Friday Favourite Five – Cutie Handbags

I don’t think its much of a secret that I’m a bag addict..

Today I’m dipping into my collection to share a few of my slightly less practical but more adorable favourites!

Skinnydip Milk Carton

Skinnydip Milk Carton bag

This one is so cute! Yes, its not always the most practical, but its shape actually means it can hold more than you might think! Also the top is magnetic, which is great.

Asos Party Ring shoulder bag

Asos Party Ring bag

This is my go-to night out bag; big enough for my makeup, phone, keys and a small purse, and um, its a party ring!

Daisy Street Shell clutch

Daisy shell clutch

Another night out favorite of mine because its so sparkly! It also has a little wrist strap and is pretty roomy.

New Look Doughnut clutch

New Look doughnut clutch

A doughnut the size of my face? Yes please!

Monki Watermelon clutch

Monki watermelon clutch

Watermelon = summer to me, and I can’t wait to use this bagboy (no, not a typo) more when then sun comes out!

What do you think then, huh?

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Clutch Loving

Any bag addicts in the house? *raises hand slowly*

I’ve always been a bag girl, going back as far as I can remember, and I’ve made a real effort in the last few years to clear out a lot of the collection I’ve hoarded since I was 11/12. With that in mind, I felt it only fair that, as an ‘adult’ now, I’m allowed to build up a slightly more grown-up collection of bags, and top of the list for ‘adult’ bags is the clutch.

While not practical for every occasion, a clutch is the perfect accessory for a night out, weekend stroll, lunch date; those times you just need somewhere to keep your phone and keys. The right clutch can make a good outfit great, and I’ve been building up a sweet little collection of them that are a little more ‘out there’..










Pretty dreamy collection, right?

Glitter Shell by Daisy Street on Asos

Ice Cream by Daisy Street on Asos

Banana by Monki on Asos

Watermelon by Monki on Asos

Doughnut from New Look (now unavailable)

Cloud from Asos (now unavailable)