you guys like what’s in store!


My New Years Wishes

Today we say goodbye to 2015, and I know I cannot be the only person who is a little bit in shock that this year is over already.


It is, of course, also that time we all starting thinking about what we want to achieve in the coming year, set our goals and make our resolutions, so here are a few of mine!

РKeep on my healthy path and drink more water

2015 has really been the year I started taking my health and fitness much more seriously, and I really want to ramp that up going in 2016 with a better diet, more training and drinking more water

– Read more

Earlier in the year I wrote my 5 before 25 goals, one of which included reading a bunch of great books, and so far I’ve only read one, so I definitely need to up my game!

– Worry and stress less

I’m the first to admit that I am obsessive, anxious and overly emotional at times, and can really flip out when I’m worried, stressed or upset by something, and I really¬†hate being that person so I’ve decided that 2016 is the year I’m gonna learn to let things to and spend more time appreciating the good things in life. Positivity my friends!

–¬†Have more adventures and spend more time outdoors

Going on my birthday road trip was such an incredible adventure that I really want to spend more time having adventures, whether they be close to home or a little further out!

– Donate and raise more money for charity

I’ve always loved raising money for charity, but I feel my 2015 game¬†has been fairly poor so I’d like to make up for that in the new year.

– Meet my Disney girls

The last year¬†has been made so much more special by my new friendships with some amazing girls who share my love for all things Disney, and while I’ve been friends with some of them for over a year now, I’ve never met them! 2016 will change that.

You might have read yesterday that I’m also setting myself a rather enormous challenge for 2016, which encompasses a few of my resolutions.. My 1000 Mile Challenge!

What are your New Years Resolutions?


Disney Secret Santa Round-up!

At the beginning of November I announced my very first online Secret Santa, purely for Disney fans/bloggers. I crossed my fingers for success, expecting a few of my closest Disney friends to be interested, probably out of pity support, so I was totally amazed when interested came flooding in from all over the Twitter-sphere, including some of my absolute favourite bloggers and internet friends!

I can¬†honestly say it was the best decision I’ve ever made, its been so much fun and¬†having everyone on board¬†has made it even more special, so¬†here’s¬†how I got on!

I felt so lucky to get the beautiful Amy from Cocktails in Teacups; she’s one of my absolute favourite bloggers, I check¬†her blog everyday and just love keeping up with¬†her adventures! I really wanted to nail¬†her gift so I put in a lot of thought, and¬†here’s what I came up with..




Knowing her favourite films are Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid, I chose two vintage travel style prints from Etsy: one for Neverland and one for Atlantica. Topped up with some festive scented candles (the seashell ones I made myself!), a cute little Minnie Mouse coin purse and some chocolate coins, and I think I put together a good little parcel!

Today, I also received my gift from the lovely Nicola from Nicoohlala!




She got me a Funko Pop Honey Lemon, which is great because I have a growing collection of Funkos, and also two beautiful Tangled posters, yay!

I never imagined when I set out to organise this that it would be so much fun! Its been so great and¬†having everyone’s support¬†has made it even more special! Wanna read¬†how others¬†have got on?

You can read:

Amy’s post

Sarah’s post

Amy’s post

Charlene’s post

and more coming soon, stay tuned!

Did you take part in a Secret Santa this year?


The ‘If I Could..’ Tag

I was inspired by Danielle‘s perfect responses to the ‘If I Could..’ Tag, and she suggested that I gave it a go myself, so I thought why not!?


If I could live anywhere:

I really love Bournemouth, and I don’t think I could really picture myself living anywhere else, but I guess it would be kinda cool to live in Orlando or Anaheim if I¬†had to choose somewhere else.

If I could have any home:

I really picture myself in a modern build¬†house, with lots of light and space and quite an open floor plan. I’d love a big kitchen and a sewing/craft room,¬†ha!

If I could have any garden:

I’d love a big garden, I’d love to be able to continue keeping chickens, and maybe a dog or cat so plenty of space would be welcome! I wouldn’t want anything too fancy or difficult to maintain, grass space, and an area to grow vegetables, and maybe an awesome tree for climbing!

If I could be on holiday right now:

All I can think about right now is my upcoming Disney trip, so if we could just fast forward a few weeks that would be fab! I’m looking forward to Disneyland California the most!

If I could have any job:

I’m still on the path to my dream job: I’m a cake decorator and would love to open a cake shop with tea-rooms because it would mean I could do what I love every day, and would also be able to put time into my blog and other¬†hobbies, as well as making lots of people really¬†happy!

If I could have any talent:

I’d love to be able to draw and do graphic design. I can draw a few things, and am creative in plenty of other ways, but I’ve always wished I could translate what I see in my¬†head to paper.

If I could live any day again:

I don’t know if I would want to relive a good day again, or go back and change a bad day, but I must be pretty lucky because no day in particular stands out for me! Why look back?

I tag Amy, Shawnee, Lizi and Sammie, and anyone else who fancies it! Can’t wait to¬†hear everyone’s responses!


Disney’s Wartime/Package Era Tag

This is the 2nd of Amy‘s Disney Era Tags, and for me I feel its the most underrated era: the wartime/package era!


For starters, most people¬†haven’t¬†heard of¬†half of the films, which is sad, and those who¬†have often discredit them for being made up of shorts of, or claim they’re not ‘real classics’.


 So here goes!

Any unseen films?

Only The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad, although it may be I watched it as a kid and can’t remember!

What is your favourite film of the era?

Fun and Fancy Free, I love the Mickey and the Beanstalk story!

What is your least favourite film of the era?

Make Mine Music – to me it doesn’t quite fit in with the others.

Who is your favourite main character?

Donald in The Three Caballeros

Who is your favourite villain?

The Giant from Mickey and the Beanstalk

Who is your favourite sidekick?

If he counts as a sidekick, Jose Carioca!

What is your favourite song of the era?

Say It With A Slap from Fun and Fancy Free!

What do you consider to be the most underrated film of the era?

Saludos Amigos – I think a lot of people forget about it, or think its the same as The Three Caballeros, which gets more publicity.

What is your favourite thing about this era?

The comedy value; all of these films were created for the viewers entertainment, and there’s a lot of fun parts to these films!

What do you least enjoy about this era?

I wish they were better known, and I kind of wish they were longer in length.


The Love/Hate Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Sam over at The Belle Jar to do this tagged, originally inspired by another lovely lady, Danielle from Underland to Wonderland!

Aim of the game is simple РI have to name 10 things I love, and 10 things I hate, just a fun way for you to get to know a little big more about me! Lets do this..


1. Being part of such a great community of bloggers and Disney lovers

2. The feeling of finishing a really great run or workout

3. Christmas, especially giving presents!

4. Finishing a crossword, sad but true!

5. Planning and organising

6. Getting post!

7. Long¬†hot showers – I don’t like baths

8. Meeting targets and goals

9. Clean sheet night!

10. Egg fried rice – I could just eat that forever!


1. Cyclists on the pavement Рif you want road users to respect you, you have to follow road laws yourself!

2. Foods that mix savoury and sweet concepts – savoury pancakes, cheesecake etc

3. When great things¬†happen for people who don’t deserve it, or don’t even care

4. People who think they’re too good for others

5. Constant negativity and judgement

6. Tomatoes – I love everything tomato based, but actual tomatoes are weird

7. Being unable to sleep

8. Losing or wasting money

9. Bad drivers – not indicating, being in the wrong lane, cutting people off, using phones etc..

10. Rude customers Рstaff are only ever there to help, so treat them decently!

I tag Amy, Lizi, Shawnee, Kimberley and Sophie, and if anyone else wants to give it a go, drop me links!


100 Days of Happy: 42-62

Happy Saturday everyone! Another 3 weeks¬†have been and gone, and I’m¬†here to update you all on my 100 day challenge!

These last few weeks I’ve been much better with photo updates on Instagram, although I still¬†haven’t posted everyday, but it does mean I can share more¬†happy thoughts today!

I’ve discovered the art of packing¬†healthy lunchboxes to take to work with me!

The release of medal designs for Star Wars weekend has got me so excited for our upcoming events!

I treated myself to a Yankee Candle advent calendar!

I had the most fun guest-hosting the #DisneyBloggersChat! It was a huge success and announcing my Secret Santa has generated so much buzz!

A surprise parcel of this necklace made by a lovely friend of mine and sent to me by another lovely friend of mine!

I had a bit of a shopping spree for new gym/running clothes and got some amazing bargains!

We hit the 50 day mark, and the 40 day mark too!

The prettiest fabric EVER arrived and I can’t wait to create with it!

I made my dad a giant KitKat..

And I made him a caterpillar cake!

We shot our Lego family Christmas card!

My Baymax hat arrived!

A new fitness toy!

As well as all this, I’ve booked coach tickets to go and visit a very dear friend in London during my week off in December, I’ve¬†hit some pretty awesome blogging goals and I’m feeling so blessed to¬†have all my lovely Disney/blogger friends supporting me at the moment!

I’m also so¬†happy that Christmas is sneaking up, and that also means Disney is creeping ever closer, and everything is falling into place!

Share your happy thoughts guys!


Blogger Interview Tag

Thank you to Danielle for tagging me in the Blogger Interview Tag, its a great way for me to share a little bit more about myself and the motive behind my blogging!


How did you get into blogging?

When we booked our 2014 Disney World holiday, I started researching ways to make the trip even more special, and I discovered that there is a whole world of Disney bloggers out there, and they inspired me! Plus, after spending the amount of time I did preparing for my time in the most magical place on Earth, I figured I might as well share my secrets in the hopes that others can enjoy it as much as I do!

