My Lush Dislikes

My Lush Product Dislikes

When you discover a brand that ticks all the boxes for you, its very easy to fall in love with every product that hits the shelves, and this fact doesn’t get much more accurate than when it comes to Lush. Every new shower jelly and bath bomb that drops instantly becomes a new obsession, and I don’t think I can be the only person who defines the seasons based on whether I’m stocking up on Snow Fairy or Unicorn Horns.

Personally, there’s nothing I love more than trying out as many different products as I can, but over the years, there have, controversially, been a few products that just haven’t met my expectations..

Prince Charming shower cream

This pretty pink Valentine’s Day exclusive is something that I bought for the first time a few weeks ago. I’ve seen it featured in favourites posts of many bloggers, so I figured why not test it out – I mean, its pink! To be honest, the scent just doesn’t do that much for me, and I’m sorta glad I only bought the smallest size of bottle..

Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar

As a person who swears by shampoo bars, I was really disappointed in my experience with this one. Admittedly, its probably just due to my hair type, but for something that smells SO GOOD, I was sorta hoping to love it.

Twilight bath bomb

I know that this is a classic for many Lushies, but I CANNOT stand lavendar..

Love and Light hand cream

I got this as part of a gift box, and its definitely not something that I’ll be buying myself. Could just be my skin type, but it leaves my hands feeling quite greasy and oily, and the smell doesn’t really do it for me either.

D’Fluff shaving soap

I want so badly to like this product, I just don’t.. Maybe I had a duff batch, but the consistency doesn’t seem right and its almost impossible to apply, and only seems to making shaving my legs more of a chore than it normally is!

Are there any products that don’t do it for you? I’m curious!

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A Mega Lush Haul

So as some of you may have figured by now, I didn’t get the job I applied for at Lush. To console myself, I placed a huge order of products, that’ll show them.. Combined with a few bits I got for my birthday, plus the bath bomb I got from my interview, I’ve accumulated quite a haul of products!

Lush Haul

The fabulous timing of this order was that it meant I could choose goodies from both the Halloween and Christmas exclusive ranges, and although I only opted for two Halloween items, I think the Autumn Leaf is quite possibly my favourite bath bomb ever – its so pretty and dreamy!

Lush Hello Gorgeous

Boyfriend sent me the Hello Gorgeous gift box as a birthday present; a pretty little box of some of my favourite goodies: The Comforter bubble bar (I love all The Comforter products), Sex Bomb (which I’ve yet to try), Love and Light hand cream, and my new favourite product, Rub Rub Rub. I’ve been using it almost every day, as both a body scrub and also occasionally as shampoo and I’ve almost run out already, oops!

Lush Christmas products

Diving into the Christmas collection, I ordered the Snow Fairy gift box as it contains all the Snow Fairy products that I’ve been desperately waiting for all year, and topped that off with a bottle of Fairy Dust dusting powder and this cutie penguin bubble bar!

Lush skincare and haircare

Finally, a few every day Lush products to top off my haul! I had the opportunity to try the 9 to 5 cleanser and Breath of Fresh Air toner at my trial shift and was wowed so needed to get my hands on them, and we were allowed to take home a bath bomb each from the interview, so I picked Avobath! I’m a huge lover of shampoo bars, and having used and loved Jumping Juniper before, I played it safe with that one, and topped off my haircare purchases with a bottle of American Cream conditioner. I’ve also been intrigued by toothy tabs for a little while, so took the plunge with a bottle of Sparkle, which I can’t wait to try out!

What are your favourite Lush products?

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A Lush Wishlist

Unfortunately, the concept of ‘lazy Sundays’ isn’t one that I’m accustomed to. Lie ins, brunch and pyjamas are all alien, replaced instead with a 6am alarm, work uniform and a quick cereal bar before I leave the house; retail work problems, right?

The one silver lining though is that by starting work at 7am, I’m normally finishing around 1/2pm, giving me what’s left of my Sunday to chill out just a little, and something I’m actually really looking forward to in the next month is our new bathroom.


Ok, so I know the link between Sundays and my new bathroom is a little weak, but here’s the deal: currently, I do not like baths. To me, they are the furthest thing from relaxing, and I blame this view entirely on our current bath which is super shallow, so no matter what I do, some part of my body is sticking out of the water and freezing; not cool. Our new bath, however, is pretty beautiful, and I’m really hoping that it’ll show me what everyone tells me I’m missing out on with a hot bath, and celebrate it with a mini Lush haul!

Top Row: Ultraviolet Bubble Bar / Bouncing Bunny Shower Jelly / Supernova Bath Bomb / Blueberry Roulade Smoothie
Bottom Row: Foot Soak and Fancy Free / Intergalactic Bath Bomb / Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

I think that’ll start me off nicely, don’t you? Let me know you’re must-have products!

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