Hello 25

Well well well, a long overdue blog post to celebrate another year of me.

I’m quite open in my feelings on my birthday – I’m not the biggest fan, but 25 feels like a kinda significant one and I’m full of thoughts today.

For starters, this is the first birthday I have not spent with my family, which is a pretty big deal for me. It’s the first birthday I’ve spent in our current house, and given that we’re moving house very soon (another story for another time, I don’t think I’ve shared that on here yet), it’ll also be my last. Someone was *nice* enough to remind me yesterday that 25 is half way to 50 – I mean, just want I wanted to hear, right? But that got me thinking.

We often see the new calendar year as a new, fresh start in our lives, but not so much when we move into an actual new year of life. So here I am, officially at the mid-20s point of my life, and I’m ready to take some things into my own hands.

I want this to be the year that I will actually do all of the things that I have told myself I’ll ‘do this year’ for the past however many years. I want to properly look after myself after years of overlooking my physical and mental wellbeing and really make 25 year old me the best Lottie I’ve ever been.

Just over 4 years ago, I wrote a small bucket list of things I wanted to do before I turned 25, and I’m pretty proud to say that I’ve achieved all of them except one – with that one being that I didn’t read all the books I wanted to have read – and one changed slightly as my life has but was still achieved, so I’m pretty proud of myself for making these things happen, and now I’m ready to carry this momentum on for another wonderful 25 years and then some!

Lottie Does Turns 4!

Four years ago to the day, I sat down and published my first ever post on this little blog of mine.

I always wanted to make something of my blog, but I don’t think back then I could have predicted just where I am today, and in a way I’m glad about that; I’m forever excited by every new development, and this year has been no different.

So how has my blog changed this year?

In many ways, I really found my stride with blogging last year, so there hasn’t been too much change in the grand scheme of things, but I’ve branched out a little more with the topics I’ve been writing about. Despite never claiming to be a beauty blogger, I’ve been writing a lot more reviews and beauty related posts, which to my amazement have been really popular, so I’ve gained so much confidence in that area.

I’ve also been getting a lot more personal. Back in August I published the most controversial post I’ve ever written when I talked about the shame that girls feel about being on their period, and even included a photo of myself with a blood stain on my trousers. I was so nervous to share my thoughts, but the response I got to it was phenomenal, and although it was upsetting to see that so many people have had similar experiences and often feel the same way I did, it was also incredible to see so many people open up and agree with the message behind the post.

What’s next?

Well I’m just gonna keep being me and see where the future takes me. In the next year there’s going to be some huge change in my life and while I’m not a person who’s particularly keen on change, it gives me a sense of relief knowing that I’ll always have this blog as an outlet for me to share everything I’m going through, and a community that I can rely on.

Once again, I find myself thinking about everyone who supports me and this blog, from the people who read it daily to those who are coming to my blog for the first time. It might sound cliche but every single person who comes here to read my ramblings makes my day. You are a huge part of the reason that I do what I do.

To say thank you to you lovely bunch of human beings, I’ve put together a little collection of goodies for a giveaway! To enter, simply follow the link below to Rafflecopter and complete the steps to get up to 6 entry points! The prizes include: one of the coveted Chip purses from Primark, a pretty metallic highlighter brush, a bottle of The Ordinary Coverage Foundation in your choice of shade, the Barry M Strobe cream featured in this post, four of my Disney inspired iron-on patches plus a bonus prize that I’ll be bringing home from my upcoming trip to Walt Disney World! Giveaway closes on November 15th, UK entries only.

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My Birthday Haul

Well that’s another birthday done with for the year! The day itself was fairly chilled – I had the day off work and just spent it hanging out at home, baking cakes and then had the family over for a Chinese takeaway for dinner. Nothing special, but just the way I like it.

But you didn’t come here to hear about my day, you wanted to see what I got, right?

The first presents I got to unwrap in the morning were from Matthew. He was pretty smug about what he’d got me, and even wanted me to open them early because he wanted to see my reaction, but I patiently waited until my actual birthday.

I was not disappointed. I opened what felt like the heaviest box of goodies all the way from Sephora – seven sheet masks, a cream highlighter palette and this whopper of an eyeshadow palette from the Sephora Pro collection. I’ve already searched every shade and fallen in love with it and I can’t wait to play with it some more!

Also tucked in my box of goodies, although not from Sephora, was a bottle of Pixi Glow Tonic, which is a product I’ve been dying to get my hands on for a long time now, so I’m excited to see if that lives up to all the hype.

How amazing are my parents?! I had absolutely no idea that I would be unwrapping this beautiful little bag from the Disney x Coach collection, but I’m so in love with it and I’m so grateful that they managed to find one as I thought the collection was no longer available. I did also get a cutting mat and rotary cutting tool from them but it doesn’t look as cute in photos!

The rest of my family just stuck to the usual tradition of money, and I’m planning on putting some of that towards a Lush shop, and the rest towards my upcoming Florida trip at the end of the month.

A huge thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on here and on social media, it means so much to me!

