The Outtake Reel

I certainly hope that it doesn’t come as a shock to anyone when I say that I am not perfect. No one is, and that’s just life.

And despite being a blogger, someone who spends most of their time taking photos with the sole purpose of sharing them online, I don’t quite have the knack for being in those photos all the time. That’s an understatement: I am grossly unphotogenic at times, and that means that for every good photo you see, chances are at least 10 other photos were taken. And out of those many, many photos that get taken, a handful are on their own level of awkwardness.

Want to have a giggle with me? These photos are all completely unstaged and accidental, and with the exception of the first photo which my boyfriend edited for the lols, these are totally unedited.

Excuse me, I seem to have lost my chins, have you seen them?

This is what happens when my go-to pose involves putting most of my weight on one leg, and you’re on a rocking cruise ship..

Why doesn’t Rapunzel have as many problems with her hair as I do?

Oh, there my chins are..

I’m awkward, you’re gorgeous. Wait what?

Some imagination?

Oh look, Royal Friendship Faire is on!

‘Yes, but have you got ALL of this in the background?’

This is but a handful of the truly spectacular facial features that I am capable of, and as they’ll never see the light of Instagram, I hope you’ve had a good laugh at my expense!

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Things My Travel Disasters Have Taught Me

I always say I’ve had the travel bug from a young age. I was very lucky as a child that my parents took my sister and me to so many different places and I have experienced so much of the world already, and that need to see it all has never gone away.

Now in all my years of travelling, you wouldn’t expect that everything’s always gone 100% smoothly, and you’d be right, it hasn’t. There have been plenty of slight holiday malfunctions and mishaps over the years, but as a child a lot of these didn’t seem like problems – probably because my parents always did a pretty good job of covering them up – but in more recent years, my travel nightmares have led to a lot of discovery.

Even if you’re travelling hand luggage only, make sure its a suitable bag

This is a fun story from a year ago now. I went on solo trip to Disneyland Paris and after a wonderful weekend away I got to the airport to discover my flight home had been cancelled. The airline were nice enough to get my on another flight, but this was at a different airport which I had to get a coach to, and then after walking the entire length of the airport to the gate for the second flight, that one was also cancelled. Long story short, I spent the majority of my day walking back and forth through a huge airport, and the bag I had chosen for my weekend’s worth of stuff? A shopping bag, kinda like a bag-for-life/Ikea blue bag style thing with a little grab handle, so I couldn’t put it on my back or over my shoulder, and my hand hurt so much by the time I got home – 9 hours later than I should have.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from airport staff

On a flight to Japan, my sister and I had a VERY tight transfer time in Dubai, and by very tight I mean too tight. Thanks to a delay in our first flight, we wouldn’t have had enough time to make it to our next gate, so we did the somewhat sensible, someone stressed-fuelled thing to do and ran through the airport shouting for someone to help us. Well, we ended up on one of those little golf-cart things that the airport staff use and got shuttled right to where we needed to be, just in the nick of time!

Just because trains are reliable, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check the timetable

This is another Japan story. Japanese trains are the most reliable in the world; they so rarely run late that you actually need a note from the train company to take to work with you to prove it was actually late. Well we never experienced a single late train, but we did assume that all trains ran super regularly, when in fact the train to the airport only ran once an hour on the day we needed to take it, and we got there 5 minutes after a train had just left. Another mad run through the airport..

Set yourself a reminder alarm on any train journey

So I don’t know about anyone else, but when I’m super stressed out my body likes to shut down and make me sleep whenever the opportunity arises. Well this occurred once after I stressed about my Eurostar home from Paris being late once, and as soon as I got on the train, I fell asleep. Luckily, I kept my phone in my hand the whole time, and a friend of mine who was sat in a different part of the train had text me to ask if I was ready to run of the train at our connecting station, which woke me up, but had I not I would have missed it altogether and rode that train all the way to Brussels. Oops.

