Working Wardrobe Dreams – The Coat

Ok, so this is a new little series for 2016, and it pretty much centres around the little part of me that secretly wishes I had a ‘boring’ office-based job that meant I could dress in super cute work outfits, rather than my current retail uniform. Bleurgh. Each month I’ll be focusing on a different wardrobe staple in a business girls arsenal, and today, given this chilly winter weather, its the coat!


Left to right: Classic Mac from Asos, Textured Weave Jacket from h&m, Denim Waterfall Coat from Topshop, Belted Cape from River Island, Oversized Coat in pastel pink from Asos

Now I know that a coat isn’t exactly something you’d wear around the workplace, but in many cases its the first impression you could make on someone, whether you’re walking into their building or meeting over coffee, so its a perfect excuse to make sure yours is not just professional but also adorable!

Personally, I’m finding myself obsessed with the blue waterfall coat from Topshop; it just seems to hang so effortlessly! I’m also a real sucker for a classic mac, hence featuring Asos’s offering, and I love the wintery vibes from the RI belted cape.

Which is your favourite?

MAC x Ellie Goulding

Have you ever seen a collaboration announced that just seemed so perfect it was made for you? Well that was me when I heard that music GODDESS Ellie Goulding was releasing a collection with makeup megastars MAC.

I waited and waited for the release, and as soon as I saw it online I rushed down to my nearest counter to check it out, only to be told that it wasn’t going to be stocked at most counters, only the major stores. Semi-heartbroken, I had to take the plunge and order online, having not seen the shades in person, but took a reassurance from the online return policy, praying I wouldn’t have to rely on it!



After waiting patiently (stupid me placed the order on Christmas Eve, so had to wait through several bank holidays), my goodies arrived and I fell in love. The packaging was classic MAC black, glossy, with EGs logo in rose gold; simple and clean. Out of the whole collection, which also included some palettes, brushes and other products, I chose both lipsticks, both Patentpolish lip pencils, lustre drops and powder blush compact.


Top – Only You / Bottom – Without Your Love

Self-confessed lipstick addict that I am, I fell in love with them instantly. While the two shades are relatively similar, they are perfect light pinks for a natural look, and in a Cremesheen finish to give a little bit of gloss. I also love the fact that the logo is imprinted into the side of the stick itself, as well as on the tube.


Top – Revved Up / Bottom – Innocent

I was unsure choosing the PatentPolish lip pencils as they were described as high-gloss, and I’m not a big gloss person, but I do love a pencil applicator so I couldn’t resist. In reality, I definitely wouldn’t described them as high gloss, but for me that was a plus! Innocent is very nude, offering just a touch of shine, whereas Revved Up is a more peachy colour – again, both very natural and pretty, and the twist up pencil is a big favourite of mine.

Top - I'll Hold My Breath bronzer / Middle - I'll Hold My Breath blush / Bottom - Pink Rebel Lustre Drops

Top – I’ll Hold My Breath bronzer / Middle – I’ll Hold My Breath blush / Bottom – Pink Rebel Lustre Drops

I rarely stray from lipstick and eye products when buying makeup as I don’t normally do the whole foundation, powder etc routine, but I was so taken with this collection that I felt it was worth branching out! I really love EGs style and her makeup is always on point, and because she is fair-skinned I felt I could trust the bronzer and blush without finding it to be too dark. I love the peachy shade of the blush and the bronzer is nice and light to apply so I don’t feel like I’m going from zero to orange in a single brush stroke, yay!

I also found a new love in the Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel; relative makeup novice that I am, I find myself lost with highlighters, but this blend so nicely and gives just a slight shimmer and brightness to my skin. The pinky shade is also great for brightening dark areas.

I think its pretty clear that I love this collection, even if you ignore how much I love Ellie.. It is by far my favourite MAC collection yet, I can’t believe it wasn’t made into a bigger deal and stocked on all counters, but that’s just me!

Do you have a favourite collection?

Friday Favourite Five – Lipsticks

I have two weaknesses when it comes to makeup: nail varnish and lipstick, and today’s post is about the latter.

As a full-time wearer of glasses, there’s not a whole lot I can do with eye makeup (well, I can, but what’s the point when you can’t see behind my frames), so for me, lipstick is how I express myself. My collection spans from Boots Natural Collection to MAC, and I’m a real stickler for my favourite brands and shades, but here are just five of my favourites:

1. Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Standout


I love matte lipsticks, and this Revlon collection boasts both great shades and a reasonable price; I have 5 out of 8 of them. It’s a deeper red, which is great for autumn looks or nights out, or for when you’re not in the mood for a brighter shade.

2. Barry M Green Goes Pink


The only lipstick that you shouldn’t judge by its appearance, this clever little stick transforms to a different shade depending on the pH of your lips! For me, that’s normally a deep pink shade which suits me pretty well, and is also really long lasting, so I know if I’m wearing it on a night out I’m not gonna have to keep re-applying it after every drink.

3. Maybelline ColorSensational in Electric Orange


My colouring actually lends itself to orange shades more than pinks, so I love this for when I want to be a bit more casual. Despite the name and appearance, it doesn’t go on very bright as its fairly sheer so looks fairly effortless, which is totally my style!

4. Beautifully Disney in Rosebud


I’ve reviewed my Beautifully Disney collection before, but this little lipstick has earnt its place in this list too! As its only a touch darker than my natural lip colour, it gives a little more colour on days where I don’t feel like anything bolder, plus I love how mini it is!

5. MAC Wash And Dry in Steam Heat


I will admit that the beautiful packaging of this swayed the vote slightly, but I do love MAC lipsticks! This is a classic red in a satin finish, there’s really nothing that can go wrong!

What are your favourite lipstick shades?