Disneyland Paris Day 1

Well gang, it’s been a little while but I am safely back on magical property! It’s been pretty much a year since I was last in Disneyland Paris, and being a fairly spontaneous trip I was super excited to get back, plus this will also be the longest DLP trip I’ve been on since I was a child, if not ever!

We’re staying offsite, so started the morning by getting the bus in, which was pretty exciting for me because I’m so used to walking in through Disney Village, rather than through the gates, so that was cool. We were both getting annual passes, so we had to go to the ticket booth first and then could skip the queue of people waiting for park opening and take advantage of what was left of early magic hours! We did Hyperspace Mountain and Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, then got to the annual pass office for when it opened at 10am to sort out passes out before getting breakfast at Market House Deli.

Fuelled up, we visited the dragon under the castle before going into Fantasyland and starting off with a teacup ride.

After teacups, we hit Its a Small World, Le Pays des Contes de Fees and Casey Jr Train all pretty much as walk ons, and then walked into Adventureland and queued for Pirates of the Caribbeans, which was surprisingly marked as an hour wait time, although we only waited about half an hour. It was then lunch time, so we went to Restaurant Hakuna Matata for chicken strips.

Right after lunch, we figured it wasn’t the best idea to go straight on a fast ride, but we got fastpass for Bug Thunder Mountain and then decided that as the wait time was 45 minutes we might as well get in line anyway – I’d forgotten how much I like BTM in Paris, so I have no issues at all doing it twice in a day! From there we went back to Fantasyland and queued to meet Mickey Mouse, and then as our little feet are somewhat out of practice from Disney parks, we went to the Disneyland Hotel to have a sit down and a drink in Cafe Fantasia.

Rested and recovered, we were back in the park and on our way back to Big Thunder Mountain for our fastpass slot – annoyingly it was at the same time as Stars on Parade so we’ll save parade for another day! After that, we did Indiana Jones as practically a walk on (does anyone else sometimes forget this ride exists?) and then went back out of the park to wander round the shops in Disney Village, and grabbed an Earl of Sandwich for dinner. We decided to get the shuttle back to our hotel inside of going back for Illuminations as Matthew was developing some pretty nasty blisters and we’ve still got three more days to get everything done, so we’re in no rush to squeeze it all in!

Tomorrow we’ll be starting off in Walt Disney Studios and seeing where the day takes us!

Friday Favourite Five – Rides at Disneyland Paris

I can’t believe its been over a month since I came home from my last trip to Disneyland Paris, where has that time gone?!

Disneyland Paris - Space Mountain

It was such a great trip, but a little different from my usual park visits as believe it or not, I only rode three rides in the two days I was there, so I thought today I’d share my favourite rides that I’m looking forward to doing more now I have my annual pass!

1. Crush’s Coaster

I love that there are no rides in any other park like this, which is probably why there’s always such a crazy long line!

2. Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop

This ride looks so tame from its appearance, but its actually a lot of fun! Plus you get a great view of the parks from the top!

3. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

Because I’m a lover of rollercoasters, but not overly keen on Space Mountain at DLP, Indiana Jones is a definite favourite of mine! I also love the queue, which sounds silly..

4. Pirates of the Caribbean

I just love Pirates of the Caribbean, its my fave in every park.

5. Ratatouille: The Adventure

Another ride with a ridiculous queue, but this ride is so cute and incredibly smart!

What are your favourite rides in Disneyland Paris?

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Friday Favourite Five – Disneyland Paris Restaurants

Today I’m sharing five of my favourite places to eat in Disneyland Paris! There’s a mixture of table and counter service, all of which serve some incredibly delicious food, because what is a Disney trip without way too much food?

Bistrot Chez Remy

1. Blue Lagoon

I love everything about Blue Lagoon: the setting, the food, the ambience.. Pirates of the Caribbean is always one of my favourite rides and I love that Disneyland Paris has a restaurant inside it like there is in Disneyland California, and the food is SO GOOD!

2. Bistrot Chez Remy

This is the absolute cutest restaurant ever. It really feels like you’ve been transported into Ratatouille, with every detail of the decor being so well thought out!

3. Walt’s

There is so much to love about Walt’s. Firstly, you’re on Main Street USA and if you’re sat by a window you can watch the world go by below you, and even catch the parades if you time it right! I also adore the decor; each room is themed to a different land of the park, but in such a classic way that its not glaringly obvious, but the little details really make it! Oh, and the food is to die for!

4. Earl of Sandwich

Ok, so this is in Disney Village and isn’t specifically a Disney restaurant, but OH SO GOOD

5. Hakuna Matata

We all love chicken nuggets, right? For a counter service restaurant, its a great size and there’s always seating available, and I love that there are healthy options available – even if I don’t always choose them!

Where are your favourite places to eat in Disneyland Paris?

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Spring Disneyland Paris – Day 1

You know when you’re scared you’re gonna miss your alarm so your up waking up super early? Yep, that was me.