Always check the pockets of bags you haven’t used in a while

This is one of my favourite stories going back to when I was in secondary school. I was in cadets, and had used the same rucksack to take away on a cadet camp early in the summer that I used as hand luggage for a family holiday. It goes through the scanner and gets pulled for inspection, where the security guard asks if I would have anything sharp or metal to which I proclaimed that I just remembered that there were some safety pins I’d forgotten about that I would have had in there from camp. Well it turns out I also had forgotten about the pen knife that I took to camp, which the guard then pulled from my bag. Yep..

Well I certainly hope you’ve been entertained by my little cautionary tales, if you haven’t learned anything from them yourself! Have you ever had any major travel faux pas?

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My Disney Park Pet Peeves

Its no secret that I love a trip to Disney. Every trip, to any park gets me so excited to be back in the magic, but occasionally there some things that other guests do that grind on me a tad and today I’m gonna have a little vent.

Guest who give CMs complicated cameras

There’s nothing wrong with having a fancy camera, but if you’re going to give it to a cast member to take your photo, at least have it turned on and set up how you want it. One time I saw a girl give a CM her Instax mini, still in some weird complicated case, and the poor woman had to try and work out how to get into the thing, and then work out how to actually use it.

People who sit down in queues

My sister is the biggest culprit for this. Now I totally get sitting down if there’s been an announcement of some kind of delay, but if you’re in a line that’s moving steadily (albeit slowly), I don’t see any point – all that happens is that you have to stand up again every few minutes to move forward, or do an awkward butt-shuffle along the floor.

Smoking outside of designated areas

Yes, I’m looking at you Disneyland Paris.. Disney are nice enough to let you smoke in the parks, the least you could do is stick to the set areas, rather than doing it in every line or public area.

Ruining the magic

Just because you know that there’s someone beneath the fur, doesn’t mean you have to make sure everyone else knows. Hearing guests say things like ‘that’s a different Cinderella than the one we saw yesterday’ loud enough for every kid in the vicinity to hear is not cool.

Being rude to CMs

There’s nothing cool about rude to staff in any situation, and Disney is no exception. Cast members will always do whatever they can to help you, but they aren’t responsible for a long wait time, closed rides, or whatever it is that has annoyed you. I hate seeing guests who think that they can throw a tantrum over any little thing and get their own way, and hurling abuse at CMs is just disgusting.

Line jumping/saving

I have absolutely no issue with people needing to duck out of queues for a quick toilet trip, and I also don’t mind if you bring your kid into the line a little bit later because they’re not good at long waits, but nothing is worse than 5-6 people pushing through saying that they’re family are further down, when it was just one person saving a spot for the rest of the group.

Walking around in chains of 4+

There’s nothing wrong with being a big group, but if you’re all walking side by side and no one can get around you, just be a little bit considerate of those who might want to get passed.

Holding up your iPad

It crushes my soul a little bit when you’re trying to watch a show or fireworks, and you can’t see because everyone’s just holding up their phone and filming something that the majority of them won’t even watch back. This feeling is tenfold when there’s that one person who holds up an iPad..

Apologies if this has come across as a minor rant, but I’m sure we all have those little things that bug us! What are yours?

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Healthy Foods that I Hate

I wouldn’t classify myself as a bona fide fitness blogger, given that I dabble in a lot of different areas and often those other areas involve a lot of sugar, but I do often write about fitness, and a big part of my life is dedicated to my ongoing health and fitness journey.

Healthy eating has diversified a lot over the last few years. Its passed the point of a basic salad when you’re looking for a low-cal option, and a particular few food items have taken the world by storm as the latest and greatest in healthy ingredients. I, however, am starting to feel like a pretty poor excuse for a fitness enthusiast as there are a handful of these items that I cannot stand..


Probably the biggest food crazy in recent years, people have been going nuts for these green machines. Yes, they’re packed with all those good fats, but I can’t stand them and the more I see them appearing in food and the more I see people refer to them as ‘avos’, the more I want to smash them – and that’s not the put them on toast.

