Blogging Things I’m Bad At

A little while back I wrote my blogging confessions, and this is sort of a follow up to that, y’know, a little tongue in cheek, take the micky out of myself sorta thing that you know I love to write..


Yup, a pretty big one right? The fact is, I know very little about it (yes, even after 3 years of blogging), and because I blog more for fun that the big statistics, some of the time that goes into working on my SEO goes into other stuff instead.

Twitter chats

I am forever wishing that I took part in more blogger chats on Twitter, but I either forget when they are, or don’t have the time, or I end up getting really shy and decide to give them a miss. I’m determined to change this though!

Scheduling tweets

I do try and keep my Buffer profile topped up at all times, but there have been a few occasions where I suddenly remember that I’ve not had any tweets going out all day. I also really hate doing it, and rarely schedule more than a few days in advance if I don’t need to.

Checking notifications

When I’m at work, often I just skim over my notifications on Twitter and Instagram, so on occasion I miss out on some replies or new followers. If I ever don’t reply or follow back, this is normally the reason, I’m not one of those bloggers who’s too big for their boots to even like your reply!

Replying to comments

I do read all the comments you lovely lot read on my posts, but I do often forget to reply at the time, please don’t hate me!

I guess no one’s perfect, right?!

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My Christmas Confessions

That’s right, I’m back with another confessions post! Its been a little while since I’ve done one of these, and all my pent up self-mockery is just dying to get out, and now we’re in December, its totally fine to start talking about my favourite time of year: Christmas!

1. I don’t like Elf

The so-called quintessential Christmas movie does nothing for me. In fact, I’d never even watched it until about 2 years ago, when my then-boyfriend was so upset by the fact I’d never seen it that he forced me to one day. Nah, I don’t see the hype..

2. I normally have all my Christmas presents bought and wrapped by the end of November

This year being the first exception in a long time, but as there are a lot of family birthdays in October/November time, I like to be prepared and spread the cost!

3. I don’t like mince pies

Yuck yuck yuck!

4. I also don’t like Christmas pudding

Or Christmas cake..

5. Also brussel sprouts


6. I still love tracking Santa

Ever since I was a kid, every Christmas Eve we’d go onto the NORAD Santa Tracker to keep an eye on where in the world he was stopping, and I’m not even ashamed to admit that I still do this at age 22.

7. I’m rubbish at sending Christmas cards

Last year was the first time in years that I’ve actually sent out Christmas cards, and to be honest I’m not even sure I’ll do it this year because effort. Soz guys

8. I think people who put glitter in their Christmas cards are the devil’s spawn

There’s always someone who thinks its cute to empty a tub of glitter into the envelope with their card. You open the envelope, chaos ensues and they’re struck off next year’s card list.

9. I take so much pride in my present wrapping skills

Every year I decided on a wrapping scheme, there’ll be ribbon involved and I make my own gift tags and everything. I’ll also normally end up wrapping my sister’s and mum’s presents for them too, but I don’t put in as much effort..

10. I buy a lot of my own Christmas presents

Its the easiest thing to do, especially when it comes to my grandparents. My gran actually prefers it that way, she just gives us a budget and waits for us to produce something that she can take away and wrap up. Its a win win the way I see it!

11. I don’t actually own a Christmas jumper

Shock horror, right? I have this little cute cropped jumper, but its not exactly a traditional Christmas jumper, but really they just don’t do it for me..

12. I basically just transform into a little elf

Making Christmas magical is my calling in life, I just love it ok?

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My Travel Confessions

I was born with the travel bug, and I’ve been super lucky to be able to indulge my wanderlust frequently ever since, so I’ve got almost 22 years of confessions to share with you lovely lot today, uh-oh!


If I’m nervous about having to order in a different language in a proper restaurant, sometimes I’ll just find a McDonalds

I did this more than I care to mention on my European road trip, partially due to fast food cravings and cheaper meals for my tight budget, but mainly to save myself the embarrassment of cocking up an order in a language I’m barely proficient in

I also love hotel room picnics

This is something we’ve always done as a family; I have memories of us hitting up 7/11s or Walmarts and getting the weirdest selections of snack food known to mankind before going back to our hotel and pigging out while playing card games.