What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?

Do it for yourself; you’re not gonna become¬†huge overnight, it takes time and effort, and if you don’t love doing it, you never will.

Also, become part of the community. Bloggers are great people, and blogging isn’t a competition, so make friends and¬†have fun!

What would be your dream campaign?

I think this depends entirely on what is meant by ‘campaign’.. If we’re talking brands, obviously I’d love to get involved with Disney, or RunDisney, or anything Disney related really! But realistically, there are loads of great brands that I’d love to be able to work with: Asos, Lush, Barry M, Fabletics, I could go on..

Alternatively, if its not about charity campaigns, Children in Need and Parkinson’s UK are two¬†hugely important charities to me, so the opportunity to raise funds and awareness on their behalf would always be welcome!

Do you have a plan for your blog?

Yes and no. I love my blog so much, and¬†its growing so much which is amazing. I’m currently playing around with the idea of a slight rebrand for 2016, but its still just a vague plan, and nothing’s set in stone right now. One thing’s for sure, I will be blogging!

What do you think about rankings?

I like numbers, especially when they’re good ones! I check my blog stats daily, but its not a contest for me – every view, every visitor and every follower makes my day. I see stats as marks of my improvement, not medals.

I tag Amy, Lizi and Shawnee, and if anyone else wants to share their answers, drop me a link! ūüôā


Disney Girl Secret Santa

Ok girlies, don’t¬†hate me for being so early on Christmas prep, but this is really just to test the waters and see who’s interested! (Plus, I waited until after¬†Halloween, and I think that’s acceptable, ha!)

So really the best thing that blogging and Disney¬†has done for me, especially in the last year or so, is brought me together with some truly incredible people, and at the¬†heart of that are my Disney girls, and it really does¬†hurt my¬†heart sometimes that some of these magical ladies aren’t in my life physically, as well as on social media; you guys know who you are.

With that in mind, I have a proposition for you all: I will organise DISNEY SECRET SANTA. Yes, yes, yes?!

Obviously I keep in regular contact with a lot of you, so I’ll chase you all up to see if you’re interested, but if you’re up for entering, drop me a DM on Twitter (@lottiedoesblog) with the following:

– Your details, including address, any social media usernames and blog links – so your Santa can keep an eye on you!

– A little bit about yourself – what you’d like your Santa to know about you: favourite films, personal style etc

– Your thoughts on min/max spend, so I can choose a fair amount that everyone agrees on!

From there, I’ll do all the¬†hard work!

Once everyone¬†has registered their interest and commited, I’ll be sending out the details of your randomly selected lovely lady, and any other information, including send-by dates and spending limits!

Let me know what you think girlies!


NB. This is for UK Disney girls/bloggers only, sorry!

The Halloween Tag

Well happy Halloween folks, the spooky day is finally upon us!

So I was tagged by the lovely Amy from Scariel’s Grotto to do this tag, and you can read¬†her original post¬†here! Well¬†here we go..

What is your favourite Halloween movie?

I must admit I’m fairly pathetic when it comes to any scary movies, but I will admit Scream is a slight guilty pleasure of mine, if you can call it a¬†Halloween film. Oh, and I loved The Little Vampire as a kid, must watch that again to see if its still any good..

If you were in a horror movie, how far would you get?

I think this depends quite a lot on the movie.. I’m really not good with anything too scary, but I’m also really feisty so could definitely defend myself pretty well.

What is your favourite memory of Halloween?

It might seem silly, but Trick or Treating with my girlfriends when we were like 14? Our costumes were fairly weak and it was a totally silly night, but it was pretty great.

Your best/worst Halloween costume?

I spent the majority of¬†Halloweens as a kid dressing as a cat because I didn’t want to be a witch, and I recall one year I¬†had a full on onesie-type costume to go to a friends party, and¬†her kid sister¬†had the same one which was¬†hideously embarrassing, even if I was only about 10 at the time! Last year I made my own Maleficent¬†horns, which I wore with a black starry playsuit and dark lipstick which I loved, even if it was just to stay at¬†home with a broken wrist!

How do you get into the Halloween spirit?

Carving pumpkins, 100%

Favourite Halloween decorations?

As a kid my sister usually¬†had¬†Halloween themed birthday parties, and I remember we used to¬†have this¬†huge spider on our ceiling, which I’m fairly certain was made of bin bags but it was cool all the same. Oh, and fake cobwebs!

Name one unusual thing that you’re afraid of

Eels. Cannot cope.

Vampires or Zombies?

I think I’d rather be faced with a vampire than a zombie in a scary situation, because vampires are far more civilised.

Werewolves or Ghosts?

Ghosts I think, I like to believe they’re all like Casper

Creepy dolls or creepy clowns?

Tough one.. I think dolls, cos at least they’re inanimate.

Do you believe in ghosts?

I used to watch a lot of Ghost¬†Hunters, the tv show, and some of the stuff they picked up seemed really conclusive, but I’m still not 100% sold.. I do think the energy of a person can¬†hang around for a little while though.

So that’s me! If you fancy giving the same questions a go, feel free, and drop me a comment so I can check it out!

Now, go have a spooky-good day!

A Halloween Round-up

Spookiness is just around the corner, so today I thought I’d share a few of my favourite¬†Halloween posts to get you all in the spirit, and give anyone who’s feeling a tad under-prepared some last minute inspiration!


Last year I made my own Maleficent horns, and they were super easy!


Learn¬†how to paint Sally’s stitches in Shawnee’s fab tutorial


Find out all about Disneyland Paris at¬†Halloween over at Scariel’s Grotto (photo is my own)

For such a lovely girl, Kayleigh made a gorgeous evil queen!


And speaking of evil, you can learn how to make my poison candy apples here

I¬†hope some of these posts¬†have inspired you, and I’d love for you to share some of your favourite posts so drop me a comment with your links!


Travelling Solo

The most common questions I’ve¬†had when people¬†have asked about my recent European road trip are all to do with the fact that I did it by myself. There¬†have been a lot of ‘weren’t you scared?’ and ‘didn’t you get lonely?’ and ‘but you didn’t really do it all by yourself, did you?’, so today I just want to talk a little bit about what it was really like.


Firstly, with the exception of my birthday weekend in Disneyland Paris, and my last day, yes, I was 100% unaccompanied on my travels. I did all the planning and all the driving and all the adventuring by myself, and that was exactly¬†how I¬†had planned it.¬†Not only was it about doing it for myself, but being alone also gave me so much more flexibility in terms of being able to go wherever I wanted and do whatever I wanted. It also meant I only¬†had myself to worry about; if anything¬†had gone wrong, I wouldn’t¬†have to stress about the safety of another person, or¬†have another person stressing around me to make things worse.


Now it also meant I was a lot more efficient. I’m a fast walker, and don’t tend to¬†hang around too much, so not¬†having anyone around to slow me down resulted in me spending a lot less time on certain things: museums, general wandering around etc, so I found myself travelling through places a lot quicker than I¬†had intended. When I¬†had planned the trip, I thought I would easily be able to fill days just ambling around towns, taking in sights etc – which I could do in some places, but not everywhere – so I quickly¬†had to change strategies, instead spending more time (and money) on museums and other attractions. I also¬†had to change my own mindframe a little; slowing my walking pace, learning to enjoy sitting in cafes and keeping my brain a little busier at times.


Yes, I did feel nervous and a little scared at times, but this always went away. I’m a¬†hugely anxious person at the best of times, so rocking up to motels late at night or parking in side streets did¬†have me a little worried, but for me it was a¬†huge comfort¬†having my car. Not only was it a¬†home comfort¬†having my own car instead of some rental, but it also meant that if for any reason I¬†had felt unsafe anywhere, I could¬†have just upped and moved onto the next place, and if something really awful¬†had¬†happened, I could¬†have just driven¬†home.


Lonely? Sure, a little bit sometimes. It was especially bad the day or two after my family left, but I kept in contact with a lot of people while I was away; I texted my mum pretty much every day, and¬†had Facebook and Whatsapp to keep up with friends in the evenings when I¬†had wifi. The truth of the matter, though, is that I’m quite¬†happy with just myself for company, and I knew that when I planned the trip. Generally, I kept my day packed with activities, then enjoyed peaceful evenings of reading and writing, or watching cheesy local television!


As for the driving, it was actually considerably easier than I thought it would be. I maybe even enjoyed it! Before this trip I’d never driven more than maybe 2¬†hours in one go, yet I threw myself in at the deep end with 3+¬†hour drives most days. Car time pretty much meant singing along loudly to CDs and conversations with my satnav, while forever keeping a close eye on my petrol gauge! I could not¬†have done the trip without a satnav, even though I did buy a regular atlas too, and the truth of the matter is that driving was probably when my brain was most pre-occupied, and I¬†had some incredible views!


But really the greatest part of doing this trip solo was the feeling of empowerment, not just during the trip, but also going back into real life. At times, I felt like I could do anything, and the cool thing was, I could! I changed my plans a few times, ate what I wanted, went where I wanted, even if at times it meant worrying about my budget a little. I found places I loved, sometimes completely by accident, and I could enjoy and appreciate them without needing the approval of others to do so.

Part of me still can’t believe I really did it, and I’m so proud of myself for it. (And I don’t feel silly about feeling proud of myself). I’ve come¬†home with new found confidence, and a whole new perspective, and I would 100% recommend doing something like this to anyone, at least once in your life. You’ll discover the world, and discover yourself.

