100 Days of Happy: 63-83

Hello Saturday! Another three weeks have past since I last wrote about my 100 happy days challenge, this is my penultimate update and quite honestly I don’t know where the time has gone.. I’ve not taken many pictures (again), and this last week especially has been a little bit of a struggle at times, but writing this is once again making me concentrate on all the good things that have happened in the last few weeks:

– Preparing for Christmas is my favourite thing ever


Shopping for presents, decorating the house, playing Christmas music, wrapping and writing Christmas cards, its all 100% my forte in life. Santa should employ me as an elf and I would be amazing at it.

– Our Disney trip is now so close!


We’ve got corral info, everything on my to-do list is ticked, all that’s really left is to pack!

– I hit 10,000 views!

I’m so completely overwhelmed that on Wednesday, this little ol’ blog of mine reached the whopping total of 10,000 views, how crazy is that?! Big love and hugs for everyone who made this happen, your support is everything to me!

– I had a magical day in London with my beautiful friend Chelsea

After way too long I finally got to spend a whole day hanging out in a Christmassy London with one of the loveliest girls ever! We ate pizza and cookies and went to two different Disney stores and it was all pretty awesome.

– Disney Secret Santa is ticking along nicely

Lots of people have already received their gifts, and apart from a few delays in a few places, everyone’s still keeping up the Christmas spirit!

– One Christmas party down, one tonight!

I had my work Christmas party last Sunday, which was a great nice of festivity, and tonight I’m heading out with my department for a meal and a few drinks!

– Dad and I finally completed a half marathon distance


It is done, and we’re now totally ready for January (so long as my knee sorts itself out!)

– Christmas cards!

Since I left school, I’ve not really had many Christmas cards, so this year’s bunch from my lovely girlies has been a real treat!


Today I am finally (I know its only been out for two days but it feels like eternity) seeing the new Star Wars film! Don’t worry, you won’t see any spoilers from me!

Sometimes you just gotta keep smiling!


100 Days of Happy: 42-62

Happy Saturday everyone! Another 3 weeks have been and gone, and I’m here to update you all on my 100 day challenge!

These last few weeks I’ve been much better with photo updates on Instagram, although I still haven’t posted everyday, but it does mean I can share more happy thoughts today!

I’ve discovered the art of packing healthy lunchboxes to take to work with me!

The release of medal designs for Star Wars weekend has got me so excited for our upcoming events!

I treated myself to a Yankee Candle advent calendar!

I had the most fun guest-hosting the #DisneyBloggersChat! It was a huge success and announcing my Secret Santa has generated so much buzz!

A surprise parcel of this necklace made by a lovely friend of mine and sent to me by another lovely friend of mine!

I had a bit of a shopping spree for new gym/running clothes and got some amazing bargains!

We hit the 50 day mark, and the 40 day mark too!

The prettiest fabric EVER arrived and I can’t wait to create with it!

I made my dad a giant KitKat..

And I made him a caterpillar cake!

We shot our Lego family Christmas card!

My Baymax hat arrived!

A new fitness toy!

As well as all this, I’ve booked coach tickets to go and visit a very dear friend in London during my week off in December, I’ve hit some pretty awesome blogging goals and I’m feeling so blessed to have all my lovely Disney/blogger friends supporting me at the moment!

I’m also so happy that Christmas is sneaking up, and that also means Disney is creeping ever closer, and everything is falling into place!

Share your happy thoughts guys!


100 Days of Happy: 21-41

Doesn’t time fly on the run up to the end of the year?!

I can’t believe its been 3 weeks since I wrote my first update on my 100 days of happy challenge, and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been slacking a little on the photo side recently, so to change things up a little, I’m just going to share some of the great things that have happened in these last few weeks that have kept a smile on my face!

• Halloween pumpkin carving!

• Catching up on Once Upon a Time, and starting a new Netflix addiction: Gossip Girl

• I’ve been back at my sewing machine running up some new creations, and toying once again with opening an Etsy shop

• Completing Blogtober, and my views are booming, yay!

• My Disney girls forever make me happy, and the initial success of my planned Secret Santa

• We hit another Disney countdown milestone, and are now under the 60 day mark!

• Storming ahead on my Christmas shopping (and being almost done, don’t hate me for being keen)

• Being past Halloween, I can properly get into the Christmas spirit, YAAYYY

So I’ll be continuing on my happy little challenge, and TRYING to remember to take and post more photos so that when I catch up with you next! In the meantime, keep smiling!


100 Days of Happy: 1-20

Can you believe its been 20 days since I kicked off my 100 days of happy challenge?

Its been great; I think the hardest part has been choosing just one moment from each day to showcase, but here’s how I’ve got on so far:


1. An early birthday present from my sister: princess Lego!

2. My slightly wonky, but beautiful birthday cake

3. Leaving for Europe!

4. Watching the sunset over Mont St Michel from my hotel room


5. Reaching 500 Instagram followers

6. Getting a ‘touch of magic’ voucher from a cast member for my birthday

7. Looking out over my kingdom at DLP

8. Petit France in Strasbourg


9. Feeding monkeys!

10. Eating sweets and catching up with my mum from France

11. A perfect afternoon in Geneva

12. Disneybounding as Ariel at Chateau de Chillon!


13. The beautiful Neuschwanstein castle

14. Frankfurters in Frankfurt!

15. The comfiest bed

16. Belgian waffles!


17. Because Starbucks never spell my name right!

18. Mini pancakes in Delft with Dad

19. Coming home to my Disneyland Paris goodies!

20. Getting back to running, with a new member of the family Parkrun squad!

You can keep up with my daily happy moments on Instagram, and I’ll catch up with you guys in about another 20 days!


100 Days of Happy

I kicked off September with plenty of happy vibes for the month, and its been so good that I want to keep it going! It also just so happens that today marks exactly 100 days until I walk through the gates to my happy place – the Magic Kingdom!


So with that in mind, today I’m going to be kicking off a 100 days of happy challenge!


Ok, so its not really much of a challenge, but for those of you that don’t quite know what I’m on about, 100 days of happy is simply documenting something that makes you happy, everyday for 100 days. It can be as small as a pretty flower or a nice meal, or something bigger, like booking a holiday, reaching a milestone or getting a new job; its just about taking the time each day to remember how good life is!


Everyday I’ll be posting my happy moments on my Instagram (@lottiedoesdisney) and Twitter (@lottiedoesblog), and then I’ll do a couple of round-ups on here to let you guys know how I’m getting on, the last of which being on the morning of day 99, when we leave for America!

I’m super excited for another great 100 days; I leave for Europe on Wednesday, then when I come back I’ve got the last of the pre-Disney prep, Christmas – my all time favourite time of year – and then off we go!

Join me in my challenge? 🙂