I rarely bother to learn the language

I’m the worst. I might learn hello and thank you, but really if I try any harder than that I just make a fool of myself

I don’t place my bags in the overhead compartment

I’m a strictly under the seat in front of me kinda gal. I’m not being difficult – it always fits – its just that if I’ve packed something in my hand luggage, 9/10 times its because I want to be able to have it with me for the journey, so what’s the point in putting it over my head, then annoying everyone around me to get it down?

I think four wheeled suitcases looking stupid

You know those ones that people wheel along next to them and it remains upright? I just think they look silly.

I go mad on a breakfast buffet

If a hotel has a buffet breakfast, I will get my money’s worth out of it. I’m talking 2/3 courses of breakfast..

I will never not be a little nervous going through airport security

I’m just terrified of a Bridget Jones moment where unbeknown to me I’ve been smuggling something illegal without realising it. I’m exaggerating of course, but I once had an incident with a forgotten pen knife and it was mortifying.

I can be a brand snob

Unless I’m really strapped for cash, I’ll generally choose a better known company over a smaller, cheaper equivalent – especially with flights! I know that a plane is a plane, but I’d rather pay a little bit more for Virgin or BA, instead of taking a chance on a budget flight.

Duty Free doesn’t bother me that much

I know loads of people who get so excited by the thought of shopping duty free at the airport, but I tend to just march through without so much as a second look, unless I’m looking for something specifically.

Do you want to confess anything?

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My Beauty Confessions

I’m back again for another monthly rendition of confessions, yay!

I hope everyone else likes these posts as much as I do, its so therapeutic writing them and I really do love a good bit of banter with myself. If I make myself laugh that’s all that matters right?

My Beauty Confessions

Quite often I really fail as a girl, and beauty is an area where I would consider myself to be pretty weak, and I don’t mean that in a ‘I’m not pretty’ way, I just mean that I’m generally quite unskilled in terms of makeup and sometimes I don’t brush my hair. Ready? Let’s confess!

Foundation is the biggest faff

Finding one that matches my skin, then bothering to blend it out and make sure I didn’t miss the random bits by my temples that I always seem to forget about. Just ugh, my skin is ok enough..

Sometimes I clean my brushes with micellar water

Or a makeup wipe. I know its probably really bad and its only ever a quick fix, but it just makes my life easier to give them a quick rub and dry and be on my way again.

I only started bothering to do my brows a few months ago

And I still don’t do them often. Don’t get me wrong, I’m obsessive with tweezers so they’re always in pretty good shape, but going through the daily routine of filling them in and making sure they’re balanced (they never are, just FYI) can all be too much sometimes

I’m useless with concealer

I feel like this is the one thing that everyone should be good at if nothing else, but I just seem to highlight the dark circles under my eyes rather than covering them. Please someone teach me.

I don’t own a single lip liner

Considering I am a perpetual lipstick buyer, this one’s a shock to a lot of people. Lipstick and lip balm are absolute staples of mine, but I generally won’t buy anything else lip related.

I also don’t own a black eyeliner pencil

Liquid liner, yes, but pencil? Nope! I probably have every other colour under the sun; I tell people I went through a phase of only wearing coloured eyeliners, which is a lie because I never grew out of it and still do to this day..

Sometimes I use highlighter on my whole face

To be specific, my Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights highlighter. It makes me feel sparkly.

I don’t use primer

I rarely use any product on my face

Most of the time I put on makeup, its just for funsies

Sometimes I just sit and put on makeup, then take it all off again. Quite honestly, I need the practice.

If its late and I’m tired/drunk, I won’t take my makeup off before crashing into bed

And in the morning, I’ll often just patch it up to make myself presentable rather than taking it off. Classy, right?

Ok, I’m ready to be banished from girl world now..

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My Gym Confessions

Its that time of month again; the time where I spill some of my little life secrets in the hopes of entertaining my lovely readers! I love a good bit of tongue in cheek.

