Random Thoughts I’ve Had During Pretty Little Liars

Finishing a tv series might not seem like a significant achievement to some, but after battling with Pretty Little Liars for years now, and being very late to the game in the first place, I AM FINALLY FINISHED.

Not unlike many other viewers, I still have a lot of questions, but I’m not one for sharing spoilers for anyone who hasn’t yet finished, or anyone who might want to get into it, so instead I’m going to pick apart some of the silly little things that I’ve never understood..

  • Why are the girls parents NEVER around?
  • And what kind of setting spray are these girls using for their makeup?
  • It was a victory if I put on a dress for high school, why does everyone look like they’ve just stepped out of a fashion shoot?
  • And why has there never been a repeated outfit?!
  • For a small town, a hell of a lot of stuff goes down
  • But also, a hell of a lot of people go unnoticed, which isn’t very small town
  • How do these girls afford everything when they never seem to be going to work
  • And seriously, WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS?
  • I’m all for being stubborn and trying to fix my own problems, but why would you not involve the police in some of these situations
  • How on earth can they go from a murder one night to totally fine the next day?
  • And how on earth did Aria’s parents just accept the fact that she was dating her teacher without too much of a fuss?
  • Why do some characters just suddenly disappear from the programme? And not because its part of the plot..
  • How do they have access to all this ridiculous technology?
  • And is it even possible to text from a blocked number?
  • Who even builds these crazy hidden rooms and lairs etc?
  • The only real difference in the last series is that they sit around drinking wine rather than coffee
  • I know this is just a story, but how could anything be so twisted and far-fetched?

Have you made it to the end of Pretty Little Liars?

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Why I Stopped Watching Pretty Little Liars

Why I Stopped Watching Pretty Little Liars

I was late to the Pretty Little Liars obsession, having only started watching it about 18 months ago. I was instantly hooked, as I think most people are, and blew threw episode after episode in quick succession.

And then I started losing sleep.

No, not because I was staying up until the stupid hours of the morning watching Netflix, as most people would suspect, but I slowly realised that the show was affecting me detrimentally, and only recently have I discovered exactly why.

I have always felt like I absorb feelings and emotions from things going on around me; not only do I cry at basically any moment during most films, but I also get particularly stressed watching stressful situations on tv, and it turns out I’m not alone in this. I am an empath.

During the start of PLL, this worked in my favour. I became intrigued and excited as the girls set out to discover what was going on in Rosewood, I got caught up in the girls’ relationships and wanted to keep watching as they became pro-active in investigated the disappearance of Alison and schemed about the true identity of A. I felt a particular affinity with Spencer (also Troian Bellisario is STUNNING like how is she 30?!), and as her curiosity peaked, so did mine.

However, getting swept up in the episodes was affecting me. I was struggling to sleep through the night after particularly eventful episodes and scenes were leaking into my dreams, and I started to put this down to the show. In order to compromise, I started only watching episodes during the day, instead of directly before bed, and this helped a little, but as the series went by and the plots became more twisted and stories became more dangerous, I was still experiencing problems, so I took breaks – only watching an episode a day, or watching a few episodes then taking a week away etc.

And that’s where I am now, on a break that has lasted months. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve watched any episodes this year. I’m midway through season 5, and every now and then I think about going back to it, but the thought of it still makes me a little nervous, which drives me a little crazy because I feel so behind!

I have, however, managed to avoid all spoilers of what’s to come, which I think it pretty impressive considering the show is on about season 7 now (is this right?) and I know that there have been a lot of big revelations – I just don’t know what they are, ha! Occasionally I see ‘#PLL’ in a tweet and I just scroll straight on past..

Is anyone else an empath? I’d love to hear from you!

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PS. If you drop a spoiler on me I will cry. Be kind.