How to Say Bye to Negative Vibes

We all have those occasional (and sometimes not so occasional) moments of self-doubt and bad feelings about things in life, be it grades, blog stats, who’s snapchat story is more interesting than who’s..


Now I’m usually one to let these things get to me, but in the last month or so I realised that I’m done feeling crap about myself, and rather than being the sort of person that gives in to silly life niggles, I’m striving to become one of those girls that people look at and think ‘wow, she’s got such a great attitude!’.

Turn jealousy into motivation

Instead of looking at someone else’s accomplishments and feeling sucky about your own, turn those jealous thoughts into drive to better yourself. Love another blogger’s photography? Don’t hate them, get working on your own!

Do something to make yourself excited

Worried about starting a new job? Go out and buy yourself some new stationery. Whatever it is that’s making you feel uncomfortable, find some little bonus that you can get out of it, and live for that. It could be something to look forward to once you’ve done it, or something that you do in preparation for it, but it’ll make the whole thing seem a lot better.

Don’t make enemies of people you don’t know

I used to follow this girl on Twitter, because lots of my friend did, and while I didn’t really know anything about her other than what I saw her post, I found myself kinda disliking her. So what did I do? I made the effort to talk to her, and she turned out to be so lovely! I think what I’m trying to say is instead of jumping to conclusions about people, take time to get to know them; don’t waste energy hating people that you could easily be friends with.

If you can’t do anything about it, stop worrying

Some things in life are simply out of our control, and once you accept that, you’ll find yourself feeling a lot less stressed. Now this doesn’t mean to say you should ever ‘settle’, it just means you can’t make that lemonade when the universe gave you strawberries. Get some cream instead.

Surround yourself with positive people

When you’re around people who project happiness, you’re gonna pick up on those good vibes. Don’t let anyone put you down or make you feel worse about your life; you rock!

Stop comparing yourself

There is no one else in the world like you, so there’s no point comparing yourself to others! This is even more important when you only know people through social media; everyone posts their best bits online!

Just remember, you’re never fully dressed without a smile!

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