Friday Favourite Five – Spring Disney Trip

Disney blues are a real problem. I firmly believe that it should be a legitimate reason to call in sick to work and just spend the day in a blanket burrito watching Disney movies. #Lottie4PrimeMinister

Considering I spent less than two full days in the parks on my trip last week, I had so many great experiences and made so many memories that its pretty tricky to choose just five, but here are some that stand out!

1. Twirling with Merida

Disneyland Paris Merida

Until this trip, I’d never met Merida in the parks before, and quite honestly I didn’t really know what to expect, but she was so lovely! She told us all about the ‘gammy spell’ that the witch gave her, and when she noticed my tulle skirt, she got me to twirl with her which was magical!

2. Donald noticing me at Goofy’s Garden Party

Disneyland Paris Goofy's Garden Party Donald Duck

On the second day in the parks, I was Disneybounding as Donald Duck, but unfortunately didn’t get to meet him in the morning, so when he drove by during the garden party parade, I shouted out so he would notice me and he tried to throw himself out of the car at me and was so happy to see my fluffy ears! It was really sweet.

3. Meeting the bunnies!

Disneyland Paris Spring Bunnies

Being Spring, meeting the bunnies was a priority for me. I brought my Thumper tsum tsum with me so we had something to play with, and they were so happy to see it! Miss Bunny also stole and wore my fluffy ears!

4. Tower of Terror

Disneyland Paris Tower of Terror

I have a real love/hate relationship with ToT: love the ride, hate the build up to the first drop. This time, however, I was too busy laughing to be scared after the cast member running our elevator stole Milly’s ears after glaring at us all in the queue. Ok, so maybe you had to be there, but it was so funny at the time!

5. Forest of Enchantment!

Disneyland Paris Forest of Enchantment

In the build up to this trip, I was so good at avoiding spoilers for this show, knowing only what characters were involved, and seeing the odd photo as I scrolled through Twitter and Instagram, and I’m so glad I did because it was so magical seeing it for the first time! I actually watched it 4 times in two days, and now I can’t get the songs out of my head!

What are your favourite memories from Disneyland Paris?

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Spring Disneyland Paris – Day 1

You know when you’re scared you’re gonna miss your alarm so your up waking up super early? Yep, that was me.

Disneyland Paris Spring 2016

After grabbing breakfast at the hotel – classic continental, if you were wondering – we headed to the parks for extra magic hours. I say that but given that I didn’t have a ticket, first up I actually had to buy my annual pass. At the park gates, they just give you a temporary ticket to get it sorted in the park later on, and we headed in to get some of the early character meets. We were really lucky to get a short queue to meet Donald and Mickey together, which was such a nice interaction, then down Main Street for a load of classic castle photos, then went for a ride on Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast.

Disneyland Paris Merida

After meeting up with a few others, we headed to the Frontierland rope drop and went straight for Merida’s meet and greet. She was fab; all four of us had a really fun time and I got to twirl with her in my new tulle skirt which was magical! From there, Sammy and I decided to queue to see which Aladdin character would come out while the others went to queue for Peter Pan, but when we saw it was Jafar, we couldn’t really be bothered so we joined the others, although Eleanor, Laura and I slipped out for a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean before the meet started. It turned out to be Smee, but was fun nonetheless.

Now it was open, Eleanor and I went to the Annual Pass office so that I could get it all sorted and enjoy my new card and the discounts it brings, then we shot over to The Chapparal Theater for the first Forest of Enchantment.There was no way I wouldn’t love it, but I genuinely squealed and gasped at several points, as well as a few tears..

Disneyland Paris Peter Pan and Smee

Afterwards, Milly, Sarah and I went back to meet Wendy Darling and Smee, but after being a little later than planned, it was actually Peter which was ideal, although rude cast members rushed our meet. We then went back for a second instalment of Forest of Enchantment, where we strategically sat on an aisle where we knew Rapunzel and Flynn would walk by us.

I stayed with Sarah and Milly for most of the afternoon; we caught the bunny flash mob and Minnie’s Spring Train, then headed across to Walt Disney Studios park so that I could be dragged on Tower of Terror.

We actually had the funniest time on ToT; the cast member running our elevator stole Milly’s ears and gave her his hat in return, and it had us in fits of laughter for the whole ride. At this point we were starving so we grabbed some lunch at Disney Blockbuster Cafe before going back to Disneyland.

Disneyland Paris Disney Magic on Parade

There was a planned meet up by the castle for 4.45, so we just hung out there for a little while, then after the meet we all headed to a spot to watch Disney Magic on Parade – where we all screamed at Flynn Rider and had the cutest time seeing Peter Pan – before fighting through the crowds to get over to the last performance of Forest. Yes, three showings in one day, no, we don’t care.

Having a bit of time before our dinner, we went to watch the Welcome to Spring show, which I found a little underwhelming, but hey ho, then we said goodbye to Sarah and headed to Disney Village for our Cafe Mickey dinner.

