Japan – The Unseen Bits

Its totally crazy to think that its been almost 2 whole months since I got back from our trip to Japan, and even crazier to think that there’s so much from the non-Disney side of my trip that I haven’t shared!

We had such an incredible time travelling around Japan, so today I’m just going to share a few more of the sights and tourist-y bits that we squeezed into our trip while were weren’t rushing around on the trains!



After leaving Disneyland, we had another day in Tokyo, primarily for the purpose of going to an animal cafe. If you’re not familiar with the concept, due to the fact that many Japanese people are unable to keep pets, ‘cafes’ have popped up all over the place where cats/dogs/rabbits/goats/owls are set loose for guests to play with for their paid-for time slot, crazy right?! Well we still had to go to one, and we chose a bunny cafe, specifically Mimi Bunny, which was on the 8th floor of what seemed to be a block of flats, but with a business on each floor. After changing our shoes, washing our hands and being fully sanitised, we paid for half an hour of bunny bliss, during which two gorgeous rabbits were let loose in our little area for us to feed, stroke and generally coo over. 100% worth it!

I was also pretty excited to come across a Tsum-Tsum arcade game in the street, so obviously had to give that a go (or two).






After leaving Tokyo we headed down to Osaka and set up base on the 41st floor of the tallest building in the city; the hotel lobby was on the 19th floor, and the views were incredible! From Osaka we could anywhere by the train network, so we headed down to a town called Nada, famous for the deer that roam free around the main tourist areas, including inside the temples! You can buy biscuits to feed them too, which is a good idea if you don’t want them to help themselves to the contents of your handbag, or even your map!



 We also managed to catch part of a festival in Kyoto, where there was a parade through the streets of floats that are handmade each year entirely out of wood, with no steel supports, and are pulled by hand! It wasn’t exactly the flare we imagined it would be, but it was still really interesting to watch! (It was raining, and you can see in the photos that the floats had little rain ponchos on, ha!)


We also squeezed in a few more tourist hotspots, from a bamboo trail and zen gardens, to a shopping trip in Daiso – the Japanese 100 yen store (that’s 55p!), which we had a blast in!


Our whole trip was such a unique experience, from shopping and the train system to the cultural attractions and the food. If you’ve ever thought about visiting Japan, I have two words for you: DO IT.