Coconut milk/water

I’m not a huge coconut person, but I have drank from a real, fresh coconut on holiday before and that was delicious. These new coconut water products, however, don’t taste anything like that in my opinion, and the milk isn’t much better. If I want a coconut flavoured liquid, I think I’ll stick to Malibu.

Almond butter

What is wrong with peanuts guys?? I like to occasionally snack on real almonds, but I can never have too many, and I can’t bear the thought of them smushed down and spread on anything because I just think its too much like marzipan and YUCK.


I’m not much of a fishy person, but I cannot stand salmon, especially smoked salmon. I’ve tried it a few times but the texture and the taste are just wrong in every way for me and I’d much rather stick to fish fingers to get my omega-3.


If I see another cake/brownie/dessert recipe using beetroot, I’m gonna go purple. I just don’t get what is gained from sticking a slimy vegetable into a pudding..

Are there any food crazes that you’re not on board with? I’d love to know if anyone shares my opinions!

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2016 Fads I Failed At

2016 Fads

Every year brings a new ‘in thing’ that we all desperately try our hands at, and either it becomes the best thing since sliced bread, or we sack it off quicker than a vegetarian with a new £5 note. (I hope any veggies laugh, that’s not meant to be mean I promise!).

This year has been no different to any other in bringing in more crazes than we know what to do with, but because we all know I love to make fun of myself, here’s a handful of the ones that I flopped at miserably.

Adult Colouring Books

Here’s the thing: I love colouring and have a bunch of books, and there’s a few more I’ve got my eye on, but I NEVER find the time to do it, and I also don’t find it at all relaxing! I think the books I have are way too intricate, and as I’m not particularly artistic, I could do with some simpler ones..

Bullet Journal

I loved the idea of bullet journalling, but I’ve started two this year and neither of them lasted very long.. I think the problem is that I already have a diary/planner that works very well for me, so having to put a lot of time into keeping a Bu-Jo pretty just didn’t really fit too well into my schedule.


For the first time ever, I made an attempt to contour my face. Yes, a single attempt. I either did a poor job of it (more than likely) or it just made no effect on my face (very unlikely), but the effort I put in to not look like Kendall Jenner by the end of it had me like MEH.

Pokemon Go

I love Pokemon, and I thought about downloading the app that’s caused all kinds of a stir across the world this year, but I just never did.. I’d love to get it for when I’m out running, but I think I’d get too easily distracted, and I’m really not that much of a gamer.

I know nothing about Honey G

I never watch X-Factor, but this chick seems to have caused a real stir on the scene this year. Can I be bothered to watch any clips of her? Nope.


Once again, this series hit the screens and everyone was buzzed for it, but I’ve never watched it before and I don’t really get it

Bottle flipping

I don’t know how this became a YouTube sensational craze, but I’ve had to sit and watch my cousins try it 50+ times and I don’t feel any need to attempt it.

Liquid lipstick

Now I know I can be a bit of a beauty dunce, but surely as soon as you put lipstick into a tube with a wand, its not really a lipSTICK anymore? The world seems to have fallen in love with them this year, but I’ve just been sticking to my real-stick faves

What are your favourite things to hit the scene this year?

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Christmas Presents I Don’t Like Receiving

Christmas Presents

I don’t ever like to be ungrateful, but I’m sure that everyone has those items that mean you’ve got to pull out that well-practiced false ‘thank you, I love it’ face while inside you’re thinking ‘WHYYY’, right?

So for Christmas giggles, here are mine:


I don’t have my ears pierced anymore, but when I did (and now I’m considering getting them pierced again), I was very particular about what I did and didn’t like – what I didn’t like being the majority of the ones I ever received. I appreciate the gesture, but unless you know me well enough, I’d love a gift receipt included..

