An Amazing Year of Achievements

Amazing 2016

2016 has not been an easy year for anyone. Its been full of all kinds of worldwide drama and negativity, but now I’m sat here looking back over it, the fact is, its really not been a terrible year.

So many amazing things have happened to me this year, which have made any troubles fade into the background, and while some may not be as major as others, here are some of the incredible things that have happened in my life.

  • I ran my first half marathon – and then my second and third..
  • I went on my first ever non-family Disney trip¬†– my Disneyland Paris trip in April was the first time I’d ever been without my parents and sister!
  • I met some beautiful people – one of my New Years Resolutions was to get out and meet more of my Disney friends, and while I’ve not met everyone, everyone I have had a chance to hang out with have been amazing!
  • I flew solo – my trip to New Zealand in September was the first time I’ve ever got on a plane by myself – kinda threw myself in at the deep end!
  • I drove an automatic car – this one’s a little random, but I’ve never driven an automatic before, and I survived!
  • I stopped blogging for the sake of it – midway through this year, I decided to stop writing posts that I wasn’t 100% happy with. This meant I stopped a few of my old series that were becoming a chore to write, and freeing up more time for new content!
  • I’ve finally visited every Disney park in the world! – ticked the last two off the list with visits to Hong Kong and Shanghai this summer!
  • I hit some incredible blogging milestones – not only did this little blog of mine turn 3 this year, but its been the best year yet by miles! I’ve published just over 300 posts this year and smashed my follower goals on social media, and its so nice to see all these achievements after I’ve put my heart and soul into this blog all year.
  • I started a new business – its always slow progress at first, but I’ve loved creating The Happiest Fitness Co this year, and I have high hopes for the coming year!
  • I left my dead end job – I finally said goodbye to retail after just over 4 years, and found a job that has a lot more opportunities for me in the future
  • I started working full time and maintaining my blog – when I started my new job, one of my biggest worries was that I wouldn’t be able to keep writing as much as I was before, so I’m so proud of the fact that I can work full-time and still post 5/6 times a week!
  • I learned who my true friends are – 2016 has been the year that I’ve come to realise that you don’t have to see people every day for them to be your best and truest friends, and that life’s too short to carry deadweight negative people around
  • I started being creative again – I turned my sewing machine back on for the first time in almost a year, and getting back into making things has made me really happy!
  • I fell in love – it goes without saying that meeting Matthew this year has been the greatest blessing and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

I don’t think I’m sad to see the end of this year, but mainly because I’m so excited for 2017 and all the excitement and adventure I know will come with it. In fact, I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a new year in a long time!

Fight the bad 2016 stigma and tell me some of the amazing things that have happened to you this year!

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The Bloggers Who Influenced My 2016

Blogger Influences

While 2016 has been rubbish for many people in so many ways, its actually been a pretty great year for my blog. Yesterday’s post was my 300th post of the year (yes, just this year!), I’ve hit a tonne of milestones and I just feel so proud of all the hard work I’ve put into it, and super happy with the results.

A lot of change has happened this year, from my layout to my writing style and the topics I’ve written about, and every one of these changes has made this blog reflect my true personality more and more. Finding my blogging voice has absolutely rocketed my confidence, but looking back I’ve come to realise that I have quite a few other bloggers to thank for inspiring me..


Without a doubt, Jemma is absolute blogger goals. She is the loveliest person, her work ethic is incredible, and her style is 100% goals. I’ve always loved bright colours, and in a world full of marble backdrops, Dorkface is a ray of sunshine and rainbows.

Vix Meldrew

I don’t think a blog has ever been more true and relateable, and I don’t think I’ve missed a single post this year because this girl cracks me up. Reading Vix has given me the confidence to write exactly how I want to, whether I’m feeling sassy and sarcastic, or completely open up about my feelings – not that I could ever do it as well as she does!

British Mermaid

Cara is the most beautiful person, both inside and out. I’ve been lucky enough to become friends with her this year, but as well as just being all-round amazing, she’s inspired me to wear and feel confident in whatever clothes I want, and frequently find myself thinking ‘would Cara like this?’ when I’m shopping.

Hello, Steph

I knew that 2016 was the year I’d be making much more of an effort with my fitness, but this girl has made me want to push myself harder and further. She’s my absolute fitspo queen and I’m always keeping an eye out for her amazing meal prep photos and workout selfies!

Belles Moments

This year would have absolutely not been the same without this girl. She’s my Disney soul mate and become one of my closest friends, and I can’t wait for all our 2017 adventures together. Plus she has a dreamy Instagram account that you should 100% be following.

What bloggers have had the biggest impact on you this year?

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2016 Fads I Failed At

2016 Fads

Every year brings a new ‘in thing’ that we all desperately try our hands at, and either it becomes the best thing since sliced bread, or we sack it off quicker than a vegetarian with a new ¬£5 note. (I hope any veggies laugh, that’s not meant to be mean I promise!).

This year has been no different to any other in bringing in more crazes than we know what to do with, but because we all know I love to make fun of myself, here’s a handful of the ones that I flopped at miserably.

Adult Colouring Books

Here’s the thing: I love colouring and have a bunch of books, and there’s a few more I’ve got my eye on, but I NEVER find the time to do it, and I also don’t find it at all relaxing! I think the books I have are way too intricate, and as I’m not particularly artistic, I could do with some simpler ones..

Bullet Journal

I loved the idea of bullet journalling, but I’ve started two this year and neither of them lasted very long.. I think the problem is that I already have a diary/planner that works very well for me, so having to put a lot of time into keeping a Bu-Jo pretty just didn’t really fit too well into my schedule.


For the first time ever, I made an attempt to contour my face. Yes, a single attempt. I either did a poor job of it (more than likely) or it just made no effect on my face (very unlikely), but the effort I put in to not look like Kendall Jenner by the end of it had me like MEH.

Pokemon Go

I love Pokemon, and I thought about downloading the app that’s caused all kinds of a stir across the world this year, but I just never did.. I’d love to get it for when I’m out running, but I think I’d get too easily distracted, and I’m really not that much of a gamer.

I know nothing about Honey G

I never watch X-Factor, but this chick seems to have caused a real stir on the scene this year. Can I be bothered to watch any clips of her? Nope.


Once again, this series hit the screens and everyone was buzzed for it, but I’ve never watched it before and I don’t really get it

Bottle flipping

I don’t know how this became a YouTube sensational craze, but I’ve had to sit and watch my cousins try it 50+ times and I don’t feel any need to attempt it.

Liquid lipstick

Now I know I can be a bit of a beauty dunce, but surely as soon as you put lipstick into a tube with a wand, its not really a lipSTICK anymore? The world seems to have fallen in love with them this year, but I’ve just been sticking to my real-stick faves

What are your favourite things to hit the scene this year?

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