Sorcerer Mickey Cupcakes

Apologies for a lack of DIY Wednesday, my work shifts got jumbled up so I’ll be posting it tomorrow!

Today is Foodie Thursday though, and keeping on this week’s theme, I spent my day baking..


Sorcerer Mickey cupcakes!

With the current deconstruction of the Mickey hat at Hollywood Studios, this is my little nod to a classic Disney World landmark.

Start of with your favourite cupcakes, preferably in some cute red cases (mine are from Paper Eskimo)


And a nice thick buttercream in a bag with a large open nozzle, or a ziploc bag with a corner cut off, and pipe it high in small circles in the centre of the cake


Then you can use black candy melts or chocolate buttons as Mickey ears


Using white sugarpaste/fondant, cut out little stars and moons to decorate the hat, or just use white sprinkles!


If I was doing these for a special event, I’d tie string or ribbon around the cupcake cases to give it more of a Mickey look!



Poison Candy Apples

I love Thursdays, they are, by far, the best day of my week.

That’s because Thursday is Disney day; the day I pick the girls up from school and we watch Disney movies until their mum picks them up after she finishes work, and we’ve been doing this every Thursday for over a year now. Thursday was also the day we left on our last Disney trip!

It’s also Foodie Thursday on LottieDoesDisney, yay!

As it’s Snow White week, for me there was really only one option to take on: the poison apple.

But I didn’t really fancy poisoning anyone, so I took inspiration from my trip to Disney World, where candy apples are available at most good snack places, and are total works of art! And cos I can’t pop across to the Magic Kingdom every time I fancy a sweet treat, I made my own:


They were so quick and easy!

You’ll need:

12-15 medium sized apples (I prefer green for flavour and continuity with the film)

5 cups white sugar

1 1/2 cups water

1 tsp white food colouring (you can probably go without, the white just gives the candy its opaque quality)

Red food colouring – the amount depends entirely on the type of colouring you use

1tsp vanilla extract

White candy melts or white chocolate (a preference thing again, candy melts are less runny, but some people prefer the taste of white chocolate)

You’ll also need a candy thermometer, lollipop sticks and a piping bag (or ziploc bag with a corner cut off)


In a big saucepan, mix together the sugar and water, and start boiling. Once its mixed up, you don’t need to worry about stirring, just pop in the candy thermometer and keep an eye on it!


The sugar needs to get to 150°C/302°F (hard crack stage), which will take some time, so meanwhile you can clean the apples, remove the stalk and insert the sticks; they’ll need a strong push!


Once the sugar is bubbling away, add the food colouring until you get your desired colour


I cannot stress enough here just how hot the mixture is, please be careful! While kids will love the end result, this recipe is not for them to do themselves. I work with hot sugar a lot as part of my day job, and I’m forever burning myself, and I would never want anyone else, especially children, to endure that.

Once its at temperature, turn off the heat and quickly add the vanilla. It will bubble up a bit, be warned! Then, working quite quickly, you can start dipping the apples.


I like to tip up the saucepan with one hand, and dunk with the other, twirling the stick to make sure the apple gets a full coating. Then give it a few seconds for excess to drip off before placing on either greaseproof paper, or a well greased baking tray.



The candy sets hard very quickly, so you can straight on to the next stage: melting the chocolate or candy melts. I like to do this in a pan above hot water, but you could use a microwave.


Depending on the type of candy melts you use, you might need to add some vegetable or sunflower oil to make it a little runnier and give it more shine. I use Wilton melts, which are quite thick, so I have to do this.

Once melted, load up a piping bag, or ziploc with some of the melted candy, and pipe the outlines of the features of the poison skull onto the now set apple – it can look a little silly, once you’re done it’ll look better!


Once set, spoon the remaining white melts over the apple, and let it run down over the edges and create its own drip pattern


These will keep just fine as they are in a sealed container for 2-3 days (but not in the fridge, unless you want a sticky mess on your hands!). You can also wrap them in cellophane to make a perfect gift 🙂

Please note, the red candy is hard. You may need to lick it before you can really bite into it, but that’s how I like it!

Now these are the only type of poison apple to eat, so don’t go accepting any fruit from strange old ladies now!


Disney Princess Converses

I live in Converse All-Stars; have done ever since I got my first pair over 6 years ago. My entire shoe collection, with the exception of one pair of sandals, one pair of heels and two pairs of boots, consist of Converses – high tops for winter and low tops for summer is how I see it!

My dad is also a huge wearer of Converses, and often uses his creative talents to create his own personalised ones on the Converse website’s ‘Design Your Own’ feature, which inspired this Fashion Tuesday post..

In my opinion, All Stars are the best shoes for wearing around Disney parks; lightweight and cool enough for Florida heat, with a solid sole to support your feet, and incredibly hard-wearing. And while they come in a spectacular range of colours and patterns, none of them are Disney enough.. So I spent an evening creating Disney Princess themed shoes, using just the DYO app on the Converse website, and here’s what I came up with:

1. Snow White

1 Snow

2. Cinderella

2 Cinderella

3. Aurora

3 Sleeping Beauty

4. Ariel

4 Ariel

5. Belle

5 Belle

6. Mulan

6 Mulan

7. Tiana

7 Tiana

8. Rapunzel

8 Rapunzel

9. Anna

9 Anna

10. Elsa

10 Elsa

All of these designs can be created and ordered online, please ask if you want to know any more details on any of them! I had so much fun designing them, so with any luck I’ll do some more characters in future posts 🙂


DIY Maleficent Horns

So this week I FINALLY got round to watching Maleficent, about time, am I right?

