5 Things All Girls Wish We Could Do

Who run the world? Queen Bey knows how it is.

Now we all know there’s no inferior sex in today’s world, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a few things we fantasise about being able to do..

1. Flick our hair like a Disney princess

You know, without taking someone out/getting a strand stuck to your lipstick/ending up in a backcombed mess, and having it fall back perfectly.

2. Pick a lock with a hair pin

We’ve all tried it, right? Spy movies have set the bar WAY too high.

3. Apply liquid eyeliner perfectly in a moving vehicle

I once witnessed a girl doing this, it was incredible.

4. Pee standing up

No more awkward squatting when we’re caught short in the middle of nowhere? Yes please.

5. Eat pizza everyday and still look like a Victoria Secret model

We want stuffed crust, not stuff jeans..

What’s on your list?

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Disney Goodie Bags

As I’ve mentioned before in my Pre-Disney Shopping post, the best way to save yourself time and money is to pre-buy souvenirs (whether it be before you leave for your trip or nipping out to the local Walmart or Target upon arrival), then surprise the kids with these little bits and pieces throughout your trip. This means that your little ones are less likely to want the ‘must-have’ park souvenirs which cost two to three times the price.

So I’ve put together a goodie bag for each of my girls, and the plan is to sneak them into their hotel room once we’ve arrived.

SONY DSCCute, right?

Expensive? Not at all. I spent about £15 on each, which includes the personalised drawstring bag and all the goodies inside.

Each bag is filled with little Disney goodies like notebooks, pencil cases, iPod cases and earphones, and also some park necessities such as glow sticks, water ponchos and mini fans, and none of these items cost more than a few pounds.


You can buy these bits and bobs in all sorts of places. Ebay is a great place to buy the more techie items like mini fans, flashing lights, earphones etc, and also a haven of personalised goodies, while places like supermarkets and bargain shops are ideal for stationery and accessories.


You might want to keep some goodies back to surprise them with throughout your trip, for example I’ll be bringing an enormous stash of glow sticks, and some flashing light toys to whip out for evening parades.

With 210 days to go (eeek!), I may yet add more goodies as I find them! What are your must-pack Disney goodies? 🙂