Baking equipment

I do a lot of baking, and most people who know me know that. The problem is, I already have everything baking related under the sun, and I do not need another set of silicone cupcake cases thank you.

Generic bath sets

I understand the appeal of the Boots 3 for 2, but tiny bottles of nondescript shower gel and a loofer just end up being forgotten about, or stack up in the bathroom only to be used when travelling hand luggage only.

Christmas only items

It could be the cutest little Christmas gift, but to be honest I’ll just be sad that I won’t get to enjoy it for much longer before it has to go away for another year.


I love mugs, but again, I’m very particular with the mugs I like. I also have way too many..

Books I can’t read

You know those novelty picture books or kinda funny quotes or poems that you just know are gonna sit on a bookshelf gathering dust because you’ll flick through it once and never need to pick it up again – get me a book I can read!!

What presents make you wish they’d included a receipt?

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A Blogger’s Christmas Wishes

Blogger Wishes

Its that time of year; the time we put all our hopes into the wrapped goodies that appear in our stockings or under the tree. We’ve published our Christmas wishlists, written gift guides and dropped enough hints on Twitter about our favourite brands and products, so there’s no way we shouldn’t be getting some lovely presents, but what else might us bloggers be wishing for this Christmas? Cue tongue in cheek..

That all our Christmas presents are Instagrammable

Let’s face it, a pile of presents can give us Instagram photos for weeks on end, so if all our presents match our theme and are super pretty and rake in 100+ likes, that’d be fab.

And that we can write some killer review posts

Cos a stocking full of the latest beauty products can’t be forgotten about

To hit our end of year targets

If we manage to reach out Bloglovin follower goal by Christmas and with a week still left to the end of the year, then we stand a pretty good chance of surpassing it before the year is out

People aren’t too busy to keep reading our blogs

I always find my views tend to take a little dip at this time of year as people are busy with Christmas shopping or parties, so if we can maintain our daily view count, it will really be the most wonderful time of the year!

That we can come up with good New Years resolutions

And y’know, stick to them – cos once we publish that post we know our readers might keep an eye out throughout the year..

That all our blogger friend and followers have a lovely Christmas

While the rest of this post has been very much in jest, I think its safe to say that the most important thing that we all wish for at this time of year is that everyone else has as special a Christmas as we do.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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My Christmas Confessions

That’s right, I’m back with another confessions post! Its been a little while since I’ve done one of these, and all my pent up self-mockery is just dying to get out, and now we’re in December, its totally fine to start talking about my favourite time of year: Christmas!

1. I don’t like Elf

The so-called quintessential Christmas movie does nothing for me. In fact, I’d never even watched it until about 2 years ago, when my then-boyfriend was so upset by the fact I’d never seen it that he forced me to one day. Nah, I don’t see the hype..

2. I normally have all my Christmas presents bought and wrapped by the end of November

This year being the first exception in a long time, but as there are a lot of family birthdays in October/November time, I like to be prepared and spread the cost!

3. I don’t like mince pies

Yuck yuck yuck!

4. I also don’t like Christmas pudding

Or Christmas cake..

5. Also brussel sprouts


6. I still love tracking Santa

Ever since I was a kid, every Christmas Eve we’d go onto the NORAD Santa Tracker to keep an eye on where in the world he was stopping, and I’m not even ashamed to admit that I still do this at age 22.

7. I’m rubbish at sending Christmas cards

Last year was the first time in years that I’ve actually sent out Christmas cards, and to be honest I’m not even sure I’ll do it this year because effort. Soz guys

8. I think people who put glitter in their Christmas cards are the devil’s spawn

There’s always someone who thinks its cute to empty a tub of glitter into the envelope with their card. You open the envelope, chaos ensues and they’re struck off next year’s card list.

9. I take so much pride in my present wrapping skills

Every year I decided on a wrapping scheme, there’ll be ribbon involved and I make my own gift tags and everything. I’ll also normally end up wrapping my sister’s and mum’s presents for them too, but I don’t put in as much effort..