Adventure is out there!


100 Days of Happy: 1-20

Can you believe its been 20 days since I kicked off my 100 days of happy challenge?

Its been great; I think the¬†hardest part¬†has been choosing just one moment from each day to showcase, but¬†here’s¬†how I’ve got on so far:


1. An early birthday present from my sister: princess Lego!

2. My slightly wonky, but beautiful birthday cake

3. Leaving for Europe!

4. Watching the sunset over Mont St Michel from my hotel room


5. Reaching 500 Instagram followers

6. Getting a ‘touch of magic’ voucher from a cast member for my birthday

7. Looking out over my kingdom at DLP

8. Petit France in Strasbourg


9. Feeding monkeys!

10. Eating sweets and catching up with my mum from France

11. A perfect afternoon in Geneva

12. Disneybounding as Ariel at Chateau de Chillon!


13. The beautiful Neuschwanstein castle

14. Frankfurters in Frankfurt!

15. The comfiest bed

16. Belgian waffles!


17. Because Starbucks never spell my name right!

18. Mini pancakes in Delft with Dad

19. Coming home to my Disneyland Paris goodies!

20. Getting back to running, with a new member of the family Parkrun squad!

You can keep up with my daily¬†happy moments on Instagram, and I’ll catch up with you guys in about another 20 days!


100 Days of Happy

I kicked off September with plenty of happy vibes for the month, and its been so good that I want to keep it going! It also just so happens that today marks exactly 100 days until I walk through the gates to my happy place Рthe Magic Kingdom!


So with that in mind, today I’m going to be kicking off a 100 days of¬†happy challenge!


Ok, so its not really much of a challenge, but for those of you that don’t quite know what I’m on about, 100 days of¬†happy is simply documenting something that makes you¬†happy, everyday for 100 days. It can be as small as a pretty flower or a nice meal, or something bigger, like booking a¬†holiday, reaching a milestone or getting a new job; its just about taking the time each day to remember¬†how good life is!


Everyday I’ll be posting my¬†happy moments on my Instagram (@lottiedoesdisney) and Twitter (@lottiedoesblog), and then I’ll do a couple of round-ups on¬†here to let you guys know¬†how I’m getting on, the last of which being on the morning of day 99, when we leave for America!

I’m super excited for another great 100 days; I leave for Europe on Wednesday, then when I come back I’ve got the last of the pre-Disney prep, Christmas – my all time favourite time of year – and then off we go!

Join me in my challenge? ūüôā


My Upcoming European Road Trip

As some of you may know, its not too long before I pack up my car and¬†head out on an adventure in the great, wide somewhere. Well, strictly speaking its just Western Europe, but still..¬†Yes, I’m going on a road trip! And yes, I’m going alone, and I’m really quite excited about that.


The premise behind planning the trip was really my 21st birthday. I’m not a¬†huge fan of my own birthday, but being my 21st I knew I¬†had to commemorate it somehow, and I started thinking about it shortly after my last birthday. Originally I¬†had the wonderful idea of returning to Disney World, until it turned out to be not quite so wonderful; October is inconvenient – I’d¬†have no one to go with. This¬†had me totally disheartened, and I began to accept that an unforgettable birthday wouldn’t be on the cards.

Then one day I was writing my travel bucket list, and it suddenly occured to me how easy it would be to visit quite a lot of these incredible places in one go, and thus the road trip was born! I began planning and playing around with dates, as I already had two weeks booked off work, and then something else kinda amazing happened Рmy parents approached me with the idea of spending my birthday weekend in Disneyland Paris, and it all fell into place!

So where am I headed?

Well I’ll be¬†hitting the road on the 30th, and catching a ferry across to France before driving down to Mont St Michel. After exploring the beautiful peninsula, I’ll be¬†heading across to Paris to meet my parents and sister when they fly in, and we’ll be spending the weekend in Disneyland Paris!

Once they¬†head¬†home, I’ll be continuing across to the east of France, before spending a few days working my way down through the Alsace region, stopping at the picturesque towns of Strasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse. From France, I’m ducking into Switzerland for a day or two, spending time in Geneva and visiting¬†Chateau de Chillon before making my way into Germany.

My must-see in Germany is Neuschwanstein, the castle Walt Disney based several of¬†his iconic palaces on. After that, I’ll be driving up through Germany, stopping in Dusseldorf, and on into Amsterdam for my last few days before catching a ferry back to the UK on the 15th.

Yes, I’m a little light on the specifics, but that’s the beauty of this trip. I know where I want to go and what I want to see, but the timescale is totally flexible. I’m officially winging it!

Want to keep up with me?

Don’t worry, I’ll be posting my daily antics every evening, and no doubt blowing up my Instagram¬†and Twitter with photos. I’m also planning to Periscope a bit on my trip, so if you scope, give me a follow!


Turning 21

There’s always a part of me that can’t believe I am where I am in my life, and two weeks from today I’ll be turning 21, whaa?!


A proper proper adult, none of this 18+ rubbish! I’ll be old enough to drink in America, rent a car¬†here in the UK, and generally be classified as ‘in my twenties’, and its all kind of surreal really.

One thing about growing up is that I feel every year I discover myself a bit more; finding myself getting closer to the person I want to be, growing in confidence and getting my priorities right, and this last year has really been full of these discoveries.

In the last year I¬†had my first ‘adult’ breakup. I decided that while I did love¬†him, I wasn’t prepared to sacrifice the life I want for myself for the life I would¬†have with¬†him; our futures were¬†heading in opposite directions and that was ok. We found peace in that, and parted ways on good terms. I’ve never come away from a breakup as calm and collected, and being so ok with being single for a little while, and its been such a nice change.

I know that I want to be a career girl. Turning my business into a full time job is my absolute dream, and I’m prepared to work my socks off for it. I’ve done a lot of the ‘behind the scenes’ work in the last 6-8 months, and I know that 2016 is going to be the year I make it¬†happen, especially with such an amazing support group. When I decided I didn’t want to go to university, I was naive in believing that my business would blossom into something in my first year out of school, but next year lines up nicely with the time that all my friends will be graduating, and therefore their 3 years of¬†higher education will link nicely with my 3 years of real life.

The last year¬†has seen a significant change in my fitness. Running and going to the gym¬†has become a key part of my weekly schedule, and the changes¬†have been really noticeable; I’m more confident in myself and my body, and with a few more changes I’ll¬†have a body to be proud of.

I like to think I’ve really flourished as a blogger, and my confidence on social media¬†has rocketed. I love writing and sharing with like-minded people, and its thanks to LottieDoesDisney I’ve made such wonderful friends, both¬†here in the UK and in the wider world, who I am forever grateful for.

I’ve learnt that there are times for spoiling, as well as times for saving. I loved taking the family to Disney on Ice for Christmas last year, and I¬†hope to continue being able to treat them whenever I can. I’ve also discovered its ok to spoil myself once in a while; I work¬†hard to earn a treat every once in a while.

I’ve grown so much as a person in this last year, and I like to think that I’ve become a better person for it. So¬†here’s to another great year!

(Oh, and in case you’ve read this and thought ‘wow,¬†how mature’ (unlikely but still), I’ll actually be celebrating my 21st birthday in Disneyland Paris so let’s not get carried away)


Happy September!

Happy September everyone! I can’t believe we’re¬†here already – summer is over, my 21st birthday is right on the¬†horizon, and we’re now finally in the month where I’ll be beginning my European adventure!


And rather than reflecting back on the last month, I’m looking forward to some great times coming, and in order to¬†have a totally positive and¬†happy month,¬†here are the 10 things I’m doing this month to boost myself:

1. Getting crazy organised

I’m a total organisation freak, and I love planning my time, writing to-do lists etc, and while it might seem kinda crazy, planning every detail of my life gives me total peace.

2. Goal of the week

The feeling of success is totally satisfying, I think everyone can agree on that, so to give myself a little boost, I’m starting to set a ‘goal’ for each week. Now we’re not talking anything major, it can be anything from finishing a book to clearing out my wardrobe to completing a blog post or project; just something that I want to get done.

3. Strict savings goals

With my upcoming trips to Europe and America, as well as keeping my future in mind, I’ve been setting myself some pretty strict savings and spending plans, and while sometimes it means I get annoyed with myself when I want to be frivolous, seeing my account balances go up and my spending going down is a pretty nice feeling.

4. Meal planning

Another organisation point, I’m making a real effort at the moment to plan my meals and snacks in an attempt to ensure I’m eating right. With all our training for Run Disney in January, and wanting to get generally fitter and¬†healthier, the key is really in the planning.

5. Tough Mudder training

In a moment of madness, I agreed to join a team of people from work taking part in a Tough Mudder event at the end of the month, eek! I’m throwing myself into training because its getting so close and I’m totally terrified of some of the obstacles, but I know it will be a great experience!

6. Keeping a tidy room

(My mum will laugh at this) A tidy bedroom makes me feel totally at peace, and I’ve just spent the last week getting back on top of things after a slight lapse.. I’ve got new shelves up, I’ve reorganised my candles, and I’m starting the month with clean bedding, cos who doesn’t love fresh sheets!?

7. More sewing projects

In order to keep myself busy (and not spending money) I’m really getting back into sewing. I’ve got running costumes to make, cosplays to finish and plenty of other ideas to bring to reality, as well as a wardrobe full of my fabric¬†hoard that I need to use!

