Christmas cannot come soon enough now!

So despite the wrist fracture, I am super SUPER excited because this week I managed to get tickets to Disney On Ice at the O2 Arena!

I was desperate to get tickets a while back, only to be disappointed that there weren’t any available for any of the London shows (wah!), so when I found out an extra performance had been added I leapt at it. Challenge #1 was deciding who to take/how many tickets to get, and while my boyfriend kindly offered to come to keep me company, its not exactly his cup of tea..

Lightbulb! I knew straight away if I could get 9 tickets together, it would be the perfect Christmas present for the family; a day out in London, more magical Disney memories, much more meaningful that any physical presents I could get them – the girls have so much stuff!

What could be more magical on Christmas Eve?!