10. I buy a lot of my own Christmas presents

Its the easiest thing to do, especially when it comes to my grandparents. My gran actually prefers it that way, she just gives us a budget and waits for us to produce something that she can take away and wrap up. Its a win win the way I see it!

11. I don’t actually own a Christmas jumper

Shock horror, right? I have this little cute cropped jumper, but its not exactly a traditional Christmas jumper, but really they just don’t do it for me..

12. I basically just transform into a little elf

Making Christmas magical is my calling in life, I just love it ok?

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Fears of a Blogger

The Skinny Kitchen Bournemouth

I love bloggers, and I’m not just saying that because I am one. I’m saying it because they (or at least the vast majority) are a bunch of the funniest, most relateable people I’ve had the pleasure of reading the thoughts of. We all share the same obsession with social media, we all get excited by brand opportunities, and we all suffer from the same OMG moments; cue a classic tongue in cheek post about things we bloggers are afraid of!

Who will take photos for my outfit posts?

Can I ask my boyfriend to take them? How many times is too many times to drag my friend round with the promise of free food? Should I give up and risk another dodgy self-timer shoot? WHAT TO DO

What will happen when I move in with someone?

What if they don’t like all the blogging props and housewares that I’ve bought over the years? Will I have to get rid of them? Please don’t make me change my aesthetic..

Please never let my favourite products disappear

I’m currently spending my time trawling through Depop and eBay hunting down my favourite MAC highlighter that’s now been discontinued and I can’t cope with the thought of changing my makeup routine if I can never find a suitable alternative


Why is the sun not out all year round? What if I only have time to take blog photos in the evening? Great, now I’ve gotta change my Instagram theme..

What if YouTube takes over?

I can’t talk at a camera and I can’t edit video to save my life. The keyboard is my friend, please don’t let the written word be lost..

I really hope people like me IRL

I love all the people I’ve met through social media but what if I meet them in person and I do that thing I do where I get super awkward and weird and then they hate me

What are you afraid of?

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My Travel Confessions

I was born with the travel bug, and I’ve been super lucky to be able to indulge my wanderlust frequently ever since, so I’ve got almost 22 years of confessions to share with you lovely lot today, uh-oh!


If I’m nervous about having to order in a different language in a proper restaurant, sometimes I’ll just find a McDonalds

I did this more than I care to mention on my European road trip, partially due to fast food cravings and cheaper meals for my tight budget, but mainly to save myself the embarrassment of cocking up an order in a language I’m barely proficient in

I also love hotel room picnics

This is something we’ve always done as a family; I have memories of us hitting up 7/11s or Walmarts and getting the weirdest selections of snack food known to mankind before going back to our hotel and pigging out while playing card games.

I rarely bother to learn the language

I’m the worst. I might learn hello and thank you, but really if I try any harder than that I just make a fool of myself

I don’t place my bags in the overhead compartment

I’m a strictly under the seat in front of me kinda gal. I’m not being difficult – it always fits – its just that if I’ve packed something in my hand luggage, 9/10 times its because I want to be able to have it with me for the journey, so what’s the point in putting it over my head, then annoying everyone around me to get it down?

I think four wheeled suitcases looking stupid

You know those ones that people wheel along next to them and it remains upright? I just think they look silly.

I go mad on a breakfast buffet

If a hotel has a buffet breakfast, I will get my money’s worth out of it. I’m talking 2/3 courses of breakfast..

I will never not be a little nervous going through airport security

I’m just terrified of a Bridget Jones moment where unbeknown to me I’ve been smuggling something illegal without realising it. I’m exaggerating of course, but I once had an incident with a forgotten pen knife and it was mortifying.

I can be a brand snob

Unless I’m really strapped for cash, I’ll generally choose a better known company over a smaller, cheaper equivalent – especially with flights! I know that a plane is a plane, but I’d rather pay a little bit more for Virgin or BA, instead of taking a chance on a budget flight.