Well it’s fairly safe to say I loved it; when it came out I thought it looked a bit dark, which is was a little in places, but I was pleasantly surprised by how family friendly it actually was 🙂

So with Halloween coming up, inspiration hit as I went to chuck an old kitchen roll tube in the recycling, and in literally a matter of minutes I had my first horn, so set about making these:


This was honestly the quickest and easiest DIY project I have ever done: all the supplies are things you’ve probably got lying around the house, and I don’t think I spent more than 15/20 minutes, with results I’m pretty happy with!

So here’s how you can make your own:

First you’ll need your supplies: two kitchen roll tubes, a pair of scissors, black tape, an old/unused headband and your preferred method of sticking (I used a hot glue gun, but you could just use more tape, superglue of a bit of fairy magic)


Take your cardboard tubes, and cut a straight slit just over half way down:


Use this slit to fold the top half into an almost cone:


And secure with tape:


With the cone secured, start covering the tube completely with tape. Don’t worry about overlapping or the odd wrinkle, it all adds to the character!


To make the tips of the horns, cut a length of tape and stick it so it overlaps the top of the cone, and wrap it around itself to make a point:



You can then build on this base with more tape to make a firmer point, and bend it into the curve:


And you’ve got yourself a horn!

Now to shape it to your head better, take your scissors and cut the bottom corner:



With that, all you need to do is set about attaching your horns to a headband. The only one I could find lying about the house was one from a previous costume, hence the weird attachments, but that actually worked to my advantage as it meant I had something to glue to:


So they’re not exactly fresh out of the Disney costume department, but for only a few minutes work they make a great DIY costume accessory 🙂



DIY Pocahontas Bedding

Posting a DIY a day late to disguise that I’ve been too busy this week for a Foodie post, ssh!

Another bedspread; working while inspiration is high!

photo 2 (6)

Yep, Pocahontas style!

So it just so happened that I already had a reversible brown and blue duvet set, ace! By folding over the top to show a little blue, it creates a duvet ‘necklace’, and you can opt for brown pillowcases (above), or black (below) to match her hair.

photo 3 (5)

And I came across this fab Colours of the Wind throw pillow on Redbubble, just to top it all off!

photo 1 (6)


DIY: Mickey Mouse Bedding

This week was a little crazy so I combined DIY Disney Wednesday with DisneySide Saturday.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how to bring more Disney magic into your life, and the most important place in your life is home (or Disney World!), so that’s where I decided to start!

A sad but true fact about Disney is that official merchandise, and even some unofficial merchandise, can be expensive 😦 I was looking into bedding, a guilty pleasure of mine, and the only real options for double beds are designs from independent artists on sites like Redbubble, which although amazing are around £60+shipping, ouch! So I took a little inspiration from fellow blogger Kayleigh and her DIY Disney bikinis, and realised I could do it myself; slightly less impressive, but the options are infinite if you’ve got the imagination, and leave a considerably smaller dent in your bank account!

But where to start?

Where it all started, obviously: with a mouse.


There are tonnes of ways you can get Mickey’s style. I went for the classic: black mouse, red shorts, white gloves and yellow shoes, you don’t get more Mickey than that!

 I came across black and red reversible duvet cover on Amazon (two birds, one stone), and teamed it with my yellow fleece throw from Ikea, because who doesn’t love a £3 throw?!


The pillowcases were a mini project: I bought plain white pillowcases from my local supermarket, and added the design of Mickey’s gloves on using black fabric paint and a basic elongated oval template. I think they add a nice touch and were really easy to do, but plain white pillowcases would work just as well.

Then of course you can cover the bed with all your Disney stuffed toys, tsum tsums and pillow pets!

Family means nobody gets left behind..

This post is going out at Disney so as not to ruin the surprise for the members of the group who follow this blog!

So if you’ve read my blog, you know I put together goodie bags for the girls. This was well known by everyone (except the girls, obviously!), but what they didn’t know was that magic leaves out no-one..

So I put together goodie bags for everyone! And for these ones, I enlisted the help of the girls, they loved being part of the secret (we called it our ‘secret Disney mission’) 🙂

For the ladies, I found cute red and white spotty totes and filled them with treats like lip balm, nail files, cute Minnie phone socks etc, and park essentials: plasters, glow sticks etc.


The daddies got socks, headphones and Star Wars glow sticks wands packed up in handy reusable themed bag


On top of these, we had the most fun picking out phone cases for everyone!


Keeping it in the families, my parents and sister all had Toy Story ones, and my aunt and uncle had Winnie the Pooh 🙂

The difficulty with keeping all the goodie bags secret, however, was packing them up (which I managed to do by hiding the adult ones inside the kiddy ones), and getting rid of everyone for enough time to sneak them into the hotel rooms for the big reveal..

And herein lies the beauty of the secrets! While the adults know I need the girls out of the rooms, they don’t know that I also need them gone, so by creating a large distraction eg: let’s go look for the pool, and filling the girls in on the plan, both parties believe they are the ones keeping the secret, giving me the time to sneak into all the rooms to put out the presents, with a note from The Disney Fairy, and leaving everyone else none the wiser!