I Went Viral

Guys, I have actually no idea what’s happened in the last 48 hours.

Whether you follow me on Twitter or not, there’s a good chance that you may have seen a tweet of mine that unexpectedly took the Twittersphere by storm.

It was Friday morning, and while I was stuck at work, I was waiting for the good news that my ASOS parcel had been delivered. My DPD driver Paul was due to deliver between 9:31 and 10:31, and I’ve never had any issues with DPD so I felt like my parcel was in safe hands. The text came, and I glanced at it quickly presuming it would read that it had been delivered safely, and most likely signed for by my mum, but what I actually read made me to a double-take.

I enjoy a bit of delivery humour, and I’m full of stories from experience with various delivery companies, and this text didn’t bother me in the slightest. I had a little giggle, then quickly shoved my phone back in my pocket before I was caught out by a manager, but I did think other people might get a kick out of the text, so on my lunch break I decided to post a screenshot of the text on Twitter and share the lols.

Since then, everything has felt like a whirlwind.

Within a few minutes of tweeting the image, responses were rolling in. There were a handful of retweets, some replies and a good number of likes, to which I didn’t think much, but by the end of Friday I had 2K likes, and as I’m writing this now on Saturday evening, the post has almost 4,000 retweets and 23,000 likes.

I am absolutely flabbergasted. Little old me with my 2,500 followers would have never expected this sort of response from a single tweet, and since it reached what I can only describe as viral status, there hasn’t been more than a minute when I haven’t received more notifications of likes, replies and retweets. For this very reason I have no idea if anyone has actually been talking to me on Twitter because I am just swamped!

This is crazy right? I know it’ll probably fizzle out over the next few days and I’m certainly not letting this go to my head, but I am just astonished at how entertaining the internet has found this text! Did it make you giggle?

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Things I Don’t Understand on Twitter

Back in the day, Facebook was my staple social media site. No matter what I was doing, I’d always have a tab open so that I could keep up with everything that was going on with the people in my life. Now I can’t stand the thing, and Twitter has replaced it.

Considering how long its been around, I’ve only been on Twitter for about two and a half years, and while it was an absolute maze to me at first, its second nature now and I’m totally proficient in retweeting, hashtagging and chatting away until my little heart’s content – even though most of the time I’m probably just silently scrolling/stalking.

That said, however, there are a number of things I see cropping up across Twitter on a near-daily basis, and they’re a total mystery to me..

Rant accounts

Yes, I know everyone uses their Twitter as a way to vent feelings, or express unhappiness at certain companies/brands, but that’s not what I’m referring to. What I mean are those accounts that have clearly been set up with the sole purpose of talking smack about a particular company or issue. I once had to block someone (who didn’t even follow me) because every time I tweeted something about Redbubble (and I only have nice things to say about Redbubble), he would reply by trying to attack the brand. Upon clicking on his profile, I soon realised that this is all he does on Twitter, and his entire feed consisted of replying to people tweeting about Redbubble. Whatever your beef is, get over it mate.

The constant begging for an edit button

I know the pain of a typo or auto-correct malfunction, but I cannot stress enough how bad an edit button would be on Twitter. Let me put it this way:

Imagine you see a funny tweet. You innocently retweet it, as does a whole bunch of other people. The tweet has now gone viral, and the original writer now decides to use their famous moment to get a point across. They hit that edit button, and change the hilarious tweet you just had to share into something offensive. Now you, and all those other innocent retweeters have just shared something potentially awful, and you might not even notice..

Sure, the majority of people might just want to go back and correct a minor mistake, but it does have some serious repercussions if abused.

Copying viral tweets

You know when one of those tweets appears in that ‘things you missed’ or ‘things you might like’ section of your feed, just cos its got about 11K likes and retweets. You laugh, maybe you also RT, but then you forget all about it. Next thing you know, about 6 people on your feed have either written their own version of it, or print-screened the original to try and claim some fame of their own. Everyone sees what you’ve done, boo.

