Dream Home with HomeLife Direct

I don’t keep it much of a secret how much time I spend thinking about my dream home, and although I write a lot of wishlists about home decor dreams, I often overlook furniture!

So when I was invited to take part in HomeLife Direct’s Dream Home Competition, I jumped at the opportunity to browse their selection of beautiful, good quality furniture, and pick out a few favourites to share!

HomeLife Direct

The products on the site are categorised by room, making it super easy to browse and visualise where your picks will fit into your home!

Now quite honestly, I’ve never really pictured my dream home with a conservatory (wicker furniture is always something that reminds me of my gran’s house!), but I had a little browse of their range anyway, and was surprised to be quite taken with the Chester Banana Leaf collection:

Chester Banana Leaf Conservatory Suite Set

I definitely picture my dream home having more of a contemporary design. I love simplicity and clean lines, so the Geo Oak range of dining room and living room furniture caught my eye.

Geo Oak Dining Set

This is the extendable dining set, and I love that you can choose your own fabrics for the seat pads to make it your own style!

Geo Oak Media Unit

There’s also a selection of matching furniture, like this media unit, and sweet drawers and tables to tie everything together. I just really like the simplicity of the design; it could fit into any home!

Finally, my favourite piece, and this is a total guilty pleasure item..

Orange Faux Leather Tub Chair

I know, I know, it probably doesn’t fit in with all the other classic items I’ve already talked about, but I love tub chairs, and this orange faux leather one is so bright and beautiful. It would be perfect to curl up in with a book!

All of the materials used by HomeLife Direct are from sustainable sources, which is a big plus for me, and they offer free UK delivery and a 12 month warranty with every product!

What furniture would be in your dream home?

Disney Art Wishlist

There is so much beautiful Disney artwork out there. My collection started when I fell in love with Thomas Kinkade paintings in Epcot last summer, and I ended up bringing home a canvas box print of his Tangled piece. Since then I added to it with a Finding Nemo World of Disney print from the Disney Store, which I got for Christmas.

So today I’m sharing a few more beauties that I’d love to have in my future home!

Honey Lemon Disney Watercolor Print, Big Hero 6 Watercolor Poster, Kids Decor, Girl Room Wall Art, Not Framed, Buy 2 Get 1 Free! [No. 46-1]

After watching Big Hero Six when it came out, I immediately fell in love with Honey Lemon as she is literally me in Disney character form; I’ve never really totally identified with a single princess, but a yellow loving chemistry nerd is me to a tee.

Free Delivery

These Art of Aurora lithographs from the Disney Store are really sweet. Sleeping Beauty was my favourite princess as a kid, so I’ve got a total soft spot for anything Aurora.

Free Delivery

Another from the World of Disney collection, this Up! print would go perfectly with my Finding Nemo one.

TachaDesigns on Redbubble has the best collection of watercolour silhouettes of Disney Parks. This is the California Disneyland print, but there is also Disneyland Paris, and all of the Disney World parks, and I’d love the full set!
Main Street U.S.A.,® Walt Disney World®
Another few Thomas Kinkade designs from the Disney Dreams collection.. The full images are actually rectangular, but my box canvas print from Epcot was square, and I’d love a few more of those to go with my Tangled one.
I’m not sure what I’m going to do tomorrow, but it seems to be turning into a wishlist week, so I’ll come up with something!

Disney Kitchen Wishlist

I love window shopping; its what I spend at least half of my time on the internet doing, and of all the window shopping I do, most of that is for my dream home of the future. I know that’s probably a little way off, but a girl can dream, right?

So today I’m featuring a few of my favourite goodies that add a bit of Disney magic to the kitchen!


