Things You HAVE to do at Shanghai Disneyland

I feel like I start a lot of posts by complaining about how quickly time goes (regular readers, I do this all the time, right?), but it has been almost 4 weeks since I was at Shanghai Disneyland and I’m not ok with that.

Being that it (for now!) only has the one park, you could probably manage to do everything in 2 days, depending on how busy it is, but if you were pushed for time, there are definitely a few attractions and experiences that are like no other!

Tron Lightcycle Power Run

Shanghai Disneyland Tron ride

Oh. My. Gosh. This ride is insane! If you haven’t seen photos or videos of it already, go YouTube it now. There is a height limit of 122cm, so its not for the little ones, but while its definitely a fast and exciting rollercoaster, its incredible smooth; even my incredibly motion-sickness prone mum had a blast! If I could liken it to anything already existing in other Disney parks, its kinda like a motorcycle equivalent of Test Track in Epcot, but so unique and crazy and amazing!

If you can, get a Fastpass for this because queues can be insane! If Fastpasses run out, wait until during/after the nighttime show and run over there.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Sunken Treasure

Shanghai Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean

I know you can ride Pirates in pretty much every other Disney park, but not like this I promise you! Disney Imagineers went to town on this, the advancement in technology was just phenomenal; I think my jaw was on the floor the whole time. Without spoiling it, this is way more than just a boat ride!

Dine inside the Enchanted Storybook Castle

Shanghai Disneyland Royal Banquet Hall

The Royal Banquet Hall is an AMAZING dining experience. I’ll be reviewing it fully in the next few weeks, but being my first time dining inside a castle ever, I was blown away. The food was beyond incredible, and the characters and cast members were the sweetest and did I mention its INSIDE THE CASTLE?

Meet the boss

Can you go to a park without meeting Mickey? He looks really smart in his Shanghai blue suit!


Shanghai Disneyland Tarzan

Looking for somewhere to escape the heat of the day? This is the perfect excuse! The show is full of monkey fun and amazing acrobatics; its a real crowd pleaser!

Climb a mountain

Shanghai Disneyland Adventure Isle

I’m a bit gutted we didn’t get to do this on our trip – we only discovered it on the last day of our visit! – but there’s actually a high-ropes style course through the mountain in Adventure Isle, how crazy is that?

Explore the castle

Enchanted Storybook Castle

There’s actually an attraction inside the Enchanted Storybook Castle! It’s an interactive walking tour up the beautiful spiral staircase in the centre of the castle, telling the story of Disney’s first princess, Snow White.

Ok, so I could probably sit here and list off everything in the park so I’ll stop now, but I think if you’re in a rush, these are the things you’ve 100% gotta hit.

Is Shanghai Disneyland a place you’d like to visit?

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Favourite Photos from.. Mickey’s Storybook Express!

For this month’s Favourite Photos from.. it only seemed right to share Disney’s newest parade, from its newest park, so here’s Mickey’s Storybook Express from Shanghai Disneyland!

Shanghai Disneyland Mickey's Storybook Express

Shanghai Disneyland Mickey's Storybook Express

Shanghai Disneyland Mickey's Storybook Express

Shanghai Disneyland Mickey's Storybook Express

Shanghai Disneyland Mickey's Storybook Express

Can you imagine being Slinky Dog’s bum?!

Shanghai Disneyland Mickey's Storybook Express

Shanghai Disneyland Mickey's Storybook Express

Shanghai Disneyland Mickey's Storybook Express

Mine! Mine! Mine!

Shanghai Disneyland Mickey's Storybook Express

Shanghai Disneyland Mickey's Storybook Express

Shanghai Disneyland Mickey's Storybook Express

Shanghai Disneyland Mickey's Storybook Express

Unfortunately during our visit, the spectacular Mulan float I was so looking forward to seeing was out of action so didn’t feature in the parade, but I absolutely loved the Finding Nemo float – especially the seagulls! It was also obviously great to see my favourite royal couple, Flynn and Punzie.

