Thoughts I Had While Watching Finding Dory

I hate how late I was to the Finding Dory party. I mean, I’ve obviously been looking forward to it since it was announced, but it had been out almost two weeks before I saw it!

And because I’m rubbish at writing proper film reviews, I’m gonna make like my¬†similar Zootropolis post,¬†and just share some of the things that popped into my head while sitting in the cinema – spoiler free!

‘That was just the cutest short ever’

I always love Pixar shorts, but I think that was definitely my favourite!

‘Oh the opening titles..’

Such a cute nod to the original

‘I need a baby Dory’

You can get one from the Disney Store, just FYI..

‘I too like purple shells best’

Shells in generally are just all so pretty

‘Kids these days are getting sassy’

Its true, and I like that they’ve reflected that

‘Dory is just so damn relateable’

I think we all feel a little Dory at times

‘I miss Monterrey Bay’

Please can I go back to California now?

‘Seriously, is Idris Elba in everything at the moment?!’

How does he have time to do his laundry between all these movies?

‘I want to join the cuddle party’

Sea otters are just so adorable

‘What would Dory do? are words to live by’

All life decisions are gonna be made this way now

‘I’m not crying, I’m not crying’

Follow the shells..

‘Holy carp!’

I found that way funnier than I should have done..

‘This is the funniest film I’ve seen in a long time’

I may even go as far as to say I enjoyed this more than Finding Nemo; I don’t know if that’s because I got all the jokes now being an adult, or because its been so hyped up and completely lived up to the expectations, but I think Pixar have gone and done it again!

Have you seen it yet? What did you think?

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