Caribbean Beach Resort

I’m FINALLY getting round to writing my review of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, a whole 9 months after our stay!


Caribbean Beach is basically bang-slap in the middle point of Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Downtown Disney, so after a late night in the parks, or exploring the nightlife of Downtown, you can enjoy the bonus of a short bus ride back to bed, but it does mean its quite a long haul to and from the Magic Kingdom!

It does, however, mean you are lucky enough to be able to catch the fireworks from both Epcot and Hollywood Studios from pretty much anywhere around the lake, and pretty much all of the many swimming pools!


The resort is centred around Barefoot Bay, a huge lake surrounded by beaches and palm trees, and the rooms are split into six villages, each representing a different Caribbean island, and each with their own swimming pool at the centre, and own stop for the buses into the parks.

The resort’s reception is actually a little way away from the rooms themselves, on the other side of another small lake, so a bit of a trek for those staying at the other side of the resort, but there is an internal shuttle bus that runs around the outer rim of the resort.

The main hub of the resort is Old Port Royale, with its many food counters, souvenir shop, guest services and table service restaurant: Shutters. Just outside of Old Port Royale is the main swimming pool of the resort, equipped with towers and slides, perfect for families!



We stayed in a standard room, which was nice enough considering we didn’t spend much time in our rooms at all. The rooms are equipped with a fridge, which was great for keeping snacks and drinks in, and there were two sinks, ideal for families.

If I’m being totally honest, I was a little disappointed with Mousekeeping.. When we first arrived there were no toiletries in the room, and it took a few calls and about a day and a half before this was rectified.



Old Port Royale has a number of food counters, serving a selection of food from snacks to burgers to pizza to burritos, and a great range of breakfast options.



As well as the seven swimming pools around the resort, there are endless activities on offer from evening movies by the pool and campfire marshmallow toasting, to bike rentals and pirate adventures. The path around Barefoot Bay is 1.2 miles for a scenic stroll or jog, and some of the beaches have volleyball facilities.


Overall pros:

°o° At the lower end of the Moderate resort price range, its great value for money!

°o° Its pretty magical being able to see fireworks from the swimming pool!

°o° Close proximity to Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Downtown Disney

°o° Great facilities for families with small children, especially with every room having a nearby pool

°o° Beautiful scenery and design!


Overall cons:

°o° Its a large resort, so lots of walking to get around!

°o° Quite a long trip to and from the Magic Kingdom

°o° For a large resort, its often very busy and buses can be very crowded!


Day 1: A Very Long Day

I am not a morning person, not in a million years. For Disney, however, I can make an exception.

Alarm goes off 5.15am GMT, rush around doing the last of the packing and sorting the house before piling into the car for the 2.5 hour car ride to the airport.

Lots of waiting in queues and sitting around before boarding our plane at about 10.30ish for an 11.15 departure.

We felt pretty excited to be travelling Virgin Airways from previous experience well in the past, but man were they a let down! While the entertainment system was fairly decent and the films weren’t awful, the food was. I know plane food isn’t highly rated but this was a real poor effort..

With the majority of passengers being families travelling to Disney, you’d expect kid friendly meals, right? Nope. Beef chilli, chicken in some form of a sauce with liquid mash potato, or mushroom pasta as a veggie option. Our girls aren’t fussy, but the poor things hardly touched it.

But who cares?! Its Disney time!

Once past security, baggage claim etc, we simply skipped on down to the Magical Express bus terminal at the airport, hopped onto a bus, and about 25 minutes later arrived at our home for the next two weeks: the Caribbean Beach Resort!

For a big group of us, with some complex arrangements, the girl who checked us in was lovely; explaining everything clearly without patronising, got us celebration buttons and even arranged for our rooms to be moved closer to each others before bring out our Magic Bands..


From there we got dropped to our rooms, did some settling in and exploring before The Disney Fairy visited to deliver goodie bags for everyone (see here), and as our bodies were set to around 10/11pm GMT, while it was only 5/6pm EST, went to grab some noms at the resort food court and test out our dining plan!

Wow. Quick service meals are huge.

For one QS credit, I got:


8 large chicken nuggets and a decent portion of fries, a bottle of Fanta and a Monkey Cupcake, as well as filling up my refillable resort mug!

By this point the girls were itching for a swim, so after a quick twilight swim (the resort is gorgeous!) we called it an early night: 8.30 EST, 1.30 GMT and body clock, bringing us to the end of our 20 hour day!

To top it off, while I’ve been writing this I’ve been darting in and out of my room because you can see the fireworks from just over the pool 🙂

Tomorrow we hit the parks hard, starting with the Magic Kingdom! °o°