Duty Free doesn’t bother me that much

I know loads of people who get so excited by the thought of shopping duty free at the airport, but I tend to just march through without so much as a second look, unless I’m looking for something specifically.

Do you want to confess anything?

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Ways I Fail as a Girl

I don’t know whether it was the massive tomboy stage I went through as a child, or the fact that I work on a team of all guys, but sometimes I feel like I really fail as a girl.

Ways I Fail as a Girl

This is weird, because I have a lot of girlish tendencies, but I guess no one’s perfect, and what’s the point of having imperfections if you can’t take the mick out of yourself for them, right?

I ladder 99% of tights on their first wear

I’ve actually given up buying nice tights, because I can guarantee the second I drop £10 on a pair they’ll get a ladder just looking at me.

I can’t do heels

I get major green monster syndrome when I see people kicking butt in heels all day without the need for blister plasters or 3 days of recovery afterwards!

I never buy perfume

It kinda just feels like an unnecessary expense, especially seeing as I work somewhere that I can only describe as dirty and smelly, so I’ll generally ask for it as birthday/Christmas presents if I’m in need.

My hair game is weak

A morning brush is pretty much all my hair will get in a day aside from washing. This is partially to do with the fact that I have very well behaved hair that doesn’t require much care and attention, but primarily due to laziness..

I use phrases like ‘sweating balls’ and ‘MATE’

I blame this entirely on my team at work. I’m definitely just considered to be ‘one of the guys’ and am treated as such, which I don’t mind in the slightest but it has done interesting things to my vocabulary.

I rarely enjoy going out to shop

Every now and then I’ll go out on a shopping trip, but I’m a serial online shopper. Next day delivery, no judgemental sales assistants and being able to do it in my onesie? Yes please.

I only watched The Notebook for the first time this year

Nicholas Sparks doesn’t do a whole lot for me. I’ve never read any of his books, and I’ve only seen a handful of the films based on them, and d’you know what? I didn’t really cry at any of them..

I never carry painkillers

Rookie mistake; I’m forever the person that has to ask around for paracetamol.

I’m not ladylike in the slightest

I’m clumsy, I spill things and I fart, soz..

Anyone else fail?

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Teenage Things I Never Grew Out Of

I’m not the only one still clinging to my younger years, am I?

I think our teen years are where we make a lot of choices that have defined the person we are today, whether it be the bad ones that we’ve become stronger from, or the good ones that have brought us to where we are today, and whether they were good or bad, the past can’t be changed and we can only look forward.

Me, aged 15

Me, aged 15

Going forward, however, we tend to bring our best (or at least favourite) things from the past, and there are certain aspects of my teenage life that I have never grown out of while transitioning into my twenties. (Side note: I’ve never felt so old than just now referring to myself as ‘in my twenties’ WHAT)

Pop punk

From the time I discovered my love of bands like You Me At Six, All Time Low and Mayday Parade, I basically lived in my own music bubble of only listening to ‘alt’ stuff that the other girls in my class had never heard of. I had no idea who was in the charts or what was playing on the radio – all that mattered to me was keeping my iPod filled with the latest from Lostprophets and Paramore, because omg Hayley Williams, and while these days I’m a lot more varied in my taste, I still love crashing around to loud electric guitar rhythms.

Plugging in

On a similar note, as a teenager I was rarely found without at least one headphone in; every car journey, break time, I even went through a phase of sleeping with them in! To this day I struggle to get out of bed without putting music into my ears; its like my equivalent of coffee, and I love dancing around the house in the morning.

Blue eyeliner

While I look back at a lot of my makeup mistakes from my teen years – hello Dream Matte Mousse foundation in a shade much more orange than my face – the decision to start wearing blue eyeliner is one I love my younger self for. Ok, I might have overused it a bit at times, but its become my signature thing.