We all know that some of the biggest cliches that resonate worldwide are those found on the gym floor, and pretty much everyone and their mother claims to have a membership somewhere, even if they use it once in a blue moon, so hopefully I won’t be alone in some of these!

I skipped the induction session

You know that half an hour they expect you to book in so that they can walk you around and point out what things are while you ignore them and end up just as clueless as you were at the start. Yep, I figured it was pointless..

I’m still a little nervous in the free weights area

It doesn’t stop me going there – I mean, when a girl’s gotta lift, a girl’s gotta lift – but I do make my visits swift when there’s lots of other people there, and if I know I’ve got a bit of an audience, I’ll stick to things I know rather than making a fool of myself

If anyone shoots me a dirty look while I’m working out, they instantly go in my bad books

I don’t care that I don’t know them. There’s this one girl at my gym who gives me shade all the time, and one time she put all her stuff over the mat that I was working on – as in, I was actually sat on this mat and she still didn’t care and took up half of it, come on! – and I genuinely have started trying to avoid the times she’s normally there.

That being said, I give some people major shade

Hypocrite, I know, but if you’re trying to take a selfie on a machine, or are the middle aged creep attempting to seduce young girls while you’re sweating buckets on the rower, I’m gonna shoot the odd dirty look your way. Also if you’re not wiping down your equipment, gross.

I can’t work out with other people

With the exception of my PT Steph, I don’t think I could ever do a workout with a buddy. I’m happy to go to the gym with other people, but after we walk onto the floor its everyone for themselves!

I hate going on equipment right after someone else has used it

Not because I think its gross, but I’m always worried that they weren’t finished using it or that they might think I was waiting to pounce on it as soon as they’d finished.

Eye contact makes me super uncomfortable

I’m flattered that you want to stare at my while I’m getting sweaty, but if I look up and our eyes meet then its just a little weird.

Damn right I’m proud of what I can achieve

When you catch me looking pretty smug or increasing my weight, you bet I’m feeling pretty great about it. I’ve come a long way and I’ve worked hard for what I can achieve now.

Go on, drop me a confession in the comments!

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My Running Confessions

I’m loving writing confessions posts, can you tell?


I still feel a little bit weird calling myself a runner, but the fact is I’ve been training properly for almost 2 years now, which means I’ve got two years worth of confessions to make! As per usual with my confession posts, this is all in jest, but the confessions are true!

1. My first pair of running shoes were a fluke

When I bought the first ‘proper’ pair of trainers for running in, I just went into a Nike outlet store and picked a pair I liked the look and feel of. No testing, no assessing my stance or gait, I just put them on and bought them. Looking back, I was so fortunate to be that lucky; those were the shoes I ran my first 5K, 10K and half marathons in.

2. I only started using a GPS this year

I used to plan all my routes on Google maps to get the distance right. My dad’s always had a GPS watch, so I’ve relied on him too, but it was only in January that I bothered to start tracking myself, and I’m only using MapMyRun on my phone.

3. I’ve never used compression anything

Tights, sleeves, socks, whatever. I’ve not even dabbled in it.

4. I sometimes pause MapMyRun at traffic lights

Not always, but sometimes, and I definitely think more runners do this than admit to it!

5. I hate running in summer

Everyone always thinks that the summer is perfect for running, but I can’t stand it. Its hot, the sun gets in my eyes and it means either having to get up stupid early or running late in the day. Yuck.

6. I don’t have set intervals

When Dad and I were running the Star Wars half marathon back in January, we got talking to this guy about previous races and what not, and he asked us what our run/walk/run intervals are – you should have seen his face when we told him we just kinda made it up as we went along.. He actually didn’t talk to us anymore after that, ha!

7. I don’t like running in shorts

I just don’t trust them to not chafe, I’m sorry shorts.

8. Taping for every run seems ridiculous

When I developed knee problems at the end of last year and had to go to physio, I had to learn the art of taping in order to be able to do my January races while I was recovering. While it did help, it was a faff, and I can’t understand people using tape every single time they run..

