How I’ve Been Growing my Bloglovin’

How I'm Growing Bloglovin

I don’t know about you, but I find it kinda annoying when bloggers write about how to blog. I mean, unless there’s some really great advice in there (or anything Corinne writes as she’s a blogging queen), I’ll just skip straight past them, and if I see them pop up on my Twitter feed, chances are they won’t even get a click. I think what I’m trying to say, is that this post isn’t really about giving advice, its just my account.

Bloglovin was something I only got maybe a year or so ago, and I quickly lost interest as I found I just wasn’t gaining any followers, which is particularly disheartening when you scroll past pages and pages of bloggers with hundreds of thousands of followers. Naturally, I couldn’t be bothered to waste my energy on promoting it, but in recent months I’ve picked it back up, and have been amazed at the results of a little more effort!

So what have I done?

I follow back

I promise a follow back for anyone who follows me, and I stick to it. Everyone who follows me gets a follow back, and as well as this growing my following, it provides an incentive for other bloggers to grow theirs, and also gets some fresh posts in my feed

Finding new blogs

As well as a blanket policy of following everyone who follows me back, I’ve actually made a lot of effort to hunt for bloggers to follow. I check my ‘recommended blogs’ every week, and as much as possible follow blogs with fewer followers so I can read more smaller blogs and help others to grow!

Sharing my link

I’ve gone back to scheduling tweets about my Bloglovin account, especially when I’m closing in on a milestone, but in general it just gets the word out there! Also when I see other bloggers asking for links, I’m not afraid to send mine like I used to be!

Asking for links

As part of my hunt for new blogs to follow, I’ll often tweet out asking for people to send me their links. Sometimes I assume I’m following blogs on there, only to find I’m not, and this way, I can ensure I’ve got as many of my favourite bloggers in my feed as possible.

While my following may not be as amazing as other bloggers, I’m really proud of how far I’ve come in the last year – I mean, I don’t even think I had 50 at the beginning of the year! A little bit of hard work is really paying off, and I can’t wait to hit my next milestone!

If you’re on Bloglovin, drop me a link in the comments so I can follow you!

Twitter / Bloglovin / Instagram

Tokyo Disney Giveaway!

You guys, I am SUPER BUZZED.

Its now only 30 days til I leave for Tokyo, and not only am I crazy excited myself, I’m loving the fact that so many of my lovely Instagram, WordPress and Twitter followers are so excited for me; it honestly blows me away how many people have said they hope I have a great trip, and how many people have offered to help with planning and recommendations etc. You guys are amazing!

And that’s why I really want to give back to all these lovely people, so I’m planning not one, not two or three, but potentially FOUR giveaways! Yep, four opportunities to win!

So here’s the deal: its all about my followers. If I can hit the following numbers before my trip, then each platform will have its own giveaway which will go live when I get back from my trip, so all you need to do for now is follow me before July 10th, then sit back and wait until the 20th when I’ll be posting how you can enter, and more importantly, the prizes!

WordPress target – 200 followers

Instagram target – 300 followers


Twitter target – 100 followers


Bloglovin’ target – 50 followers

Get following, and stay tuned for more!


LottieDoesDisney 2015

Well folks its been quite a year!


2014 saw the first anniversary of the blog, and most importantly my Disney World trip in August, on which I’ve based all my newly posted tips, secrets and reviews! I know the last month or so has been more Disney World posting and less of the lighter blog stuff, but I really wanted to get it out of the way so I can focus more on my weekly posts in 2015.

First and foremost, I cannot thank my wonderful readers and followers enough for taking time to look through the site; in the last few months readership has been booming and it puts such a smile on my face! After all, I don’t spend hours researching and writing just for my own pleasure.. Well, maybe a little!

So here’s my 2015 blogging plan:

I’ll be dedicating each week to a Disney film, and posting my usual pieces on my usual days (occasionally I let work or personal life get in the way of this, I’m only human). They are:

– Fashion Fix Tuesdays – outfits, makeup, nail art etc

– DIY Wednesdays – crafts and fun activities for all

– Foodie Thursdays – recipes and other delicious ideas

– DisneySide Saturdays – a day I set aside for any random musings of mine

And I’m hoping that I might be able to squeeze in an introduction to each week on the Monday.

I’m really going to be making an effort to keep up to date with posting, and of course I’ll be adding in all sorts of extras along the way! I’ve yet to decide whether films will be running in chronological order throughout the year, but that’s how I’ll start off.

I cannot wait for another magical year in 2015, with at least one Disney trip in the pipeline already, and I’m so excited to be sharing it with my lovely readers and followers! I’ve recently listed on Bloglovin’, so if you’re a user please head across and follow me there. There’s also an option down the sidebar for you to follow the blog directly via email, and of course you can keep up with us on Instagram @lottiedoesdisney

Love, hugs and pixie dust!