I was amazed at how uninterested a lot of the guests in Shanghai were with the parade; I’m so used to people sitting and waiting for 20+ minutes before parades, but that really didn’t seem to be the case, with a lot of people rocking up just as the music started.

Take me back?

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Shanghai Disneyland Haul!

The only good thing about coming home from a Disney trip is unpacking all the goodies I picked up from the parks, and having visited two Disney parks, it meant double the fun!

Shanghai Disneyland merchandise

As well as going to Disneyland itself, we also visited the Disney Store in Shanghai city centre, so I picked up a few bits from there before I even stepped foot into the park. They had three for two on tsum tsums, so I picked up Destiny and Donald, as well as an Iron Man for the boyfriend, but I also couldn’t resist this limited edition set – to commemorate the first anniversary of the store!

Shanghai Disney Store limited edition tsum tsums

I also picked up a Donald Duck scrunchie from the Disney Store sale, which opened the floodgates to buying more cute hair accessories from the park, and of course I had to get a set of Grand Opening ears!

Shanghai Disney hair accessories

Shanghai Disneyland Grand Opening ears

Shanghai Disneyland Alex and Ani bracelet

My sister bought me the Alex and Ani bracelet as an early birthday present; I looked at the special grand opening design, but up close it actually looked a little tacky, so I decided to get the classic castle design.

Shanghai Disneyland merchandise

Shanghai Disneyland t-shirt

Shanghai Disneyland Vinylmation

If you didn’t already know, I have a slight weakness for Vinylmations.. The grand opening Vinylmation all came with Mickey, and then the unknown design inside, so I was chuffed to get Minnie because they make a perfect pairing. I also got the Gardens of Imagination Year of the Dog one – its Pluto! As well as these bits, I got the t-shirt, an adorable mug and shopping bag, yay!

I can’t wait to start posting more about Shanghai!

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Shanghai Disneyland – Day 3!

Today was our last day in Shanghai, and after a lie in I was in a bit of a rush to get into the parks, worrying that we’d lost an hour by sleeping. What I’d forgotten was that being a Monday, the park didn’t open til 9..

Shanghai Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean

Mum and Hannah had decided not to come into the park today, so once Dad and I caught the shuttle bus over, and after bag and ticket check, still made it in just before 9am. We took a bit of a slow wander through the parks on our way to Pirates of the Caribbean, after which we headed back to Mickey Avenue to grab some breakfast at Remy’s Patisserie. There was a band playing in front of the Walt and Mickey statue, which we could watch from where we sat to eat.

Shanghai Disneyland Remy's Patisserie

Next on the agenda was the Dumbo ride, but with an hour wait, we didn’t really fancy that, instead heading back for a final ride on Pirates. If you’ve read the last two days as well, you’ll notice we’ve done this a lot, but it’s so good!

Shanghai Disneyland food

Only having an hour left before needing to meet Mum and Hannah in Disneytown, we wandered back to Tomorrowland, and finished our half-day with a final intergalactic mission with Buzz.

After leaving the park, we grabbed lunch in The Cheesecake Factory in Disneytown, before heading back to pick up our bags and getting a taxi to the airport for the next leg of our trip: Chengdu!

I’ll be of the radar for a few more days now, then once in Hong Kong I’ll be back with access to social media and will bombard you with updates from there, as well as blogging our time in Hong Kong Disneyland! See ya real soon Shanghai!

Shanghai Disneyland – Day 2!

Shanghai Disneyland castle

After sleeping in the comfiest beds, we were up bright and early for breakfast at 7, before catching the shuttle bus from outside the hotel to the park. With a game plan in mind, and having done Tron last night, we headed straight for the next big queue ride as soon as the park opened: Soaring Over the Horizon. Despite a supposed 60 minute wait, as well as having to deal with the queue jumpers, we were in and out within the hour!