8. More Twitter chats

I still consider myself a bit of a Twitter newbie, but I’m definitely getting there, and I recently took part in my first Twitter chat and I LOVED IT. I love chatting to other bloggers, and I’m finding chats to be so positive that I’m really looking forward to getting involved with lots more.

9. My Disney girls

For a bunch of girls I¬†haven’t actually met yet, these girls make me so¬†happy. I’m lucky enough to¬†have ‘met’ so many amazing friends through Instagram and Twitter, all of which share my love of Disney, and its gone from occasional comments to Facebook chat and Whatsapp groups, and I really¬†hope we get to all¬†hang out some time soon because they’re fab.


YES. At the end of this month I’ll be departing on the first leg of my solo road trip around Europe! As well as a weekend in Disneyland Paris with the family for my 21st birthday, I’m gonna be¬†hitting some amazing places in France, Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands in a two-week extravaganza tour of cities, castles and countryside, and I’m so excited!

Such exciting times ahead, as well as a month packed with blog posts so bring it on!

What are you up to this September?


Friday Favourite Five – Subscription Packages

Another Friday, and who doesn’t love a good subscription?!

You can subscribe to anything from magazines to movies to speedy delivery these days, and here are my top five:

1. Asos Premier

I umm-ed and ahh-ed over becoming an Asos Premier member for a few days before taking the plunge, trying to decide if it was worth the £9.95 for a year. Long story short, I have no regrets! Premier members get free Next Day or Selected Day delivery, normally £4.95, as well as exclusive and early access to sales, and free collection for returns. My wardrobe is almost entirely comprised of Asos clothes, so for me, this was totally worth the money!

2. Fabletics VIP

If you¬†haven’t read other posts where I talk about my love of Fabletics,¬†here it is again! At the start of each month, I get personalised outfit choices sent to me, and I can choose from the¬†huge range, or skip the month if nothing grabs me. Spoiler, something pretty much always grabs me. Purchases also gain you points, points mean free outfits, and I recently got my first free outfit from my points balance! VIP members get outfits (and individual items) at a reduced price, and free delivery on all outfits. Oh, did I mention the clothes are amazing?!

3. Amazon Prime

Just get it, like now. I can’t live without Prime. Free next day delivery on eligible items, Prime Instant Video, Prime Music, exclusive sales.. Your favourite online retailer just got even better. What you want, when you want it, and then some. Boom.

4. Netflix

I¬†have the Netflix account, and the whole family uses it. I can watch it on my tv, my laptop, my ipad, and so can everyone else; setting up individual profiles within my account means the girls¬†have unlimited access to kids programming, while Dad and I share a ‘grown-up’ profile that’s separate from my aunt and uncle’s. For ¬£5.99 a month, seven of us¬†have access to the¬†huge selection of movies, documentaries and tv shows Netflix¬†has to offer, and sometimes I lose entire days to catching up!

5. Graze

While I don’t currently¬†have a subscription, I really like Graze boxes, and I think its a great idea;¬†healthy snacks dropped right at your door or office, from nut mixes and popcorn to flapjacks and brownies, yum!

Friday Favourite Five – Everyday Bloggers

New series, yay! Each Friday I’ll be sharing five of my favourite ‘insert weekly theme¬†here’, and this week I’m starting off with what I call my ‘everyday bloggers’.

Now I try to keep up with a lot of different blogs, but when I say everyday,¬†these are the blogs that I check without fail every time I¬†hit the internet, to see what’s new, and I think you should too! It also just so¬†happens that these are all really sweet girls with slight Disney obsessions..

1. Cocktails In Teacups

Amy’s blog is the perfect combination of lifestyle posts, from fashion and beauty to¬†home and outdoors, and a lot of Disney! She’s also an inspirational single mother to a totally adorable little girl, and I always love reading about their adventures!

2. Underland to Wonderland

A more recent favourite, I admire Natalie as a blogger so much! She’s totally dedicated, an amazing photographer and such a lovely person!

3. Blog of Shadows

Kayleigh was the first blogger I ‘met’ when I started LottieDoesDisney, and Blog of Shadows was the first blog I read and checked regularly. She’s a super talented make-up artist and while¬†her blog focuses around this, she also shares a lot from¬†her Disney World trips!

4. Briar Rose Blog

Another newer favourite, Briar Rose is quite possibly the prettiest blog ever! From dreamy fashion posts to cosplay and shopping hauls to die for, as well as a lot of real life, and all beautifully written, I definitely recommend it!

5. Paintpotted

Paintpotted was another early favourite of mine, after discovering Amy on Instagram. As well as beauty and lifestyle, Disney is high on the agenda, and if you read nothing else, check out her amazing Disney World proposal story Рits perfect!

Who are your favourite bloggers?


Five before Twenty-Five

I spent most of my childhood dreaming about being an adult. I always just wanted to grow up, but now I’m actually an adult, I kind of can’t believe its true, especially the thought of turning 21 in less than 4 months!

And although I am an adult now, I still spend most of my time thinking about my adulthood dreams, and who and where I want to be when I grow up. Now I’m a real sucker for setting impossible targets, then putting up with the inevitable disappointment of not¬†hitting them, and I’m really working on changing this¬†habit, so as far as the next few years go, I’m just going to set five goals, some a little far out, but all possible if I work crazy¬†hard to make them¬†happen!

1. Personal: Move out

I love living at¬†home, I really do, and I can’t imagine what it will be like not living with my parents, but I really don’t want to be 25 and still sleeping in my childhood bedroom! I never went away to university like my sister did, so I think it’ll be a¬†huge culture shock, but I’ve always dreamed of¬†having my own place and although I¬†have no immediate plans to fly the nest (especially given my next point), its definitely something to look into in the next few years.

2. Professional: Open a shop

If you keep up to date with me, you might¬†have¬†heard me talk about my cake business, which I’m super proud of, and my ultimate goal is to open a cake shop in my¬†hometown of Bournemouth, and be able to dance around a kitchen full-time. I’ve been playing around with this thought for the last few years, but when I come back from my Tokyo Disney trip in July, its going to become a top priority for me, and I really¬†hope that 2015/16 is the year of Lottie’s Cupcakes!

3. Fitness: Run a marathon

If I’d¬†had said this to myself a year ago, I would¬†have laughed so¬†hard at¬†how ridiculous it sounds, but I actually like to think that it might be possible. I’m not saying this year, or even next year, and probably only just the one time, but I think by the time I turn 25 I’d like to be able to say that I’ve completed a marathon! Spoiler: it will be a Disney one.

4. Travel: Go on a solo holiday

I’m so lucky to¬†have been able to visit all the incredible places in the world that I¬†have done, and am eternally grateful to my parents for all of those experiences, but I¬†have never actually travelled anywhere without them, or as part of a school group; I’ve never even been on a¬†holiday with friends! With that in mind, single gal I am, I’m really excited to be going on a road trip in October around Europe, and although I will be meeting my family for a weekend in Disneyland Paris, I’ll be doing the rest of the two week excursion with only my thoughts for company; call me crazy!

5. Just for fun: Read at least 25 of The Guardians Top 100 Greatest Novels

This might not sound like a¬†hoot to some, but I do love to read and I¬†hate¬†how little time I can find, and also that I didn’t read more classics while I was at school. I think 25 is a doable number, its about 6 books a year, so one every 2 months.. It¬†helps that I recently discovered Penguins Clothbound Classics, which are beautiful books and I’m¬†hoping to build up a nice little collection of them!

Five goals, four years and 3 and a bit months, can I do it?

What Motivates Me; The Runner, The Blogger, and the Everyday Girl

Motivation is something that I, and I guess most people, battle with constantly. One minute I’m super pumped to get everything and anything done, then all of a sudden *poof* I’ve spent 3¬†hours watching Friends re-runs and browsing Pinterest..

But believe it or not, I’m an incredibly driven person, and there are many things that really boost my motivation:

1. Competition

You can probably guess that I’m a crazy competitive person, but everyone is, right? Its the runner in me; I run faster in races surrounded by other people, push¬†harder in the gym when its busier, and eat better when I’m out with friends. Its not always about smashing the competition, as much as it is about¬†having the drive to prove what you are capable of.

2. Numbers

This sounds odd, but its really another aspect of my competitive nature: beating myself. I’m always looking at numbers – running pace, blog views, social media followers, sales figures etc – and its purely for the purpose of knowing where I’ve come from and where I am now. During training, I pester Dad constantly.. ‘What distance are we at?’ ‘What pace are we running?’ ‘What did we do last time?’, and its not because I’m curious, its because I’m constantly working out¬†how much better we’re doing, eg. our record for 5 miles¬†has dropped from over 1¬†hour to 55 minutes in the past 2 months.

Similarly, I check my blog stats daily. I need to know¬†how many people are reading, what’s most popular, when is traffic busiest.. I check Instagram so frequently I’m amazed my phone screen¬†hasn’t worn away where the app button is, and its all because new likes, comments and followers make my day, and that keeps me¬†happy and excited to post!

In life, its just as much of a drive, just slightly more boring.. I monitor spending and savings to the point where it becomes slightly anal, I countdown days til big events and holidays, I even count my steps! What can I say, numbers just do it for me, I guess..

3. Targets

Sometimes the main goal can seem so far away, so I always set smaller targets to keep my spirits up along the way.

