Sony A5000 Review

Sony A5000 review

I’ve had my new little Sony A5000 for a little while now, and I thought it was about time I shared my thoughts on how its working for me! I’ve always been a Sony person, so when I decided that I wanted a smaller camera for the days I don’t want to lug around my big SLR, I didn’t really want to change brands, and after comparing all the options, this little one came out top so I was pretty happy!

Its 20.1 megapixels, and the standard lens is 16-50mm, which for me is ideal for everyday use – blog photos, holiday snaps etc, and the flippable LCD screen is nice and big so you can see exactly what you’re doing, although I do prefer to have a proper viewfinder, so this bugs me a little sometimes! What I do like, however, is the pop up flash, because I very rarely use a flash and I like the fact its hidden away so it doesn’t ruin the aethestic of the camera, and you almost forget you have one, plus it doesn’t do the annoying ‘auto-flash’ thing that my SLR sometimes does!

But how is it as a camera?

I definitely think it takes its best photos when you know how to use it properly, and by that I guess I mean I’m not blown away by the Auto+ setting. Yes its ok for taking a quick shot without having to worry too much, but it definitely doesn’t give you the best shot you could get if you used a manual setting. I do LOVE some of the special features it has though, like the ability to pick out a single colour, apply a filter, or adjust brightness and vividness while in Auto mode.

Sony A5000 features

It does come into its own when I use manual settings. When I’m taking blog photos, I like to be able to fiddle with manual exposure and aperture, and while my SLR can take FOREVER to process those shots, this little beastie snaps them in seconds with no issue. The settings are also really easy to adjust using the dial on the back, and just generally, its really user friendly.

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Other features that I love are that the screen flips up into ‘selfie mode’, and that as well as manually zooming using the lens, you can also use the toggle on the shoot button, and there’s also an extra zoom control on the lens. It’s also got built in wifi, which is brilliant although I often forget about it! I’ve also bought a second lens recently, the 55-210mm telescopic lens, which is AMAZING and can’t wait to get more of a chance to play with!

I’m still getting used to having a small camera, but this little guy is growing on me massively, and while I’ll never completely disregard my SLR, the more I use this, the more I love it and its taken some amazing photos for me.

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Mainly of food. Not gonna lie.

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How I’ve Been Upping My Photography Game


Last month, you might have read my blog improvement post, where I said that I was really hoping to better my blog photography. Since then, I’m hoping that you’ve been seeing better quality photos in my posts, and also on my Instagram as I’ve been making a real effort with this one particular area. After all, a pictures worth a thousand words, right?

Here are the steps I’ve taken:

Learning my camera

A shiny new camera does not an amazing photographer make. I never studied photography at school or anything, but a few years back my dad bought me a book on food photography which taught me a lot about manual settings on cameras, but since then I’ve fallen prey to the Auto+ setting and everything I learnt went out the window. As well as my DSLR, I recently bought the Sony A5000 compact, which gave me the boost to go back and learn how to get the best out of my camera through exposure, aperture and shutter settings, and I’m falling in love with photography all over again.
I’ve also found that since using my cameras to their full potential, I’ve been needing to edit photos less as I’m actually happy with what I’m taking!

Switching up my backdrop

I’ve always been a bold and bright kinda gal – my brief encounter with a marble background didn’t stick – so I’ve stuck to a plain white desktop as my go-to photo space. Sure, it makes for nice simple photos, but I was falling out of love with it a little, and starting to think my photos a little blah, so instead I’ve got a lovely new wooden worktop which has not only given me more space, but more versatility in my photos as I can switch from flatlays to upright shots with ease

Using gadgets

My biggest saviour in the last few weeks has been the remote shutter control that I bought from Amazon. Finally I can get in-focus outfit shots (YAY!) using the nifty little remote that connects to a little unit that plugs right into my camera via some sort of frequency, and at the push of a button I can focus and take photos from a distance. Game changer.

Always putting myself into photos

No, not literally, but showing my personality in every photo is what gives them a style that’s unique, whether it’s using a Disney plate to photography my makeup on, or having gerbera daisies in the background, it differentiates my photos from others and prevents them from looking staged and stiff. It also makes blog photography way more fun.

Giving myself time

Because I’m a planner and a scheduler, I always know what posts I’ve got coming up, so I can allot a chunk of time out of my week for taking all my photos, meaning I don’t have to rush the morning that a post is due to go live to get an image for it. I also tend to bulk-shoot photos when I have great lighting (especially for Instagram), or if I get a sudden burst of creativity, I’ll sometimes take a bunch of stock photos that I could apply to a range of posts as back-ups. Having the time to take good photos just makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

I’ve really been trying hard and I hope it’s shown through!

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