Shanghai Disneyland

From there, we went on to Pirates of the Caribbean, which was only a 5 minute wait and still just as awesome a ride as it was yesterday – totally mind blowing! We wandered on through to behind the castle after that, and did the Voyage of the Crystal Grotto; a boat ride featuring scenes from classic princess stories, before going underneath the castle into the crystal grotto. It was a little bit Jungle Cruise-esque, minus the commentary.

Shanghai Disneyland Tangled boat

Next on the agenda was seeing the Baymax Super Exercise Expo, where Hiro and Baymax lead the audience of Tomorrowland through a Big Hero 6 inspired dance. Baymax was a real party animal! It was then time for Golden Fairytale Fanfare, the castle show, so we went to hang out in front of the castle for a bit before that begun; partly to sit down for a bit, and partly to make sure I got a good spot! The show was totally beautiful; the costumes were all amazing and the singing was a good balance of Chinese and English.

Shanghai Disneyland Golden Fairytale Fanfare

Now lunch time, we headed back to Fantasyland, stopping by the Tangled Tree Tavern – a nod to the Snuggly Duckling – so I could take a million photos, before deciding to eat at Pinocchio’s. I had Peking duck pizza, which was not only incredible, but also Mickey shaped! In the Mickey mood, it was time to go and meet the boss himself. He was suited and booted in his best Shanghai suit and we had a big hug!
That exited right by the Marvel Universe area, so we stuck our heads in – mainly so my sister could see what Captain America looked like – and ended up in a Spiderman drawing class, which actually turned out to be a Groot drawing class.. Long story short, I’m not very good at drawing Groot.

Shanghai Disneyland Marvel

With the temperature getting higher, we ducked out of the park for a little while via the little entrance to Disneytown near Tomorrowland. After a bit of air conditioning and window shopping, it was almost time for our Tron Fastpass timeslot, so back to Tomorrowland we went, only to find it was closed.. Basically, when the queue reaches its total capacity, they have to temporarily ‘close’ the ride, which means they stop anyone even entering the line, to let it work its way down a little.

Shanghai Disneyland Mickey's Storybook Express

So instead we did a quick Buzz and went to watch the parade – Mickey’s Storybook Express – which was fab but seemed to be running shorter than usual; I’ve seen photos of a few floats that we didn’t see today! By the time the parade was over, Tron had reopened, so we finally got to make use of our Fastpasses, although it was still about 40 minutes wait!

I was thoroughly sunburnt by this point, so we headed back into Disneytown so I could by all the things on the list I’d made earlier, then headed back to the hotel to aftersun up – I’m basically lobster coloured..

Today has had me a little tuckered out; it’s been a really hot day and I’ve not nearly had enough to drink so I’m not feeling 100%, so I’m signing out early tonight. We’re going to watch the nighttime show from the viewing platform at the hotel and get a proper night’s sleep so we’re raring to go for our last day tomorrow!


Shanghai Disneyland – Day 1!

What a magical day!

So this morning we were up at 6.30am to get from our hotel in central Shanghai to the Disney resort area – although there was a bus that ran from nearby, we decided to get a taxi to save a bit of time, which was about £20 to the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel.

From the hotel reception area we could see out across the lake, and there was the castle..

Shanghai Disneyland castle

I cried, obviously.

We caught the ferry across the lake, and spent quite a while in bag checks and ticket check queues, and then we were in! While the park doesn’t have a classic Main Street USA, it has Mickey Avenue which is full of charm and the most amazing little details. The castle show was just finishing, so we headed off to start exploring!

Shanghai Disneyland station

Unlike the classic US park set up, here Adventureland is on the right hand side of the castle, and Tomorrowland on the left, so we started an anti-clockwise loop, with the first ride being Pirates of the Caribbean – a bit of a family tradition. It was a Pirates like no other; completely raising the bar for all the other PotC rides around the world! I won’t spoil it too much, but it was way more than just a boat ride.

