A 7 Day Kindness Calendar

Kindness Calendar

I’m always looking for ways I can be a better person, and nothing makes me happier than when I can make other people smile.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a little schedule of the things I can do to spread some happiness online, and as much as possible I’ll be trying to stick to it, as well as doing extra things as and when!

As much as possible:

  • Try to cheer up anyone who’s upset
  • Wish people happy birthdays
  • Promote and support my friends
  • Be super nice to retail workers – especially at Christmas!
  • Put my change in charity pots

Every day:

  • Follow two new people on Twitter and Instagram
  • Retweet another blogger’s post
  • Compliment someone on their outfit
  • Like the first 10 photos on your Instagram feed, and comment on at least two
  • Retweet or share any post about a good cause or charity

Every other day:

  • Follow 3 new blogs on Bloglovin
  • Comment on two blog posts
  • Tell someone they’re pretty

Twice a week:

  • Share a small business
  • Randomly tweet someone something I love about them
  • Remind someone how awesome they are

Every week:

  • Treat someone at work to a coffee
  • Either do #FF or #SundayBlogShare tweets for at least 10 people

Join me and spread the positivity! What do you do?

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21st Century Random Acts of Kindness

Remember the good old days when letting a mother with a small child go in front of you in the queue for public toilets, or drunkenly telling another drunk girl how pretty she looks was considered the nicest thing you could do in a day?

Well, they’re still pretty nice things to do, and you absolutely shouldn’t stop doing stuff like that, but with our lives so often revolving around technology and its development, our everyday acts of kindness are a little different now, and here are a few that you can do!

Random Acts of Kindness

Send someone a bunch of motivational emojis

Next time you see a tweet about having a long day or being stuck in retail on a bank holiday Monday, throw a few colourful hearts and party popper emojis their way, maybe even a bulging bicep. Why not add a cat gif too?

Donate to a crowdfunding page

Whether its a charitable cause or a start-up business, why not give a couple of quid? You get to be the mysterious philanthropist, and someone else gets a step closer to something great

Offer to be the designated driver

Save yourself the taxi fare from hell and spend a night drinking diet coke while your friends are on their fifth round of shots. You’ll earn infinite friend points and better still: no hangover!

Switch your phone off around company

Whether you’re on a date or just hanging with friends, put your phone on silent, put it away and enjoy the company you’re with (and hope they do the same!)

Offer to sign for a parcel for a neighbour

We all know that feeling when you’re at work and DPD have text to say they’ll be delivering your parcel between 10:43 and 11:43, and there’s just no way to split yourself in half to get home for it, so next time Carl pitches up with next door’s ASOS parcel and has no luck at the door, be a good egg and offer to take it in for them and drop it in when they get back.

Go on an Instagram like spree

No, not the kind of spam you do to try and get someone to notice and follow you, just don’t be afraid to double tap as you scroll through your feed in the morning

Offer your carpark ticket to someone

There’s nothing better than walking up to the meter and being approached by someone paid for way more time than they needed – hello two hours free! Be that person.

Let someone use your student discount code

My Twitter feed always has at least one ‘anyone got a student discount I can borrow PLEASE’ tweet on it at any given time. Now I’m not saying go nuts and throw it around like confetti, but maybe if you see a friend in need and can help, make their day!

And to finish off, here’s just a handful of some of the kindest bloggers I know:

Drop me a comment to share some of the kindest people you know!

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