As a runner, it could be as big as the next mile, or as small as the next step, but having something to concentrate on and aim for makes it all the more easier. When I have writers block, which happens ALL the time, even just finishing the paragraph can feel like a great success, and that feeling pushes me to get the next sentence, next paragraph and next post finished.

4. Who benefits from what I’m doing

I don’t think I would describe myself as totally selfless, but I don’t do anything without thinking about those around me; who might it affect, what do they think etc..

I run for myself, I run because I do it with my dad, and sometimes I run for charity. When I’m writing I’m thinking about my readers and what they enjoy, and with every decision I make in life I’m constantly considering my family, friends and those around me.

5. What am I getting out of it

See, not totally selfless! Every time I lose drive, I¬†have to remind myself why I’m doing it and what I’m going to gain. Every run is another step towards my fitness goal, every gym workout contributes to a body I can be proud of, and it gives me a kick to know I’m eating¬†healthy!

As far as blogging goes, the benefits for myself are really just the good feeling I get from sharing my experiences with my readers; I’m not in blogging for the ‘fame’ or anything, its just nice to get the words out..

Life is probably where I¬†have to keep reminding myself of why I’m doing what I’m doing most often. When I’m regretting picking up that extra shift or two, I¬†have to keep telling myself that I need the money (see, those darn numbers doing it for me again), and reminding myself that I’d otherwise just be sat at¬†home watching rubbish on tv! Spending bans are for savings goals, long days and late nights are because work¬†has to be done, and salads instead of burgers are because I want to live a¬†healthier life.

What motivates you?

Tokyo Disney Giveaway!

You guys, I am SUPER BUZZED.

Its now only 30 days til I leave for Tokyo, and not only am I crazy excited myself, I’m loving the fact that so many of my lovely Instagram, WordPress and Twitter followers are so excited for me; it¬†honestly blows me away¬†how many people¬†have said they¬†hope I¬†have a great trip, and¬†how many people¬†have offered to¬†help with planning and recommendations etc. You guys are amazing!

And that’s why I really want to give back to all these lovely people, so I’m planning not one, not two or three, but potentially FOUR giveaways! Yep, four opportunities to win!

So¬†here’s the deal: its all about my followers. If I can¬†hit the following numbers before my trip, then each platform will¬†have its own giveaway which will go live when I get back from my trip, so all you need to do for now is follow me before July 10th, then sit back and wait until the 20th when I’ll be posting¬†how you can enter, and more importantly, the prizes!

WordPress target – 200 followers


Instagram target – 300 followers


Twitter target – 100 followers


Bloglovin’ target – 50 followers


Get following, and stay tuned for more!


ToughNBuff June – Week 1

I can proudly say that I’ve survived the first week of my ToughNBuff challenge!

As I said last week, I chose to do the planking challenge, and so far I’ve spent 215 seconds in the infamous plank position – over 3 and a¬†half minutes – and I’m definitely feeling it! So¬†here’s what I’ve done so far:

Day 1: 20 seconds – this one was pretty easy; its over before you even notice you’re doing it!

Day 2: 25 seconds – this was also fairly short and sweet, although there was a slight ache coming on in the last few seconds..

Day 3: 30 seconds Рthis was the first time I really felt like I was having to dig in to keep my bum up!

Day 4: Rest Day!

Day 5: 35 seconds – the ache was slightly more apparent, but knowing there’s only a few more seconds to go is enough to push to the finish!

Day 6: 45 seconds – ok, this one got tricky! I found that¬†having the timer turned over so I couldn’t see it made it a lot easier though.

Day 7: 60 seconds – a whole minute of achy abs!

So who am I doing this for?

The challenge is to raise money and awareness for The Children’s Society, a UK charity that does vital work for children living in poverty, or with the scars of abuse – physical, mental and sexual.

The charity was founded in 1881 by Sunday school teacher Edward Rudolf, and last year alone worked with 23,000 children living at risk, but that’s still not enough. It is estimated 3.7 million children in the UK are living in poverty, and because of this, the charity is working to change government policies, so that no child¬†has to live in poverty again.

If you do nothing else today, spend some time reading about their work at www.childrenssociety.org.uk, you’ll¬†honestly be amazed¬†how bad the current UK situation is!

Today is another rest day, yay, but tomorrow I’m back into planking madness! Don’t forget you can sponsor me by going to my Just Giving page¬†https://www.justgiving.com/tcsfitLottie-Martin/


Dream Home with HomeLife Direct

I don’t keep it much of a secret¬†how much time I spend thinking about my dream¬†home, and although I write a lot of wishlists about¬†home decor dreams, I often overlook furniture!

So when I was invited to take part in¬†HomeLife Direct’s Dream¬†Home Competition, I jumped at the opportunity to browse their selection of beautiful, good quality furniture, and pick out a few favourites to share!

HomeLife Direct

The products on the site are categorised by room, making it super easy to browse and visualise where your picks will fit into your home!

Now quite¬†honestly, I’ve never really pictured my dream¬†home with a conservatory (wicker furniture is always something that reminds me of my gran’s¬†house!), but I¬†had a little browse of their range anyway, and was surprised to be quite taken with the Chester Banana Leaf collection:

Chester Banana Leaf Conservatory Suite Set

I definitely picture my dream home having more of a contemporary design. I love simplicity and clean lines, so the Geo Oak range of dining room and living room furniture caught my eye.

Geo Oak Dining Set

This is the extendable dining set, and I love that you can choose your own fabrics for the seat pads to make it your own style!

Geo Oak Media Unit

There’s also a selection of matching furniture, like this media unit, and sweet drawers and tables to tie everything together. I just really like the simplicity of the design; it could fit into any¬†home!

Finally, my favourite piece, and this is a total guilty pleasure item..

Orange Faux Leather Tub Chair

I know, I know, it probably doesn’t fit in with all the other classic items I’ve already talked about, but I love tub chairs, and this orange faux leather one is so bright and beautiful. It would be perfect to curl up in with a book!

All of the materials used by HomeLife Direct are from sustainable sources, which is a big plus for me, and they offer free UK delivery and a 12 month warranty with every product!

What furniture would be in your dream home?

ToughNBuff June with The Children’s Society

Summer is coming and its that last minute bikini body panic rush to hit the gym and tighten that tummy ready for the beach!

But if you don’t¬†have a fancy, or not so fancy, gym membership, there are loads of ways to get your exercise fix at¬†home without the need for special equipment or a personal trainer, and one way you can do this, and do your bit for a fantastic charity is by taking part in the ToughNBuff Challenge,¬†hosted by The Children’s Society

Firstly, who is The Children’s Society?


The Children’s Society are working for the futures of children in the UK; children on the streets, children who are suffering abuse, refugee children, the list goes on..

For some of these children, happy endings only seem to exist in fairytales. They have seen things that no child should ever have to see, and done things no child should ever have to do, and even when its all over for them, they live with the memories that can haunt them forever.

The Children’s Society does believe in¬†happy endings. They believe in fighting child poverty, nurturing and supporting destitute families, and tackling neglect by providing counselling and support to the victims of abuse.

They are changing the lives of these children, and they need help to do it.

ToughNBuff Challenge

I will be taking part in the 30 day ToughNBuff Challenge throughout June, and you can too! Its super easy:

1. Sign up at toughnbuff.com Рthey do all the hard work, setting you up a Just Giving page and everything!

2. Pick your challenge – you can choose between burpees, press-ups, squats and plank challenges!

3. Get exercising, and get fundraising – complete your daily challenge, and nag everyone you know to donate, its a great cause!

So I chose 30 days of planking. I start today with 20 seconds, and by the end of the month I’ll (with any luck!) be¬†holding a 5 minute plank! You can keep up with my daily progress on my Instagram and Twitter accounts, and I’ll be posting updates¬†here every 5-7 days. If you’re feeling generous, pop across to my Just Giving page to donate, and on top of that warm, fuzzy feeling, I’ll love you forever!

Let’s do this!

RunDisney 2016: Training Week 15

Another week, and a new PB, yay!

Jeff’s training schedule implements something called ‘Magic Miles’, which is where every other week you time yourself for one mile, and then watch¬†how this time improves with your training. Dad and I,¬†however are sort-of bypassing this, and instead taking part in our local ParkRun 5k every other week instead, and tracking our improvement based on our times for that. Last time we did a ParkRun, we set a PB for the distance, and this week we managed to beat it; granted only by maybe 20-30 seconds, but an improvement all the same!

The great thing about our local course is that its mixed terrains and levels, from grass to dirt tracks to concrete paths, with uphills and downhills, so it really covers everything, and although most races tend to be fairly flat, it prepares us for all eventualities and works different muscles for all round effectiveness!

We’ve (rather spontaneously) entered a 10k next Sunday, and we’re¬†hoping to beat our previous record for a race, which is 1¬†hr 7 mins, but its looking like its gonna be¬†hot,¬†hot,¬†hot, and its mid-afternoon, eurgh!


RunDisney 2016: Training Week 12

Another week of running, another week closer to the main event!

Yesterday was another big run – 11 miles! And d’you know what? It was easy. Well, that’s not entirely true; we ran the first¬†half into what I like to call ‘brick wall wind’ (because it literally feels like you’re running into a brick wall), and there was a sand-in-the-eye incident, as well as a little bit of rain on the way back.. But running wise, we really got into our stride, if you pardon the pun.