9. Foam rollers aren’t as bad as everyone thinks

There’s a lot of hate for the foam roller, but they’re really not that bad if you ask me..

10. Dad and I make fun of people with crazy running stances

Yep, I’m bringing Dad in on this one so I don’t seem so mean.. And we don’t make fun of, we just comment on it because seriously, some people run in the weirdest ways. It doesn’t make them any less of a runner, and most of them are still faster than us.

Wanna fess up to anything?

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My Blogging Confessions

A little while back I wrote my Disney Confessions, and I had so much fun doing it that I thought I’d confess to more stuff, this time as a blogger!


1. I have never scheduled a tweet

Blogging 101 failed. Every single annoying promo tweet you see was actually typed out by me at the time and I hit the tweet button. I keep meaning to look into scheduling – I’ll have to for when I’m away in July! – but its not a priority for me right now!

2. I’m a little bit terrified of chats

Other than the Disney Blogger Chat on a Thursday night, I’m always just a little bit too shy to join in with other chats! I went through a period of doing some, but at the moment I’m struggling to find the time or confidence..

3. My marble background is grossly underused

For starters, its actually sticky back plastic on a piece of Contiboard, but actually I’m really not a huge fan of it! It works so beautifully for some blogs, but I’m more into bold and colourful tones!

4. I do 90% of my blogging under a blanket on my sofa

And probably wearing pyjamas. We all do that though, right?

5. Most of my photos are unedited

When I do edit them, its on a free bit of software that I’ve used for about 6 years because I’m too scared to try anything else

6. I don’t subscribe on YouTube

Quite honestly, I hardly ever use YouTube. When I see my favourite vloggers post new videos, I’ll watch them, but I’m not subscribed to any of them and I’m not even sure I have a proper YT account. I will, however, always share your pleas for subscribers!

7. I don’t have, or see the point of Facebook pages for my blog

I see Facebook and Twitter as very different things. I think Twitter is for promoting yourself, and Facebook is for keeping up with friends, and all I ever see is people complaining about how few likes they get on their Facebook page. Really, I would never read a blog I loved and think ‘oh wow, I must go and find their Facebook page’..

8. I bulk-shoot a tonne of photos for Instagram when the sun is out

Y’know, just in case it goes away and never comes back. Typically I’ll take maybe like 10-15 photos and save them for days when I don’t have anything better to post.

9. I don’t use spreadsheets

I see so many super-organised bloggers sharing their tips on blog-planning using spreadsheets and colour codes and I’m just sat here with a notebook and a pencil, ticking things off as I go..

10. I fangirl a little when amazing bloggers respond to me on Twitter

Even if they just like my tweet, its enough for me. Bloggers be amazing.

Got anything to confess?

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My Disney Confessions

Jumping on the Disney blogger bandwagon of confessing some of my more shameful secrets for my fellow fangirls in the hopes they don’t disown me and make me give back my Mickey ears..


I’ll start with just 10, and see if I’m still standing once this is all over, ha!

1. I don’t like Dole Whip – in fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever had one!

2. I really don’t see the point or appeal of collecting pins. Trading is kinda cool, but they’re so much money and they really serve no purpose..

3. Although I’ve done it before, I would never choose to stay offsite unless I was really broke. I just like being fully surrounded by the magic.

4. I’d rather be alone in the parks than drag around people who don’t want to be there. Embrace the magic y’all!

5. I’d rather watch parades than fireworks.

6. I hate it when Disney release merchandise WAY before a film comes out, and purposefully will not buy any until I’ve seen the film. I’m looking at you, Tsum Tsums..

7. I wish I could do Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach, but I know I’ll never have the nerve to do it!

8. I like Haunted Mansion, but I don’t get why so many people are obsessed with it. I guess I just don’t like spooky things..

9. I don’t see the appeal of Gaston – I mean I’d like to meet him one day, but I won’t queue for ages or fangirl over him.

10. Although they’re great in Florida heat, I don’t think I could ever spend an entire day at Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon. It just feels like a waste of a day..

Ok well that’s me.. What are your confessions?

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