Tokyo Disney Throwback

Exactly one year ago to the day, I stepped foot in Tokyo Disneyland for the first time. You can read my trip diary here, but today I thought it would be fun to share some of my unseen photos!

Tokyo Disneyland Station

There’s a slight upset among some Disney fans because Tokyo Disneyland doesn’t have a classic Main Street USA when you enter the park, replaced instead with the World Bazaar. The World Bazaar is a lot like Main Street in a lot of ways, just covered with a kind of greenhouse roof, and decorated with lanterns and flags.

Tokyo Disneyland balloons

Tokyo Disneyland World Bazaar

It does make the walk down towards the castle feel a little longer, and take a little bit of the focus away from the beautiful Cinderella castle, but its so interesting to walk through something a little different from Main Street USA

Tokyo Disneyland

First thing in the morning, you’ll get to meet quite the collection of characters at the end of the World Bazaar. My favourites by far were Bernard and Bianca from The Rescuers – so tiny and adorable! I’ve never liked Gideon and Honest John that much, but they seemed to like my camera!

Tokyo Disneyland Partner Statue

I just love statues in Disney parks, don’t you?

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo DisneySea is a park like no other – quite possibly one of my favourite Disney parks of all time! It is totally unique and packed with amazing attractions and the most perfect tiny details, and I could walk around there all day without going on a single ride and still feel amazed by everything.

Tokyo DisneySea Tower of Terror

Unlike its Western cousins, the Tower of Terror in DisneySea isn’t sponsored by The Twilight Zone, and therefore has its own unique design and the story behind the ride is different – no spoilers, but its still as scary!

Tokyo DisneySea

There’s also a full-sized cruise ship docked in the park!

Tokyo DisneySea

If you’re a little mermaid fan, you HAVE to visit DisneySea just for Mermaid Lagoon. From the outside, you see the beautiful underwater city of Atlantica, just as it appears in the movie, but once you enter and journey under the sea (yes, you really go down!) you can play among the fishes til your heart’s content! Its a great place to avoid summer heat!

Tokyo DisneySea

You should also watch out for street rats in Arabian Coast – a practically perfect replica of Agrabah!

Tokyo DisneySea

Hmm.. I wonder where the imagineers got inspiration for this one..

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

And I’ll just leave you with this absolutely stunning sunset over the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel!

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Unique Rides at Tokyo Disney

As I’ve touched upon in my diary posts, Tokyo Disneyland Resort is packed with totally unique experiences, and probably the biggest aspect of any Disney park is the rides! And while maintaining some true Disney classics, Tokyo manages to throw guests into the unknown with some wacky twists to the traditional line up..

Tokyo Disneyland

The Enchanted Tiki Room: Stitch Presents ‘Aloha E Komo Mai!’


Yes, you can go to The Enchanted Tiki Room in other Disney parks, but those shows don’t get hijacked by a ukelele playing Stitch, do they? (PS. you can check out short clip of the show on my Instagram!)

Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes


Quite possibly more of a workout than a ride, you and your group can paddle around Tom Sawyer Island, working as a team and taking in the sights, but watch out for the Riverboat!

Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek!


I LOVED this ride! Set inside Monsters Inc itself, the queue runs through the lobby of headquarters before you board your cart and your mission begins! Similar to Buzz Astro Blasters, you’re equipped with a torch to find the hidden monsters as you zoom through Monstropolis.

Tokyo DisneySea

Tower of Terror


I can hear you, I know there’s a Tower of Terror in every Disney park.. But this one is unique, promise!

Unlike the others, Tokyo’s ToT isn’t sponsored by The Twilight Zone, and therefore has a totally different design (as you can see!) and a different storyline; a historian, a cursed statue, we all know where it goes from there!



Fun and totally bizarre at the same time, hop aboard a buggy that follows a totally random path through the water, spinning and swirling, with the occasional splash or spray!


We didn’t actually get to ride this on our trip; the queue was huge and Mum doesn’t do well on these sorts of rides so we decided to pass. It’s a simulator, where guests board a mission to defeat a powerful storm, but not everything goes smoothly!

Raging Spirits

Another ride we didn’t try! Raging Spirits is a more hardcore rollercoaster, with a 360° loop as you travel through an excavation site of an ancient temple.

Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage


A ‘Small World’ style boat ride through the stories of Sindbad’s adventures. Great for little ones, or just a bit of air con on a warm day, and it normally boasts a super low wait time.

Caravan Carousel


Yes, a double decker carousel! Choose to ride upstairs or downstairs, and then take your pick of noble steeds, from horses to camels, elephants, and you can even ride Genie!

Mermaid Lagoon


An underwater wonderland full of unique rides, from Blowfish Balloon Race to Jumping Jellyfish and more! My favourite ride here was Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster, which is just outside the main underwater area; it was just a mini coaster, but super fun to ride when its dark out!

Journey to the Center of the Earth


That glorious volcano in the centre of the park? Yep, this is the ride inside it, and its awesome!

Travel down through the earth to discover new lifeforms and ecosystems, but not all the inhabitants are friendly, so be prepared for a quick getaway!

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


Another journey of discovery, head underwater to discover what’s lurking in the depths of the ocean underneath the volcano.

Fortress Explorations


Explore the Mediterranean fortress, and search for clues as part of The Leonardo Challenge (in Japanese though, just to warn you!)

These rides truly add to Tokyo Disney’s unique quality, and I haven’t gone into too much detail so as not to spoil too much, so now you just need to go and try them yourself!