Because both Dad and I¬†had a little bit of calf pain¬†in the week, we thought we’d be better off doing regular run-walk-run intervals, which once we¬†hit the wind, we were eternally grateful for! So the first¬†half (into the brick wall wind) we ran for 0.4 miles, then walked 0.1, and then on the way back we did 0.9 and walked 0.1, and we averaged a steady 5 miles an¬†hour the whole way through, finishing the total distance in 2hrs 13mins. That in itself was an incredible accomplishment, but even better was knowing that we could¬†have easily kept going for another two miles!

We nailed everything, from the time of day for good (by which I mean not too warm) weather, to eating a good breakfast that¬†had us energised, but not feeling stodgy, and even¬†having on-course snacks of a wine gum every few miles. For the first time I think we know that not only can we do it, but we’re easily going to do it in a great time: sub 2hrs 30!


Disney Travel Bucket List

So a little while ago I wrote my Disney Bucket List, which I’m constantly adding to and, luckily, ticking off, and it covers most things Disney, including Disney parks.

Today,¬†however, I’m looking at the great wide world, and the many places (mainly castles!) that¬†have inspired some of my favourite Disney movies that I’d love to check out for myself!


¬įo¬į Mont St. Michel, France – inspiration for the beautiful kingdom of Corona

¬įo¬į¬†Chateau de Chillon, Lake Geneva – Prince Eric’s real world palace

¬įo¬į Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany – the incredible Bavarian castle that¬†has inspired elements of most of Walt Disney’s classics

¬įo¬į¬†Alsace, France – Belle’s beautiful¬†home village

¬įo¬į¬†Notre Dame Cathedral, France –¬†home of our favourite¬†hunchback

¬įo¬į¬†Dunnottar Castle, Scotland – Pixar’s inspiration for the film, Brave

¬įo¬į¬†Machu Picchu, Peru –¬†inspiration for Pacha’s¬†home village in The Emperor’s New Groove

¬įo¬į New Orleans, Louisiana – the 1920’s setting of The Princess and the Frog

¬įo¬į¬†Angel Falls, Venezuela – Carl’s dream retirement spot

¬įo¬į¬†Route 66, USA – the real life setting of Pixar’s Cars

¬įo¬į¬†Taj Mahal, India – Princess Jasmine’s beautiful¬†home

¬įo¬į Forbidden¬†City, China – inspiration for the Emperor’s palace in Mulan


RunDisney 2016 Update – we’re in!

Today I am happy happy happy!

If you’re up to date with me and my Disney life, you’ll know that today was registration for the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend, which is our first event of our RunDisney January tour, and we got our places in both races! Aahhh! So we’ll be running the 5k on¬†Thursday 7th as a sort of warm up, before we do the¬†half marathon on Saturday 9th!

This was really the feather in my cap of a great last week or so. Last week not only did we book our flights for this trip, but we also scored a room at the main Tokyo Disneyland¬†hotel for our July¬†holiday, even though the website said they were fully booked, so that’s all super exciting, and meant the only thing that was really left to do was book our resort and park tickets for January, and securing our race places.

Well yesterday I finally made my mind up and paid the deposit on our Disney World resort/park tickets/dining plan etc. We’ll be staying at Port Orlean’s French Quarter, which I chose because it looks beautiful, and is really well positioned for us; our races all start in Epcot, which is just across the road basically! We knew we wanted to stay at a Moderate Resort because of the great deals they¬†have for 2016 – free quick-service dining plan, $200 gift card and free Memory Maker – and given that we stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort last year, which is the cheapest moderate, and didn’t want to spend too much more, POFQ seemed ideal!

So yeah.. Its still a while before we can really finalise specific plans for January (ADRs, Fastpasses and such), but everything now is really complete for the Florida side of our trip, and we don’t need to worry about California until June, so we’ll just keep running, and see where we get!

Anyone else running in January?¬†¬įo¬į

Guess who’s planning again?!

This week I’m starting to get my Disney buzz back as our Tokyo trip is less than 3 months away, so we’re starting to get into details like itineraries and booking¬†hotels, and also because with sign up a week away, Dad and I are starting to make our arrangements for our Run Disney trip in January.

Buzz buzz!

So as far as Tokyo Disneyland goes, its totally un-chartered territory for us. Planning-wise, my expertise are in Disney World, so I really am a fish out of water, which is exciting and a little scary for me as I’m terrified of not being able to fit everything into the 3 days we’ve got set aside for the parks. Now I’m very much a DIY person, and¬†have never been one to turn to guidebooks for advice, but in this instance I decided to, so I bought two – Top Tips for Visiting Tokyo Disney Resort, and Elijah’s Ultimate Guide to Tokyo Disney Resort 2015 – just to be on the safe side!

Quite¬†honestly, I chose them because they were the first options that came up on my Amazon search, but I’m pretty¬†happy with my choices¬†having them read through them; they both cover different things which is ideal. Top Tips is very much a planning guide, which covers everything from picking a¬†hotel to useful Japanese phrases. Its full of great information on the important park stuff like Fastpasses, dining, transport and shopping; for a little book its packed to bursting!

Elijah’s Guide is more of a breakdown of the parks: rides, restaurants etc. It covers a little about choosing when to visit the parks and other planning basics, and then launches into a blow by blow review of each attraction. It splits everything into its area (Disneyland>Area>Attractions/Restaurants/Shops>individual reviews) and Elijah gives every attraction a rating, a bit of information (when it opened, who its aimed for etc) and a short description.

Our main issue at the moment¬†however is the language barrier. While you may not think it, speaking English isn’t a priority for the Japanese, so we’re struggling to book¬†hotels as not all the staff at the other end of the phone are capable of understanding my dad.. We’ll work it out though!


Dad and I booked our flights for January today! Eeeek!

I am so excited. Now we’ve booked flights, we know¬†how long we’ve got in each place, which means planning can begin! We’ve yet to pick and book our Florida resort to stay at as we’re waiting to see if we’re booking through the Run Disney travel company, or just directly through Disney, but by the end of the week we’ll¬†have a plan and right now we’re in no rush to worry about the California leg of the trip just yet, but I am BUZZED.

This is happening, stay tuned for more!


Liebster Award Nomination

I know, I know, I’ve slacked on my posting again.. As I’ve said before, I’m only¬†human!

But! The lovely Kacie has nominated me for a Liebster award, and I feel rather honoured! So here are my responses:

1. Where would you love to have a vacation home?

Easy. Orlando, Florida, so I can become an annual passholder and visit my favourite place all the time!

2. What is your favourite colour combination?

Yellow is my absolute favourite colour. Its bright and fun and me all over, and I love it with turquoisy blue, orange and pink, although I’m also a sucker for coral and gold!

3. What is one of your guilty pleasures?

Oh gosh, I¬†have to pick one.. I’m not sure if this counts as a guilty pleasure, but when no one else is¬†home I spend 90% of my time dancing to very loud music..

4. Whose style do you wish you could copy?

Um, um, um.. I’ve got a bit of a girl crush on Ellie Goulding at the moment cos she’s kinda perfect, but my personal style is all over the place so I don’t think I could really pick one person.

5. What do you do when you aren’t blogging?

Where to start.. I run my own cake business, but I also¬†hold down another part-time job. When I’m not at work I’m probably at the gym or out running with my dad, or daydreaming/interneting.

6. What’s your current favourite TV show?

Once Upon A Time just became available on UK Netflix, so I’ve spent the last two weeks watching 3.5 series of that, and now I’ve caught up I’m devastated I¬†have to wait each week for a new episode.

7. What was your favourite game as a child?

Its funny cos I actually can’t really think of many games I played as a kid, I was really more of a flying solo kinda gal, but I¬†have some very fond memories of re-enacting Jungle Run (super old kids tv) missions with my sister and our friends Ellie and Oliver every New Years Eve when they came to stay with us.

8. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I’ve been asked this before, and I’m not sure I get the question. Does it mean like a single food or a meal? Mealwise I’d go for lasagne, but if I¬†had to go for a single food item, probably bread, or marshmallows.

9. Which season is your favourite?

Cliche, but I think spring/summer. I’m not overly keen on cold and wet, although Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year.

10. What book could you read over and over without getting tired of it?

I’ve got a few of these actually. As a 10 year old I read Journey to the River Sea more times that I can count, but now I think any of the Lord of the Rings or The¬†Hobbit.

I actually found that harder than I thought I would!


Colour Outside The Lines – Valspar Paint Giveaway!

This is so exciting!

This week I’ve been working with the fabulous Valspar Paint UK as they’ve been building up for the big reveal of a huge project they’ve been working on as part of their Colour Outside the Lines campaign, and today the UK gets to see what they’ve been painting..


This amazing work of art¬†has been painted on the side of a building in Clerkenwell Road in Islington, London to inspire the people of Britain to ditch magnolia walls and boring white woodwork, and take up their paintbrushes to colour outside the lines, and we’re going to give you a little¬†helping¬†hand..


We’re offering one lucky follower a chance to win these Valspar goodies:

2 x Valspar tester pots 236ml

1 x 5L Valspar Premium for Walls and Ceilings

2 x 2.5L Valspar Primer and Undercoat

Worth over £100!

All you¬†have to do to enter, and¬†here’s¬†how:

1. Follow @lottieanddisney and @ValsparPaintUK on Twitter

2. Tweet your answer to the following question: how many shades is Valspar available in? (We might have let the answer slip in our last post!). Use the hashtags #ValsparColour and #lottiedoesdisney

Entrants must be UK residents as vouchers will be sent to the winner in order for you to claim your paint!


We’re up to something!

So I’ve strayed from routine posting once again this week, but I¬†have a valid reason, promise!