Things I’ve Done Since 22

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeeee, happy birthday to me!

I’m not really one for celebrating my own birthday too much; I actually share my birthday with my youngest cousin who’ll be 9 today, and I’m more about making sure she has a great birthday than caring about mine. For me a birthday just means another year older, and another year to fill with adventures and achievements, and this last year has been pretty great. Shall we reflect?

  • I quit retail – after 4 years in the same job, last year I finally said goodbye to my B&Q orange apron and traded it in for an office job, hello change!
  • I’ve been on bunch of incredible holidays with my favourite people – Walt Disney World, Disneyland, a Disney Cruise and Disneyland Paris, plus some mini adventures in between
  • I went on my first solo venture to Disneyland Paris – while I did see some friends while I was out there, my DLP trip back in January was the first time I’ve fully done DLP by myself and I had such a lovely time.
  • I got to work with the Disney Store – I know it was months ago now and I keep going on about it, but it was an absolute dream blog collaboration for me and I had the best time doing it!
  • Another 3 half marathons – that’s another 39.3 miles, not to three 10Ks and any training runs in between
  • I’ve become more comfortable in my own skin – my body confidence has been up and down for as long as I can remember, but I’m finally accepting and learning to like how I look, and I have even been confident enough to post photos on social media of me in a bikini on holiday which is something I never would have done a year ago.
  • I launched yet another small business – after umming and ahhing for ages, I finally opened LottieBounds, where I sell my Disney inspired creations and I’ve been so happy with it!
  • Our first anniversary – not only did I reach my first one year anniversary ever, but I did it with the most perfect guy
  • Matthew moved in – sure, we haven’t got to the stage of moving out just yet, but we’re finally living together and we have our own little space to be together in after so much time apart

A few of these may seem small to some, but for me they are the defining moments of the last year, and I’m excited to see what I’ll do before I’m 24..

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Happy Birthday Blog!

Once upon a time, in a kingdom that looks a whole lot like Bournemouth, a little blogger was born..

Blog Birthday

That time was this day 3 years ago, when I published my first post on this very blog. This isn’t the first blog I’ve ever written, but its the first one that’s stuck, and gushy as it sounds, its become a huge part of my life. Let’s look at some of my favourite parts from the last 3 years!

  • Most viewed post ever – DIY Malefienct Horns
  • Total number of published posts – 547 (including this one!)
  • I’ve visited all 6 of the Disney parks in the world!
  • Organising Disney Secret Santa 2015
  • Becoming part of the #disneybloggerschat community
  • and so many more!

There’s also a bunch of people I want to thank for supporting my blog over the years, and because I couldn’t possibly name everyone, if you’re reading this, then thank you! I know I always say it, but I 100% mean it when I say that every single person who reads my blog, whether its your first time or your hundredth time, means the world to me.

Blog Birthday

Blog Birthday

Blog Birthday

I know I said yesterday that I was going to celebrate with cake, but I changed my mind and went with Krispy Kreme doughnuts, a huge amount of peach iced tea and a beautiful shiny balloon, and of course I’m celebrating with a giveaway!

This bundle contains a stuffed Chip toy, Mickey Mouse glove pen and chocolate bar from Disneyland Paris, some Redbubble stickers, Main Street Popcorn wax melts from Maple and Whisky, Fantasyland Print from ItsLizi and a Pascal Wikeez toy, and it can all be yours if you enter below! The winner will be announced on November 8th!

Enter here > > > a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

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Happy Birthday Me!

It’s my birthday! (Yes, I know its also the day from that Mean Girls quote)

Birthday cake

Now I’m not sure if I’m feeling like Taylor Swift just yet, but I definitely am 22, despite my birthday celebrations beginning yesterday with a family dinner and a healthy-sized chunk of this incredible Banoffee and Nutella cake, made by yours truly, please feel free to drool over your screen..

Birthday Boomf

I also decided (or was pushed) to open a few of my birthday presents from the boyfriend a day early, because technically it was already my birthday in New Zealand.. I got my main birthday presents while I was out there last month, but I still got an adorable little parcel of goodies from Boomf, yay!

As for today though, I started with breakfast in bed – although I had to get out of bed to make it – which was chocolate chip brioche and Nutella, and is it really your birthday if you don’t eat cake for breakfast?

birthday breakfast in bed

boomf cake

With my family at work, I spent my morning FaceTiming New Zealand in bed; I’ve got a stinker of a cold coming on so I wrapped myself up in my new cosy jumper from French Connection and ordered Wagamamas for lunch thanks to Deliveroo!

Wagamamas deliveroo

I’ve been spoilt rotten by my family, with the absolute greatest surprise being what will no doubt be my birthday and Christmas present for the rest of my life: the Lego Disney Cinderella Castle!

Birthday presents 2016

Also a huge thank you to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday on social media, and especially to those that gave me the amazing present of 150 followers on Bloglovin and 1000 followers on Instagram, both of which I hit yesterday! Big love to you all ❤

Here’s to another year!

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Lottie Does Europe: It’s My Birthday!