Disneyland Paris Cafe Mickey

After a nice, but long meal, we split up again and Milly, Sammy and I went back into Disneyland park for Dreams. We managed to squeeze ourselves to pretty near the front during the pre-show, so had a great spot for the performance. It was magical – apart from shoving crowds – and being the only time I’d be able to watch it this trip, I really appreciated it.

Absolutely pooped at this point, we made the walk back to our hotels and I basically crashed as soon as I hit the pillow!

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Spring Favourites

In my almost 3 years of blogging (WHAT?!), I don’t think I’ve actually done a ‘favourites’ post!

So although the weather still hasn’t completely decided its spring yet, the brighter mornings and occasional blue skies and sunshine has got me feeling like we might just be going in the right direction towards summer, and there are a few things I’m loving right now, so I’m gonna share them!

Spring Favourites

Hollister lace skirt – I’m rarely one for brands like Hollister, but I stumbled across this little beauty on Asos and I’m so glad I did! The lace is so pretty, and it looks cute with or without tights making it perfect for the changing Spring temperatures.

Tone It Up mini resistance bands – you may have seen these in the set I featured in my fitness wishlist last month, and seeing as I caved and bought it, I’ve been loving everything about these, from the colour to the ease of adding them to my workouts!

MAC x Ellie Goulding lipstick in Without Your Love – remember how excited I was with my MAC Ellie Gouling haul back in January? Well I’m still just as in love with it now I was I was back then, and I’m really feeling this shade right now!

The Fitness Marshall – if you haven’t already seen one of these amazing dance workout videos on Youtube, check them out now. Ah-MAY-zing!

Nikki McWilliams custard cream purse – I bought this back in January, buts its now, when I want to use my cute little handbags that are too small for my big purse, that its really coming into its own.

The Comforter shower gel – I always feel a little late to the Lush party, and right now with our bathroom under refurb I’m pretty limited in my product usage, but I bought a bottle of this back in February and I’m only just getting round to using it! Its purply-pink, glittery and smells AMAZING, and foams up into pink bubbly goodness, yay!

What are you loving right now?

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My Spring Disneyland Paris Bucket List

Its 20 days until I’ll be getting on the Eurostar and zooming to Paris for a quick few days in Disneyland Paris with some of my lovely Twitter friends, eek!


Its my first time (as an adult at least) visiting DLP during Spring, and I’ve heard from so many people how magical the season is in the parks, so there are lots of things I’m hoping to do and see on this trip..

Forest of Enchantment

I’ve been so good at avoiding vlogs, Periscopes and basically any form of spoiler about this show so I can enjoy it properly when we’re out there. Just knowing that it includes Tangled, Tarzan and Pocahontas has got me fangirling!

Minnie’s Spring Train

Minnie Mouse, bunnies and Disney music = yay!

Go to Princess Pavilion

I improved my character interactions so much on my January trip, so I can’t wait to meet some more princesses and have a magical time!

Meet characters in Spring costumes

I’m really hoping to meet at least one character in their beautiful bright Spring outfits, they’re so gorgeous!

‘It’s a Small World’

Total guilty pleasure of mine, but it was closed during my birthday trip for refurb, so I definitely need one ride or 100 to get my fix.

Extra Magic Hours

I’m going to be getting my annual pass on this trip, and I can’t wait to enjoy extra time in the parks in the mornings with my girls!

Have you ever been to Disneyland Paris during Spring?

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Changing with the Seasons: Winter to Spring

Its March 21st.. HELLO SPRING!

Ok, its still pretty cold right now, but Mr Sun has been poking his head out a lot more in the last few weeks, and despite having to still occasionally de-ice my car, I’m definitely starting to feel this Spring thing coming on.

So with the seasons changing, what else do we change?



Say goodbye to cinnamon and winter spiced scented candles and hello to fresh floral fragrances. There’s also significantly less pumpkin spice and gingerbread smells coming from Starbucks.


Oh hi there pastels! As much as everyone rocks deep lipstick colours, the sunshine welcomes back the reign of pinks and corals, and the same goes for our clothes too.


As the mince pies disappear from supermarket shelves, we obviously can’t wait for the return of Creme Eggs! Suddenly the warming soups we’ve turned to in winter are dropping off menus everywhere and being replaced with fresh salads and pastas.


While we aren’t always lucky enough to put our warm jumpers away just yet, we can welcome back the idea of light layers. Of course we’re already thinking about our summer wardrobes at this point, so tights become every girls best friend as it gives us an excuse to wear those cute new dresses we snagged in the ASOS sale.


Yay for fresh flowers, and excuse to buy pretty vases, am I right? Its also time to put away the extra blankets we’ve piled up on our bed over the winter months, and of course, with all this spring cleaning, we’ll be feeling like domestic goddesses!

Are you ready for Spring to begin? I know I am!

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