This week, as well as¬†having to work overtime at work, I’m spending my precious free time working with a couple of different brands on upcoming posts and competitions.¬†That’s right! By the end of this week we will be¬†hosting our very first brand sponsored competition, with a great¬†haul of goodies, so stay tuned for more!

Fret not, usual scheduling will return next week, as well as some more Disney World Tips and Secrets as I take on covering Downtown Disney and Caribbean Beach Resort. I’m suffering major park withdrawal symptoms at the moment, so in an attempt to cheer myself up I’m looking forward to our upcoming Tokyo Disney trip, and will begin research and planning!

Keep dreaming!¬†¬įo¬į

RunDisney 2016

Right, so one of the items on my Disney Bucket List is to participate in a RunDisney race. These event weekends happen about 3 times a year at both Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California, and each weekend consists of a marathon, half marathon, 10k, 5k and a selection of races for kids.

I’m not a professional runner, but Dad and I took up running last year with the target of running a 10k, which we did back in October in a very respectable 1¬†hour 7 minutes.¬†So I got a little excited when the first races of 2016 were announced, and the Disney World Marathon Weekend and Star Wars Weekend at Disneyland fall just a week apart, and a crazy idea popped into my¬†head.. Why not do both?

I mean, if I’m going to fly out for one, I might as well.. I proposed the idea to Dad, a 10k at each weekend, and rocking the parks in between, and¬†he’s in, but today¬†he offered an alternate plan..

A half marathon at each.

That’s right 13.1 miles, twice in two weeks. That’s a whole marathon altogether, and the longest we’ve ever run to date is 10k.

There is a little method to the madness; first of all we have 11 months to train, which is plenty of time (RunDisney provides training programmes, and to go from beginner to half marathon takes 20 weeks), and second, and more importantly, it means we complete the Coast to Coast Challenge; completing a half or full marathon at both Disney World and Disneyland in the same calendar year gets us an extra medal!

The race entries don’t open til later in the year, so our plans aren’t 100% finalised, but we start training next week, and¬†I’m going to be starting a new series following our journey.

Wish us luck!


LottieDoesDisney 2015

Well folks its been quite a year!


2014 saw the first anniversary of the blog, and most importantly my Disney World trip in August, on which I’ve based all my newly posted tips, secrets and reviews! I know the last month or so¬†has been more Disney World posting and less of the lighter blog stuff, but I really wanted to get it out of the way so I can focus more on my weekly posts in 2015.

First and foremost, I cannot thank my wonderful readers and followers enough for taking time to look through the site; in the last few months readership¬†has been booming and it puts such a smile on my face! After all, I don’t spend¬†hours researching and writing just for my own pleasure.. Well, maybe a little!

So¬†here’s my 2015 blogging plan:

I’ll be dedicating each week to a Disney film, and posting my usual pieces on my usual days (occasionally I let work or personal life get in the way of this, I’m only¬†human). They are:

– Fashion Fix Tuesdays – outfits, makeup, nail art etc

– DIY Wednesdays – crafts and fun activities for all

– Foodie Thursdays – recipes and other delicious ideas

– DisneySide Saturdays – a day I set aside for any random musings of mine

And I’m¬†hoping that I might be able to squeeze in an introduction to each week on the Monday.

I’m really going to be making an effort to keep up to date with posting, and of course I’ll be adding in all sorts of extras along the way! I’ve yet to decide whether films will be running in chronological order throughout the year, but that’s¬†how I’ll start off.

I cannot wait for another magical year in 2015, with at least one Disney trip in the pipeline already, and I’m so excited to be sharing it with my lovely readers and followers! I’ve recently listed on Bloglovin’, so if you’re a user please¬†head across and follow me there. There’s also an option down the sidebar for you to follow the blog directly via email, and of course you can keep up with us on Instagram @lottiedoesdisney

Love, hugs and pixie dust!


I’ve been beavering away..

Ok, ok, so the last few weeks¬†have been pretty quiet on the blogging front. I’ll be¬†honest, I don’t have an excuse other than my wrist is still playing up and my work life being a bit of a rollercoaster..

BUT life goes on, and every good Disney princess knows the best way to deal with hardship is to have a big breakdown sob..

And then get up and get on with life.

So moving on, I’ve¬†powered through a load of writing over the last two days, knocking out reviews for all the restaurants we visited during our Disney trip, and plan on spending the weekend finishing up show reviews, and then next week I¬†have the whole week off work to put together my full LottieDoesDisney guide to Disney World!

I’m really excited to finally see some results from all the¬†hard work I’ve been putting into this site, then once its out of the way, I can focus on blogging away in the new year!


My Ultimate Disney Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is coming, eek!

I am the ultimate Christmas shopper. I¬†have most, if not all, of my presents by the end of November, because a) I like to get it out of the way, b) I’m good at shopping for other people, so I don’t normally¬†have too much trouble finding great gifts, and c) for both of the previous reasons, my mum tends to rely on me for¬†help doing¬†her shopping!

And as I’ve bought most of the family Disney on Ice tickets for Christmas this year, its left me with a little bit more time to think about what I might be writing to Santa for this year..

Xmas list

1. Large Dumbo soft toy – Disney Store –¬†half price until December 23rd

2. Art of Aurora mug – Disney Store

3. Disneyland Castle Cake Mould – Disney Store

4. World of Disney Limited Edition Finding Nemo Print – Disney Store

5. Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt – ASOS

6. Lost Princess Tiara Ring in Rose Gold – AOS Design on Etsy

7. Bag of Pixie Dust Gift Set – Selfridges

8. Purple Daisy Mouse Ears – MouseCaEars on Etsy

9. Tangled Lanterns underwear set – Hot Topic

10. Hamm Tsum Tsum – available from US Disney Stores or eBay

11. Wicket Ewok Vinyl Pop Figure – available from Amazon or eBay


What’s on your Disney Christmas wishlist?



Its a DisneySide Saturday, the day of the week I allocate to general ramblings about my life and Disney, and today I thought as I talk about them all the time, I’d introduce you to my family, without whom I don’t think Disney would be such a¬†huge influence on my life.


First of all there’s my dad, Peter.

An absolute Disney pro,¬†he’s been visiting Disney parks since¬†he was 10 years old, his first trip being to Disneyland California in 1975.

Around Disney World you’ll find¬†him snapping pictures, mainly of the iconic monorails, and getting endless compliments for¬†his awesome Disney and minion themed tshirts.

His year of birth Disney classic is Mary Poppins (1964)

I don’t¬†have many memories from early trips to Disney parks, so my favourite Disney memory of my dad was on our August trip to Disney World, when the two of us spent an afternoon photographing Epcot’s World Showcase ūüôā

Then there’s Mum, Sue.


She was introduced to the world of Disney parks by my dad in 1991, just over a year before my sister was born.

If you ever need to find my mum, you’ll most likely find¬†her going round and round Buzz Lightyear’s Spaceship Spin, forever attempting to beat¬†her¬†high score (that the rest of us aren’t allowed to come near to beating!), and avoiding any rides that might make¬†her chuck!

Her year of birth Disney classic is The Jungle Book (1967), which is the only Disney film my grandparents have on video/dvd.

My mum is probably the biggest supporter of my Disney dreams, from following my blog to nagging her friends in the states to send me US items to save on international shipping!

I have one sister, Hannah.


That’s¬†her on the left dressed as Belle (we’re about 5 and 3 in this photo).

She’s been visiting Disney parks since she was in the womb (not an exaggeration!), and I will forever¬†have to catch up with the number of trips she went on before I was born!

If she’s not¬†hanging out on Main Street USA, she’s probably sneaking in another showing of Finding Nemo: The Musical in the Animal Kingdom!

Aladdin was the Disney classic that came out the year she was born (1992).

While she may not be quite as obsessed as¬†her darling younger sister, Disney plays a big part in¬†her life and work as a merchandiser for childrens toys for a large supermarket chain, and she’s forever full of exciting news and gossip!

My auntie (mum’s sister), Lesley.DSC00402

She made her first trip to the happiest place on Earth in 1996 when she joined us on our adventure, and likes to remind me that whenever I fell asleep during/after an exciting day in the parks, it was her who always got lumped carrying me!

Her birth year Disney classic is The Aristocats (1970)

On our most recent Disney excursion, a trip to Enchanted Tales with Belle had us all in stitches as she was chosen to play Madame Bouche (the large, opera singing wardrobe) in our little re-enactment of the story!

wd001wdw2014229110085387_19And her husband, Uncle Vito.

Vito joined our Disney team on our 2000 trip to Disney World, Florida, two years after he married into our crazy family.

An absolute shopaholic, you’ll find¬†him scouting out goodies in the gift shops, recognisable by¬†his signature¬†hawaiian shirts.

He shares his year of birth with Disney classic Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971).

You can always guarantee that if there’s an audience participation moment, Vito will be featured, the most recent example being when¬†he was picked on during the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor by one of the monster comedians!

Bella is the oldest of my cousins.wd007wdw2014227109218350_19

She loves The Little Mermaid and Lilo and Stitch.

The Incredibles came out the same year she was born.

Like her daddy, she tends to seek out the limelight, taking part in Enchanted Tales with Belle and Turtle Talk with Crush.

For a 10 year old, she was oddly obsessed with The Carousel of Progress, asking to go on it several times, although I think it may have been her sneaky way of getting out of the heat of the day!


Sophia is the middle child.

She has long blonde hair, so is basically Rapunzel.

She loves Olaf, and all things Frozen.

