January Fitness Update

I know when January comes round, everyone starts declaring that this is going to be their best year yet, but for me, I am 100% determined to make it so, especially when it comes to continuing on my fitness journey.

And while I appreciate that its not something everyone’s into or wants to read, something that I find really motivating in pretty much every aspect of my life is statistics and figures – I’m forever in competition with myself, and I thought it would be something a little different for 2017 to post regulars updates to track my progress!

So how have the last 4 weeks looked? Thanks to my Fitbit Charge 2, here are the figures (as of this morning!):

  • Total steps: 343488
  • Number of runs: 7
  • Number of gym visits: 15
  • Fitbit goals hit: 24/28 days

Favourite meal of the month

I’ve been ever so slightly lazy with meal prep this month, but having an M&S round the corner from work meant I discovered their amazing Sweet Potato nourish bowl – full of yummy veggies and whole food goodness!

Favourite workout:

While I don’t imagine many people go on holiday and visit the gym, I had the most fun working out in the gym of Newport Bay Club Hotel in Disneyland Paris!

Workout soundtrack

I have been LIVING for the new Little Mix album, Glory Days. Its 100% girl power and sass and its been powering me through all my workouts this month!


I’ve had a few issues with my back this month, so I’ve been taking it fairly easy. Something that I made the huge mistake of doing last year was trying to push myself through injuries, so this year I’m working on taking time off when I need it, and not stressing about being away from the gym.


I earned my Helicopter badge on Fitbit for 500 flights of stairs, and I’ve also been working on a really exciting project which you’ll get to hear about next week (pssst, Wednesday!). I’ve not been focusing too much on measurements this month, just because its only January and I’m not worrying too much straight after Christmas.

What I will say, however, is that despite getting back into the swing of things straight after Christmas, I’ve been feeling really good this month, and I am already seeing the results of working hard again, and I can’t wait to see more!

Next month:

February is going to be quite a mixed month. While I’ll be away from the 20th, I’ll be running my first 10K and half marathon races of the year when I’m in Florida, so I’ll be training hard in the run up to going away, then relaxing the majority of time when I’m on holiday – y’know, when I’m not up at 3am to race.. I’m not setting any goals as such, just because I’ll be eating a tonne of Disney food haha!

I won’t do an update in Feb cos I’ll be away, so my next update will be in March, when hopefully I’ll have lots of great news to share with you! Oh, and keep your eye out for something new this coming Wednesday!

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