1. Mickey and Minnie Salt and Pepper Shakers from Disney Store

2. Mrs Potts hand painted teapot from Hannah’s Hut on Etsy

3. Finding Nemo Cookie Jar from Hot Topic

4. Azul Plate from Disney Store

5. Mickey Casserole Dish from Disney Store

6. Simba and Pumbaa Salt and Pepper Shakers from Hot Topic

7. Starbucks ‘you are here’ mugs exclusive to the relevant Disney Parks

For someone who doesn’t drink tea or coffee, I own a lot of mugs, pretty much all of which are Disney, so I’ve tried to avoid looking at mugs, but I’m totally in love with the Starbucks ‘you are here’ mugs. You can only get them in the park they represent, and there are six altogether as you can also get ones for the California Disneyland parks, so I’m hoping if they’re still available I’ll be able to pick up each one in January! I also dream of owning a proper Mrs Potts and Chip tea set, so when I stumbled across this beauty on Etsy, I had to add it to my favourites.

As well as great clothes, Hot Topic also has a great collection of Disney homeware. I struggle to choose favourites, but thought today I’d feature the Finding Nemo cookie jar and Lion King salt and pepper shakers.

The Disney Store obviously has a fab lot of kitchenware, and the newly released Azul Dining Collection has definitely tickled my fancy; there are dining plates, bowls, mugs etc, but they’re selling quick! I also love the casserole dish, there was a similar one in the Disney parks.

Tomorrow I’m going to do a little feature of my favourite Disney artwork 🙂


Colour Outside The Lines – Valspar Paint Giveaway!

This is so exciting!

This week I’ve been working with the fabulous Valspar Paint UK as they’ve been building up for the big reveal of a huge project they’ve been working on as part of their Colour Outside the Lines campaign, and today the UK gets to see what they’ve been painting..


This amazing work of art has been painted on the side of a building in Clerkenwell Road in Islington, London to inspire the people of Britain to ditch magnolia walls and boring white woodwork, and take up their paintbrushes to colour outside the lines, and we’re going to give you a little helping hand..


We’re offering one lucky follower a chance to win these Valspar goodies:

2 x Valspar tester pots 236ml

1 x 5L Valspar Premium for Walls and Ceilings

2 x 2.5L Valspar Primer and Undercoat

Worth over £100!

All you have to do to enter, and here’s how:

1. Follow @lottieanddisney and @ValsparPaintUK on Twitter

2. Tweet your answer to the following question: how many shades is Valspar available in? (We might have let the answer slip in our last post!). Use the hashtags #ValsparColour and #lottiedoesdisney

Entrants must be UK residents as vouchers will be sent to the winner in order for you to claim your paint!


I See What You Did There, Valspar..

I’m a bit of a DIY junkie. I can’t wait to move into my own place and start decorating and re-decorating constantly, and one of the things on my Disney Bucket List is to have at least one Disney themed room in my house, so this week, with the help of Valspar Paint UK, I’ve been looking at ways you can bring a little Disney into your home, without going too overboard!

The challenge I set myself, and this is going to be an ongoing series with different themes each month, is to pick out colour schemes to represent Disney films using Valspar colours, but only if the name of the colour relates to the film! You see, each of Valspar’s 2000 pre-selected colours has its own name, from the cutesy Party Pattie and Freshly Squeezed to the slightly stranger Cabbage Juice and Warm Alpaca!

Every colour can be mixed in whatever paint you need, from matt emulsion for walls to gloss for wood and metal trims, and even masonry paint, so you can throw old ideas of painting plain out the window, and colour outside the lines!

So this week I’ve taken on Disney princess films!


Frozen – Cold as Ice (R191E) Frosty Aqua (R219F) Snow Flurries (R184E)

Once I found Cold As Ice, the rest of the colours came easy. Lots of the pale icy colours look great together, but I really liked the hint of purple Snow Flurries brings to the table, without being too in your face.


Brave – Fiery Sky (133E) highland Loch (R193D) Shadows of Time (R220A)

The names of these colours are a little more loosely linked to the film itself, but Shadows of Time really reminded me of the magic in the movie, and Fiery Sky made me think of Merida’s fierce personality.