She was terrified to the point of tears by the thought of The Tower of Terror, but actually loved it from the first drop, silly girl!

She was born the year Cars hit the big screen.

Despite no one else wanting to, she queued for half an hour to meet Mr Incredible and Frozone, and had a rocking time with them!


Liv is the youngest of our crazy crew.

She joined the family the same year Wall-E and Bolt were released.

For a 5 year old, she was a total adrenaline junkie, going on all the rides she was tall enough for, and chose Space Mountain and Expedition Everest as her favourites.

The girl can sleep through anything if she’s tired, including a show as loud as Fantasmic!

Like every other young girl in the world, she loves Frozen.

My absolute favourite moment from our Disney World holiday was when after keeping the girls up and waiting for the Main Street Electrical Parade (hello grumpypusses!), at the sight of Tinkerbell on the first float, her face totally lit up with excitement!

This is my family. I wouldn’t change them for the world and I am so lucky to¬†have so many magical memories of our lives together. Here’s to many more, starting with Disney on Ice this Christmas Eve!


Christmas cannot come soon enough now!

So despite the wrist fracture, I am super SUPER excited because this week I managed to get tickets to Disney On Ice at the O2 Arena!

I was desperate to get tickets a while back, only to be disappointed that there weren’t any available for any of the London shows (wah!), so when I found out an extra performance¬†had been added I leapt at it. Challenge #1 was deciding who to take/how many tickets to get, and while my boyfriend kindly offered to come to keep me company, its not exactly¬†his cup of tea..

Lightbulb! I knew straight away if I could get 9 tickets together, it would be the perfect Christmas present for the family; a day out in London, more magical Disney memories, much more meaningful that any physical presents I could get them Рthe girls have so much stuff!

What could be more magical on Christmas Eve?!


My Disney Bucket List

So this is gonna be a working progress, I’ll be adding new things when I think of them, and crossing them off when I’ve completed them. Absolutely comment if you can see anything big I’ve missed or you can think of something new for me ūüôā

1. Stay at every Disney World resort

2. Run in a runDisney event (January 2016 here we come!)

3. Be a parade Grand Marshall

4. Visit every Disney park (Disney World, Disneyland California, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney, Shanghai Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland)

5. Own all 52 Disney Animated Classics on DVD/Bluray

6. Own all Pixar films on DVD/Bluray

7. Disney World 4 park challenge

8. Eat at every restaurant in Disney World

9. Own an Annual Pass 

10. Epcot Food and Wine Festival

11. Collect autographs from every Disney character

12. Go to a dessert party

13. See the rope drop

14. Go to a Star Wars weekend at Hollywood Studios

15. Bowl at Splitsville, Downtown Disney

16. Go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

17. Go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

18. Attend Dapper Day

19. Ride Characters in Flight

20. Meet Flynn Rider

21. Try every Disney cupcake

22. Be the last guest in the Magic Kingdom

23. Spend Christmas in Disney World

24. Spend a birthday in Disney World

25. Try to finish the Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream

26. Become a D23 Gold Member

27. Go to a D23 Expo

28. Visit the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

29. Watch Cirque du Soleil La Nouba

30. Collect a complete Vinylmation series

31. Stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite for a night

32. Buy a margarita at La Cava del Tequila

 33. Watch the Electrical Water Pageant

34. Watch Wishes from behind the castle

35. Become a Disney Vacation Club member

36. Find the courage to do Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach

37. See a Disney On Ice show

38. Give a funny fake name at Starbucks

39. Own at least five Tsum Tsums

40. Spend a day in a park without going on any rides

41. Meet a fellow Disney blogger in a Disney park

42. Ride every outside ride after dark

43. Spend all day in the Animation Academy

44. Ride every colour of Monorail

45. Spend a day resort-hopping

46. Get a Magic Band in every colour

47. Meet all the characters around Epcot’s World Showcase

48. Get 1000 followers on @lottiedoesdisney on Instagram

49. Decorate at least one room of my house in a Disney style

50. Order pizza to a hotel pool

51. Spend an entire week watching Disney movies

52. Go on a totally spontaneous Disney trip

53. Own more Thomas Kinkade Disney canvas prints (I am in love with my Tangled one!)

54. Convert a non-Disney believer into a true fanatic like myself

A Quick lottiedoesdisney Update :)

Well lovely readers, now I’m back from my trip this blog¬†is going to transform into a beautiful website of Disney World information, from top planning tips and park secrets to restaurant and show reviews! Pretty please bear with me, its going to be a lot of work and take a while before everything’s totally up to scratch, but with any luck it’ll be worth the wait ūüôā

As well as all this, I’ll be posting my regular Disney-addict musings to the following schedule:

Fashion Fix Tuesdays РAdding a little Disney to your wardrobe has never been easier!

Disney DIY Wednesdays – Creating your own Disney magic!

Foodie Thursdays – Recipes,¬†how-to’s and ideas on making Disney-deliciousness!

DisneySide Saturdays – Everything else!

I’m super excited to get started on everything, and would love any input so please get in touch if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see, and remember you can also keep up to date with @lottiedoesdisney on Instagram ūüôā


Last Disney Day :(

With a 2.25pm Magical Express waiting to take us to the airport, we didn’t¬†have a whole lot of time left for park action (although I think everyone else was feeling a bit Disney’d out), so we spent our morning enjoying one final character breakfast at Ohana, in Disney’s Polynesian Resort. The breakfast was served family-style, where a selection of food was brought to the table and we all¬†helped ourselves, while we got visited from Mickey and Pluto, as well as Lilo and Stitch, and drank way too much ‘Stitch juice’ (yum!).

We then¬†headed down to the dock and took the boat across to the Magic Kingdom for a final trip down Main Street USA, last minute souvenir shopping, and a last viewing of the Move it, Shake it Street Party, before making our way to the buses for the last time ūüė¶

See ya real soon Disney World!


Day 13: Last Park Day :(

So this will be my last post from the¬†happiest place on Earth ūüė¶

Looking at the positive side, from here this blog will blossom into a beautiful site of Disney World planning, tips and more!

It did mean that today was my last day in the Magic Kingdom, my home away from home. So today we had a chilled day of meeting characters, getting autographs, snapping pics etc, as well as having our last few trips on our favourite rides.

It also meant last Festival of Fantasy for me, a parade I would watch every day if could. We stood on the other side of the road this time, purely for Flynn Rider (he winked at me omg), and while I said I wouldn’t take as many photos, I took more..


We¬†had dinner at Chef Mickey’s before¬†heading back into the park for a last Celebrate the Magic and Wishes *sobs* and now as a family we¬†have the phenomenal task of attempting to pack all our suitcases to include all our fabulous Disney purchases!

Tomorrow we’re¬†having a final character breakfast at Ohana with Lilo and Stitch before catching the Magical Express to the airport for an exciting (not) 8¬†hour overnight flight back¬†home..

Catch you on the other side dreamers!

Days 11 and 12: Well, all over the place really..

Yesterday was another Universal day, mainly for the minions, so kept short and sweet and wrapped up with dinner at Planet¬†Hollywood in Downtown Disney. I personally didn’t eat but that’s a whole other story..

After a much needed lie-in, we started the day with a trip into Epcot. While we’d covered all the rides we wanted to do, I was seriously lacking in the photo department and wanted to¬†have a proper look round the World Showcase during the daylight¬†hours, so¬†had some quality photo-snapping time with my dad, while Mum browsed Innoventions; that place is a magnet to science teachers!


Also dropped into the Art of Disney store there and treated myself to a total beauty of a canvas: a print of a stunning painting of a Tangled, gah!

We then monorailled from Epcot into the Magic Kingdom (via the transportation center as there’s no direct line) to meet up with the rest of the group for lunch at Be Our Guest, but unfortunately we’d left it too late to chance a walk-in and they were at full capacity ūüė¶


After another lunch at Pinocchio’s Village¬†Haus, we¬†headed across to Tomorrowland for a Space Mountain. The previous few times we’d done it we were lucky enough to¬†have short wait times without a Fastpass, but the standby queue time¬†had¬†hit 85 minutes when we arrived, so we were very grateful that this time we did! Shooting past a queue of slightly disgruntled people, we boarded the ride on the opposite track to the regular riders, and to our surprise¬†had a totally different ride experience.. The right side track was much faster, but felt longer, and¬†had more wild twists and turns, it was great!

We also rode the Liberty Belle around Frontierland and caught a bit of Dreams Come True and the Move it, Shake it Dance Party Parade before heading out of the Magic Kingdom.


Oh, and fall/autumn has begun in Main Street!


So beautiful¬†¬įo¬į

Days 9 and 10: Typhoon Lagoon and Festival of Fantasy

Another two in one blog.

Yesterday started with cake, wahey! On my adventures the other night, I’d made a trip to the Boardwalk Bakery and placed an order for a cake for a certain special occasion..


So following cake for breakfast, we headed over to Typhoon Lagoon, where we spent the day swimming with sharks, catching some waves and generally splashing around! We had dinner at T-Rex in Downtown Disney; an absolutely fab meal in an awesome location where the Jurassic era is brought to life!

We also headed across to the Magic Kingdom for the Main Street Electrical Parade, Celebrate the Magic and Wishes.

Today we¬†had a lazy morning before¬†heading over to the Magic Kingdom in time to camp out for the Festival of Fantasy Parade, which we’d missed due to rain before.

Wow, wow, wow! Well worth sitting out in scorching heat for 30 mins!