Mirror selfies

Seven years ago I was taking them on a little digital camera because phone camera quality was poor, and it would be me and my girlfriends crammed in front of a mirror in New Look or Primark. Nowadays, my iPhone sees a lot of bathroom mirrors, but many of the same faces.

Cheesy noughties teen movies

Yes I still occasionally binge on Princess Diaries and A Cinderella Story and no, I don’t really care if you think that’s sad..

Talking in emojis

Remember back in the old MSN days where you’d save so many damn emoticons that every sentence you typed would have an accidental weird sparkly thing in the middle of it? Well I still tend to use emojis in practically every conversation, but they’re a little less tacky these days.

Would I go back and re-live my teens? Probably not.. But I think I turned out alright, don’t you?

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Adult Things I’m Actually Good At

Three years ago I left sixth form with a handful of A-Levels, the memories of my GCSEs, and a brain full of crazy ideas for what my life was going to be like now I was a proper grown-up throwing myself into the adult world.

Kikki K Planner

Well we all know that nothing can prepare you for that, right?

Sure I could write essays on psychology studies and perform a perfect chemical titration, but if you’d asked me mortgages work I would have quickly hidden behind a pile of stuffed toys and declared I was never growing up EVER.

Ok, so I’m still not 100% certain on some things, but recently I have been feeling like a slightly more competent adult, having become pretty good at a few important things.

Budgeting and Saving

This is something I’d consider to be one of my greatest skills; very rarely do I find myself scraping payday to payday, and when I do its probably because I’m saving for something super important. Generally speaking, if I want something, I will do whatever it takes to make it work, whether it be working 40+ hours or putting myself on a total spending ban.

Paying off my credit cards

So having three credit cards really makes me feel like an adult; its a little scary. Admittedly, two of them are joint, so I only really have two different accounts, but in over a year I have never missed a payment or amounted any interest that could negatively affect my credit score.

Food shopping

I like to think I’m pretty good at doing the food shop; I generally think in meals rather than just food, and my love of writing lists really comes in handy! Plus, being prepared tends to prevent panic buying and overspending.

Making appointments

Dentist, opticians, car MOT, chiropractor.. I like to make sure I’ve got everything booked in with plenty of advance warning!

Having a phone voice

While most people, including myself, dread phone calls from unknown numbers, I’ve always been pretty good at the polite phone voice that adults put on. My particular favourite is when someone asks to speak to *insert name here* and the response is ‘speaking!’.

Buying homeware

Ok so I still live at home but that doesn’t mean I don’t love going to IKEA or spending hours on Pinterest thinking about my future living space..

Are you good at being a grown up?

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FRIENDS Quotes That Are True To My Life

We all love FRIENDS, right?

I think a big part of the beauty of the show is that, despite the fact that its a totally made up story and no one in New York lives their lives like that, we all feel like the characters are living out big moments in our lives, and we can 100% relate to them. Well, this might be just me, but here are some quotes that hit the mark bang on..

‘I’m not good at advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?’

Unlike Chandler, I can give advice, but I’m much better at the sarcasm

‘Joey doesn’t share food’

Neither does Lottie..

‘I was so focused on being mad at you, I forgot what I was mad about’

I don’t think I’m the only person who’s been guilty of this before, am I?

‘Well maybe I got a little upset, and maybe I told them where they could go’

Working in retail, it’s a real struggle sometimes to make sure I only do this in my head..

‘No uterus, no opinion’

I’m the only girl in my team at work, and the guys never get it.

‘Welcome to the real world, it sucks! You’re gonna love it’

I went straight from school into the real world after choosing the non-university path of life, so I’m looking forward to my friends graduating this year and getting thrown in the deep end!

‘Oh I wish I could, but I don’t want to’

Me every time someone suggests a night out. How about sleep instead?

‘I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable’


This is only a handful of some of the golden lines from the show that I relate to WAY too much, but I’m sure we’ve all got some, haven’t we?