Shanghai Disneyland Royal Banquet Hall

From there, we headed into Fantasyland land, did the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride, and Pooh was actually hanging out outside the exit when we left so we got in a quick cuddle and photo! We then went on to do Peter Pan’s Flight, then went to explore the beautiful Enchanted Storybook Castle, where we were stopped and asked if we were interesting in lunch at the Royal Banquet Hall – the character restaurant inside the castle – how can you say no to that?! It was just the most magical meal; the food was incredible and the characters were in the cutest outfits!

Enchanted Storybook Castle

After feeling thoroughly stuffed, we queued up for the Once Upon a Time Adventure, an interactive walk up and through the castle, with the story of Snow White being told along the way. While I didn’t mind the fact that it was in Chinese – I mean, I know the story! – what really peeved me was the Chinese families pushing in line and children forcing their way to the front..

Star Wars Launch Bay Shanghai

Onwards to Tomorrowland, we queued up for Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue, which sadly meant missing the parade, but the newer technology in the ride made it pretty awesome, and because my mum’s blaster didn’t work on the first go, they let us ride it again! We then headed to Star Wars Launch Bay, which is tucked right out of the way of Tomorrowland, which meant it was really quiet; hello 30 second wait to meet Kylo Ren and R2D2!

With the Tron ride queue over 2 hours, we headed back towards the gardens in front of the castle, with the intention of visiting some of the shops in Mickey Avenue, but instead detoured back into Adventureland to watch the Tarzan show, which was pretty incredible! After doing a few of the shops, we headed back to the hotel to sort out checking into our room!

A few Mickey shaped desserts in our tummies, and we headed back into the park for the nighttime show. We stood in the centre of Mickey Avenue to watch it, with a great view of the castle, but as soon as it began, the crowd just turned into a sea of phones in the air, which was a little saddening as no one was watching it, and none of the rest of us could see it properly, so I moved to the side of the street in the end. The show itself was a classic projection show, like Disney Dreams or Celebrate the Magic, with a few new clips from Star Wars and Mulan.
With most of the crowds heading out of the park, but with an hour of opening left, we pegged it back to Tomorrowland with the hopes of getting into the elusive Tron rollercoaster, and despite advertising a 70 min wait time, we were on and off within 40 minutes and WOW IS THAT RIDE WORTH THE HYPE!! Absolutely unbelievable, such a unique and incredible ride.

Shanghai Disneyland Tron ride

With 5 minutes til park close, we managed to sneak in two goes on Buzz (again) before taking a slow walk out of the park, and popping into World of Disney in Disneytown – the Downtown Disney equivalent area – before catching the ferry back to the hotel!

Shanghai Disneyland castle

I’m exhausted but it’s been such a wonderful day! Tomorrow we’ll be up nice and early to get into the park for opening, and another Disney day!

What I’m Wearing – Belle Disneybound

The start of weekly Disney outfit posts can only mean one thing.. I’m counting down to a Disney trip! YAAYYYY!

Yes, that’s right, I’m now properly in the run up to my Shanghai/Hong Kong trip, and with 5 total park days during my 2 week trip, I’ve got five outfits to share!

Belle Disneybound

Belle Disneybound

Belle Disneybound

Belle Disneybound

(sorry for out of focus shots, I work with a self timer..)

Its no secret how much I love outfit planning, but I really struggled with ideas for Shanghai, so I took inspiration from the part of the park I’m most excited about: the castle. You see, the newly built castle consists of elements of all of the Disney castles combined, so it only seemed right that I represented a few of my favourite princesses, starting today with Belle!

I had my eye on a pretty yellow dress on Asos, but its forever out of stock in my size, so when I stumbled across this gorgeous playsuit on Romwe, I decided to take a chance on the ‘one size fits all’! I really love it; its super comfy and represents Belle’s ballgown so well! The Belle inspired bow is from Mickey Waffle Bows on Etsy.

Adventure in the great wide somewhere, anyone?

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