Tokyo Disneyland Day 2

Following our early night, we were up bright and early to hop on the monorail round to DisneySea to utilise our ‘Magic 15’ tickets, giving us early entry to the park, and while some may sneer at the mere 15 minutes extra we were given, it was totally necessary! We headed straight for Toy Story Mania as we knew how ridiculous queues could get, and sure enough, even getting in early gave us a half an hour wait! Knowing how many people would charge our way at park opening, I ducked out of the line for a second to nip across to Tower of Terror (which is right next to Toy Story Mania) to pick us up Fastpasses as I knew that it would also have a crazy wait time after later on, and while I was at it, the park opened and the hoards descended!





With the two big’uns sorted, we continued on around DisneySea. Now you might be thinking ‘that’s an unusual park name’, right? Well it’s a totally unique park! From American Waterfront, which has a sort of Streets of America feel to it, with a huge classic cruise liner docked at the pier, we moved round to Port Discovery, which has a futuristic feel, then into the Lost River Delta. In a very Epcot World Showcase crossed with Animal Kingdom kind of way, this area houses the Indiana Jones ride, set in a huge Incan temple, and the roller coaster Raging Spirits, which we didn’t fancy due to the full loop! From there we moved on to the Arabian Coast, an entire land that is basically Agrabah, with all Aladdin themed rides and scenery, including the Caravan Carousel, which is double decker!






We moved from area to area pretty speedily due to following our empty stomachs to find somewhere to eat, and from Arabian Coast we went into the Mermaid Lagoon. From the outside, you see a few rides, and then the huge underwater palace of King Triton from the Little Mermaid, but follow the path under the rocks, and you enter the kingdom of Atlantica itself! There’s a whole under the sea area with rides, a theatre and Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen, which is where we settled down to some food before continuing on through the park.




Another of the parks unique features is the enormous volcano at its centre, which is constantly active, spewing smoke and glowing with magma. It houses two rides, a submarine style ride, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which runs through the pools underneath the volcano, and Journey to the Centre of the Earth, during which you travel down into the earth under the volcano, before spiralling up and speeding back down the side, to a great view of the park! By this point in the day it was getting pretty hot, so we grabbed an ice lolly on the bridge across to the Mediterranean Harbour area, and it just so happened that a show was just about to begin, so we found a spot to watch from. Minnie’s Tropical Splash was kind of like a boat parade, with some characters making their way off the boats and into the crowded audience to dance and spray water around, and by that I mean totally and utterly soak everyone in the ‘get wet’ zones. Each of the boats also had water cannons, and they were very liberal with the spraying!




With the jet lag still slowing us down, we decided to head back to the hotel for a little bit, before monorailling back into the park for Fantasmic. Shows and parades are taken pretty seriously out here, with people being allowed to stake their claim of a good spot an hour beforehand, so we got in about 40 minutes before the start, and found a patch behind an empty priority seating area, knowing that there wouldn’t be too many people in front. As an added plus, the cast members ask all guests to remove any hats or Mickey ears so as not to block the views of those behind, which was great! The show itself was set on the main lake of the Mediterranean Harbour, unlike in Disney World where it has its own set, so it was all done on a central floating stage, that could transform into Mickey’s Magic hat, covered in LEDs to show clips from Disney classics, and also have characters stood on top. Maleficent appeared out of another floating contraption, setting fire to the water, with the volcano firing away in the background, and for the finale, the boats of characters circled the central hat. Unfortunately due to windy conditions there were no fireworks, but they made up for that with lights and lasers which were pretty spectacular!



With most people filing out of the park at this time, we jumped on the DisneySea Electric Railway, which runs from the American Waterfront to Port Discovery to see the park all lit up for the night, and wandered back through to Mermaid Lagoon to do a few smaller rides while they were quiet. By this point everyone else was pretty exhausted, so headed back to the hotel, but I wanted to stick it out til park closing so I flew solo for the last hour, hitting up Magic Lamp Theater (with English subtitles), which was just a short pantomime/3D show, before meandering back through the park to get some evening photos and do a little shopping before jumping on the monorail back to the hotel!

DisneySea really is a fantastic park!


10 things I’m looking forward to at Tokyo Disney

I can’t believe its only 10 days til I leave for Japan!

Strictly speaking, we won’t actually hit the parks until the 12th, but I’m counting down til Friday as that’s when I leave for the airport, then I’ll be travelling for the whole of Saturday, arriving in Tokyo at midnight.

So with 10 days to go, here are 10 things I’m super excited about:

1. Tokyo Disneyland hotel

We were crazy lucky to score a room at the Tokyo Disneyland hotel for the duration of our stay, and it looks INCREDIBLE, plus it puts us right across from the park entrance to Disneyland!

2. Park food


As a Brit, its a common knowledge that Americans do food better than us, but Japan takes it to a whole new level! We’re really excited to try as many different foods, and as much as possible stay clear of Western food to soak up all the Japanese we can.

3. Merch, merch, merch!

There’s a reason I’ve been saving for this trip for months: the merchandise looks amazing! Tokyo Disney has such a huge range, and most of it is exclusive to Japan.

4. Tokyo DisneySea

Of all the secondary parks at all of the Disneylands, Tokyo DisneySea seems to boast the most unique experiences. The Japanese are big on The Little Mermaid, hence the sea theme, and there are loads of totally different rides, unseen at any other park.

5. That monorail though

Just look at the little Mickey windows!

6. The outfits!

Speaking of unique, in Tokyo we’ll be seeing our favourite friends in a whole new wardrobe!

7. Toon Town

I love Toon Town in Disneyland California, but I haven’t been there for 5 years so I’m suffering major withdrawal!

8. This double decker carousel

That’s right, double decker!

9. Fantasmic – Japan style!

Again, lets see if the Japanese can do it better!

10. Seeing that castle..