What are your favourites?

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5 Things All Girls Wish We Could Do

Who run the world? Queen Bey knows how it is.

Now we all know there’s no inferior sex in today’s world, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a few things we fantasise about being able to do..

1. Flick our hair like a Disney princess

You know, without taking someone out/getting a strand stuck to your lipstick/ending up in a backcombed mess, and having it fall back perfectly.

2. Pick a lock with a hair pin

We’ve all tried it, right? Spy movies have set the bar WAY too high.

3. Apply liquid eyeliner perfectly in a moving vehicle

I once witnessed a girl doing this, it was incredible.

4. Pee standing up

No more awkward squatting when we’re caught short in the middle of nowhere? Yes please.

5. Eat pizza everyday and still look like a Victoria Secret model

We want stuffed crust, not stuff jeans..

What’s on your list?

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Friday Favourite Five – April Fool’s Pranks

I wish I was funny enough to pull off an awesome April Fool’s day trick, but a) I struggle with not giggling and b) I’m usually the one falling for them. Waa.

But every year we all fall for some huge joke from our favourite big brands, and so I’m gonna share my top 5 from previous years!

1. Pizza Hut’s ‘Just Crust’ pizza

I think we all kinda wished this happened for real, but as the name suggests, Pizza Hut announced they would be releasing a pizza with no sauce, toppings, or even a centre. Yep, just crust..

2. Macmillan Green River Thames

To raise awareness for the cancer support charity, photos were released of the River Thames in a fairly lurid shade of green, and to be honest, I believed it for just a second.

3. Google Rickrolling us all back in 2008

That time every Youtube video linked up to the music video for ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ by Rick Astley and we all hated it. Just think, if they’d done that this/last year, vloggers everywhere would be loosing their minds..

4. Burger King perfume

The Japanese can be nutty at times, but I don’t think anyone would be mad enough to fall for a flame-grilled fragrance?

5. ASOS clip on man-bun

I don’t think this needs words..

Have you been pranked today?

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Am I an adult now?

Later on this year, I’m finally gonna be able to understand how Taylor Swift feels. 22..

I mean, I’ve been an official adult for over 3 years now, and an even more official adult for almost six months, but seriously guys, does it ever really sink in?

I have, however, already done some things this year that have made me feel like a bit of a grown up, so does that make me an adult now?


I bought health insurance

Ok, so I definitely don’t think I’m adult enough to get life insurance just yet, but I did decide in January that having health insurance would benefit me. Being blind as a bat since I was six, plus with all the injuries I sustain from running and inheriting the family bad ankles, knees, back etc, putting money aside each month for treatment actually does make sense. I’m now with Simply Health, and bought it through Top Cashback to get £42 back, as well as there being an offer for the first two months free, hello savings!

I threw out my underwear

I started the year by chucking out pretty much all of my underwear and buying new stuff. I’m not gonna lie, it was time. I kept one or two bras and the odd pair of pants that were fairly recently bought, but everything else went – all the poorly fitting push-ups and anything with holes or exhausted elastic. In doing so, I made the grown up discovery that the underwear my younger self thought was the best really wasn’t; sometimes comfort and support comes from undies you never thought about.

Saving money for my car

I’m super lucky to have my dream car already: a sunshine yellow Fiat 500, bought second hand two years ago. While in relatively good nick, she does need a few things doing, and while I haven’t got round to getting them fixed just yet, I have been putting money into my savings to cover the costs of the work.

I didn’t cry at a pet’s death

After coming back from America, I decided it was finally time for me to replace my beloved hamster Flynn who I lost back in October. Unfortunately, I chose a psycho hamster who didn’t cope with the stress of moving very well and sadly passed away after two weeks. Normally I’d have taken one look at the poor thing, burst into tears and called my mum to come and remove it, but not this time; I carefully scooped it up and dealt with it tear free.

Now where’s my medal?

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