Tangled – See the Light (R143A) Birthday Bouquet (R63C) Purple hibiscus (R50D) Lantern Glow (132C)

I actually had a fifth colour for this colour scheme called Sun Sparkle, but it was very similar to See the Light. I think the names of these are really self-explanatory, but the photo makes the colours look a little darker, they look better together in real life!


Princess and the Frog – Bayou Serenade (R13C) Ribbet! (R236A) Frog Prince (R226A)

I love that all the names of these tie in together because they look so good together! Bayou Serenade would make a great main colour (grey is totally in right now), with Frog Prince as a feature wall and Ribbet! for the skirting and other features.


Mulan – Ming Dynasty (R160A) Green Reflection (R225F) Samurai Fusion (R70E)

My camera’s gone a little wacky today, Green Reflection isn’t quite as light as it seems here, its a shade or two lighter than the green Mulan wears in the films. Samurai Fusion and Ming Dynasty are great feature colours!


Pocahontas – Nice Tan (R114C) Soul Searching (R6F) Soul Blue (R168C)

I really like this selection; I watched Pocahontas last night so I’m feeling it right now. Soul Searching is more brown than the photo shows!


Aladdin – Three Wishes (R227E) Bengal Tiger (W24C) Glistening Aqua (R128E)

Ok, so Glistening Aqua doesn’t strictly fit into the theme of the movie, but I’m sure you can say water is somewhere in the film, and the colour matched Jasmine’s outfit so perfectly!


Beauty and the Beast – Bonjour (R140C) Consomme (R119C) Pain Au Chocolat (R98F)

I struggled a lot with this one as there are so many colour scheme options that could all represent the film, but I went for a French theme that incorporated Belle’s classic ballgown!


The Little Mermaid – Cajun Shrimp (R72E) Enchanted Mermaid (R220C) Purple hibiscus (R50D)

Ok, so Enchanted Mermaid is the perfect name, and a great colour. I kept to Ariel’s classic look when picking out the colours, which are all very bold so perfect for playing around with artsy stripes and tape tricks.


Sleeping Beauty – Sleepy Kisses (R29A) Budding Beauty (R32A) Princess heartbreak (R68E)

The camera has washed the pale pinks out a little bit, but either would make a great light wall colour, with the other for accents and skirting and Princess heartbreak as a feature wall.


Cinderella – Daydream Believer (R61B) Little Glass Slipper (R171E) Periwinkle Dream (R159E)

Little Glass Slipper, come on! I was half expecting to find a colour called A Dream is a Wish, but no luck so I settled for two more dreamy colours that look perfect together.

And I totally failed with Snow White, but mainly cos I totally spaced and forgot about her!

If I’ve inspired you, keep an eye out for our next post and you could win your next decorating project!


Sea Shell DIY

In keeping with this week’s Little Mermaid theme, I’ve been crafting away with sea shells.

Shells are a great craft supply; if you live near a beach, you’ve basically got a free supply right there and a lot of fancier seafood you can buy from the supermarket comes with shells now too. Cleaning them up is easy enough with hot soapy water in the sink, but you can also put them in the dishwasher too!

So here are just a few quick little DIYs to add a little under the sea to your home!

 First of all, you could spray paint them..



Or turn them into cute hair accessories..



Or miniature trinket boxes..


Or fill a decorative vase..


Or make into cute little tealights..


And large shells would make a great jewellery dish..


Or key dish..


Or even a soap disc..



DIY Tangled Inspired Lampshade

This has been a working progress for months now, only cos I can be lazy and unmotivated, but I’m so happy to have finished this..


I’ve also really struggled to get a good photo, but it looks better in person, promise!





It was super easy to make, all you need is a lampshade (preferably a plastic lined one), a needle, and a template/artistic talent!

I printed off the images that I wanted, and while holding them in position with sewing pins, used the needle to make holes along the outlines.


Although its a little fiddly, you’ll get the best results working on the design from inside the shade (poking the needle through to the outside) because the lining will pucker outwards, making the light shine through better.




With no light, it looks pretty sweet..


And then BAM!