Disneyland Paris Spring 2016

After grabbing breakfast at the hotel – classic continental, if you were wondering – we headed to the parks for extra magic hours. I say that but given that I didn’t have a ticket, first up I actually had to buy my annual pass. At the park gates, they just give you a temporary ticket to get it sorted in the park later on, and we headed in to get some of the early character meets. We were really lucky to get a short queue to meet Donald and Mickey together, which was such a nice interaction, then down Main Street for a load of classic castle photos, then went for a ride on Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast.

Disneyland Paris Merida

After meeting up with a few others, we headed to the Frontierland rope drop and went straight for Merida’s meet and greet. She was fab; all four of us had a really fun time and I got to twirl with her in my new tulle skirt which was magical! From there, Sammy and I decided to queue to see which Aladdin character would come out while the others went to queue for Peter Pan, but when we saw it was Jafar, we couldn’t really be bothered so we joined the others, although Eleanor, Laura and I slipped out for a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean before the meet started. It turned out to be Smee, but was fun nonetheless.

Now it was open, Eleanor and I went to the Annual Pass office so that I could get it all sorted and enjoy my new card and the discounts it brings, then we shot over to The Chapparal Theater for the first Forest of Enchantment.There was no way I wouldn’t love it, but I genuinely squealed and gasped at several points, as well as a few tears..

Disneyland Paris Peter Pan and Smee

Afterwards, Milly, Sarah and I went back to meet Wendy Darling and Smee, but after being a little later than planned, it was actually Peter which was ideal, although rude cast members rushed our meet. We then went back for a second instalment of Forest of Enchantment, where we strategically sat on an aisle where we knew Rapunzel and Flynn would walk by us.

I stayed with Sarah and Milly for most of the afternoon; we caught the bunny flash mob and Minnie’s Spring Train, then headed across to Walt Disney Studios park so that I could be dragged on Tower of Terror.

We actually had the funniest time on ToT; the cast member running our elevator stole Milly’s ears and gave her his hat in return, and it had us in fits of laughter for the whole ride. At this point we were starving so we grabbed some lunch at Disney Blockbuster Cafe before going back to Disneyland.

Disneyland Paris Disney Magic on Parade

There was a planned meet up by the castle for 4.45, so we just hung out there for a little while, then after the meet we all headed to a spot to watch Disney Magic on Parade – where we all screamed at Flynn Rider and had the cutest time seeing Peter Pan – before fighting through the crowds to get over to the last performance of Forest. Yes, three showings in one day, no, we don’t care.

Having a bit of time before our dinner, we went to watch the Welcome to Spring show, which I found a little underwhelming, but hey ho, then we said goodbye to Sarah and headed to Disney Village for our Cafe Mickey dinner.

Disneyland Paris Cafe Mickey

After a nice, but long meal, we split up again and Milly, Sammy and I went back into Disneyland park for Dreams. We managed to squeeze ourselves to pretty near the front during the pre-show, so had a great spot for the performance. It was magical – apart from shoving crowds – and being the only time I’d be able to watch it this trip, I really appreciated it.

Absolutely pooped at this point, we made the walk back to our hotels and I basically crashed as soon as I hit the pillow!

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Spring Disneyland Paris Outfits

Tomorrow I am off to Disneyland Paris, eeek!!

So obviously I have to share what I’ll be wearing on this little excursion of mine, right?

Donald Duck Disneybound

First up, I’m gonna be Disneybounding as my favourite duck in this white midi from Asos and blue crop top. The ears were made by the lovely Maggie from Elephant and Mouse, and are inspired by Philharmagic Donald, and they’re so fluffy!! I’ve also added a little extra touch of Donald with my mini bow from Mickey Waffles!

Mermaid Princess

I’m also going to be twirling around the parks as a mermaid princess in this amazing tulle skirt! The seashell crop top was on I snagged in the Missguided sale last year and I love it; I actually love everything about this outfit!

If you’re going to be in the parks Thursday-Friday, now you know what to look for!

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Lottie Does Europe: Another Disneyland Day!

Today has been all over the place, in most senses..

Once again we were up bright and early, this time grabbing breakfast at the hotel before making use of our early access to the Disneyland Park. I really wanted to do the carousel and explore the castle before it got really busy, so we did that and then headed over to the Studios Park in time for opening.




As soon as we got in we went straight for the enormous queue for Crush’s Coaster, which was mainly enormous because the ride hadn’t opened yet, but it was still about an hour wait.. 100% worth it – I loved it! After that it was Tower of Terror time; I have a total love/hate relationship with this ride due to being terrified of when the first drop will happen, and after that I’m fine! We then had just about enough time to squeeze in a Studio Tram Tour before going back into the other park for our lunch reservations at Walt’s.




Definitely a good choice! The food, yet again, was excellent, and we timed it fairly perfectly with the halloween parade starting just as we had finished, so we had a great spot. Few more rides hit, and feeling like we had done everything in the park, we hopped back over to the Studios to finish up over there, before taking a last wander through the shops in Disney Village, then back to the hotel to pick up the car.

See ya real soon Disneyland Paris!

After dropping the family at the airport, I started my journey towards Strasbourg, and currently am tucked up in a little motel just off the N4 for the night before I continue on in the morning!