So if you didn’t already know from the millions of times I’ve mentioned it, today is my 21st birthday, and I am spending it in a magical place: Disneyland Paris!


Today has been totally filled with magic, from finally getting to open the beautiful birthday present that I picked out in Tokyo back in July (a Samantha Thavasa purse), to breakfast with Mickey and all the extra magic that has happened today.



We had reservations for breakfast at Cafe Mickey this morning, where the family surprised me with a birthday cake which was brought out by Dale and Mickey, who sang to me(!!!), before we headed into the parks for our extra magic hours. After skipping down Main Street, we hit a few of the rides that were open, although many weren’t that early on in the day. Top of my list after 10am was Indiana Jones, which was closed for refurb until today – bonus! After a few more rides we decided to head over to Walt Disney Studios Park, stopping at City Hall to make dining reservations: Bistrot Chez Remy for lunch, Blue Lagoon for dinner, and Walt’s for lunch tomorrow.




We headed straight to lunch once we were in, and had an incredible meal in Chez Remy; I couldn’t believe how perfectly themed it was! As we were there, we decided to get in the queue for Ratatouille, as it had just reopened after some technical difficulties. There were, however, several more ‘technical difficulties’ (including a protein spill!) during our wait, but we held out and eventually after about an hour and half we were in!



By that time, it was getting close to our dinner reservation, so we caught the last Moteurs, Camera, Action! show, before going back into the Disneyland park for Blue Lagoon dinner. For me, there is nothing better than a restaurant set within a ride! Again, we had amazing food, and thoroughly stuffed, we decided to hit the shops and Disney village, before going back to the hotel room for a little while. This decision was also made because when we had checked in the day before, the lovely CM at the front desk gave me and my sister one of their special vouchers for a free pin each, as a treat for my birthday.


After 5 minutes peace and quiet, it was time to get back into the Disneyland Park to do a few of the more popular rides that had had longer queues earlier in the day: Phantom Manor, Star Tours etc, before scoring ourselves a perfect spot to watch Disney Dreams; all the way through this time, as yesterday our dinner booking meant we left early.

Its safe to say its been magical! Happy birthday me!


Lottie Does Europe: I’m in Disneyland Paris!

Just a quickie for tonight boys and girls!


Today I made the stupidly long drive from Mont St Michel to Paris, to collect my parents and sister from the airport, before heading down to this magical place!

We’re staying at Hotel New York, so after checking in we took the short stroll into the park, just in time to catch the parade, and also a few rides and an explore before Disney Dreams. I definitely think DLP has the most beautiful castle!

After Disney Dreams we grabbed dinner in the hotel (an all you can eat buffet was just what I needed!), a quick cocktail in the bar, and now off to bed because TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!



Turning 21

There’s always a part of me that can’t believe I am where I am in my life, and two weeks from today I’ll be turning 21, whaa?!


A proper proper adult, none of this 18+ rubbish! I’ll be old enough to drink in America, rent a car here in the UK, and generally be classified as ‘in my twenties’, and its all kind of surreal really.

One thing about growing up is that I feel every year I discover myself a bit more; finding myself getting closer to the person I want to be, growing in confidence and getting my priorities right, and this last year has really been full of these discoveries.

In the last year I had my first ‘adult’ breakup. I decided that while I did love him, I wasn’t prepared to sacrifice the life I want for myself for the life I would have with him; our futures were heading in opposite directions and that was ok. We found peace in that, and parted ways on good terms. I’ve never come away from a breakup as calm and collected, and being so ok with being single for a little while, and its been such a nice change.

I know that I want to be a career girl. Turning my business into a full time job is my absolute dream, and I’m prepared to work my socks off for it. I’ve done a lot of the ‘behind the scenes’ work in the last 6-8 months, and I know that 2016 is going to be the year I make it happen, especially with such an amazing support group. When I decided I didn’t want to go to university, I was naive in believing that my business would blossom into something in my first year out of school, but next year lines up nicely with the time that all my friends will be graduating, and therefore their 3 years of higher education will link nicely with my 3 years of real life.

The last year has seen a significant change in my fitness. Running and going to the gym has become a key part of my weekly schedule, and the changes have been really noticeable; I’m more confident in myself and my body, and with a few more changes I’ll have a body to be proud of.

I like to think I’ve really flourished as a blogger, and my confidence on social media has rocketed. I love writing and sharing with like-minded people, and its thanks to LottieDoesDisney I’ve made such wonderful friends, both here in the UK and in the wider world, who I am forever grateful for.

I’ve learnt that there are times for spoiling, as well as times for saving. I loved taking the family to Disney on Ice for Christmas last year, and I hope to continue being able to treat them whenever I can. I’ve also discovered its ok to spoil myself once in a while; I work hard to earn a treat every once in a while.

I’ve grown so much as a person in this last year, and I like to think that I’ve become a better person for it. So here’s to another great year!

(Oh, and in case you’ve read this and thought ‘wow, how mature’ (unlikely but still), I’ll actually be celebrating my 21st birthday in Disneyland Paris so let’s not get carried away)