The classic follow/unfollow game

Now I don’t always remember to check my notifications to see who my new followers are, but I’ll normally have a little look to see if its someone I might want to follow back. Sure, sometimes the reason I don’t follow back is because I’ve forgotten, or skimmed over the notification, but it could also be because I’m not that interested. The thing with Twitter is that it doesn’t have to be a two-way street, and I’ve written about this before, but if I haven’t followed you back after your third attempt at following me, not only does it mean I’m not interested but it also means I’m not playing your game. Chances are you’ll unfollow me again anyway, so I’m not gonna make an effort to try and support you if you don’t actually care about supporting me.

Am I alone in my feelings?

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Why Its Okay To Unfollow

Why Its Okay To Unfollow

As society changes with time, as does social media. Its only natural that the change is reflected.

We, on the other hand, don’t always respond to these changes as quickly as they happen. In the early days of social media, when Myspace was still a thing and all the cool kids had Bebo *shudders*, we were all friends. Its the same with Facebook now; the connection is a two way street.

New SM is all about following though. Unless you keep your security settings tight, people can follow you until their hearts content, and while you get that little pop up in your notifications, you don’t get to say yes or no. And while we love watching our numbers go up and up, the old ways of social media produce a little voice in our heads that say ‘hey, follow them back’. There’s no obligation, but often it seems like a polite way of acknowledging this new person who’s watching our life. As well as this, its not uncommon to see promises of following back as a way to not only entice new followers, but also promote the idea of it being a friendship.

But here’s the thing: you don’t have to follow anyone back, and its totally ok to unfollow people. You don’t gain anything from having your feed full of content that you don’t find interesting or relevant, and its not like its a personal attack on them or their account.

Its also a case of interaction – what’s the point of following someone if you know there won’t be any interaction? Followers vs actual engagements is a huge debate on social media, and I know that I’m instantly put off by an account if, for example, I replied to a tweet by someone, and didn’t get any form of acknowledgement from them. In some cases, it does actually make me wonder why I’m bothering.

The fact is, its your feed, and your account, and you can and should be doing what you want without worrying about it. Put yourself and what you want first, and if that means unfollowing a bunch of people that are clogging up your feed with negativity or irrelevant posts, then go for it! It’ll give you more time to chat with the people that you do like to see!

If you enjoyed today’s ramblings, you might also be interested in my post on what puts me off following on Twitter!

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Positivity Accounts You Need To Be Following

Positivity Accounts

I love Twitter. Its full of amazing people and interesting things, but its also notorious for being a little negative at times.

To combat this, positivity accounts have popped up, with the aim of bring more happiness and cheer to Twitter feeds, and I’ve made an effort to follow a lot of these as their posts always make me smile! Here are some of my faves

Happy Little Thought @HAPPYLTHOUGHT

HLT is the latest account that I’ve followed, but despite being fairly new to the Twittersphere, already seems to have made a huge difference! As well as posting lovely things, they also host a positivity chat, #HLTChat every Tuesday at 8pm 🙂

Positive Strawberry @posistrawberry

Just another super account, PS always posts happy thoughts and great motivation – it never fails to make me smile!

The Girl Gang @thegirlganghq

Founded by the ever-wonderful Jemma, The Girl Gang is just over a year old now and has united so many people in the Twitter world, and is always full of lovely, colourful happy things!

The Bun @APositiveBun

This account is full of happy vibes and self care tips – happy happy happy!

Positive Plant @succulent

More happiness and positivity all round!

There are tonnes of accounts out there, so go get following, and let me know if you have any favourites that I might want to follow!

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Reasons I Won’t Follow on Twitter

Reasons I Won't Follow on Twitter

For a person who only a few years ago couldn’t understand the purpose of Twitter, I’m pretty lost without it now. Its how I keep up with my friends, promote myself and my business, but most importantly its how I connect with other bloggers.

I’m always looking for new blogs to read and the way I find these is by broadening who I follow on Twitter. I try and follow at least 3 new accounts a day, or do at least one big follow spree a week, but I still screen my Twitter suggestions before I turn that button blue. So what makes me skip an account?

You don’t follow anyone back

You don’t have to follow me back if you don’t want, but if I see you’ve got 10K+ followers and you only follow about 200 people then that’s a bit of a turn off. Unless you’re a business, or a big influencer/celeb, I would expect you to have a better proportion of followers to following. Twitter is for interaction, not collecting numbers..

You’ve followed me at least three times

If you’re popping into my notifications as a new follower on a regular basis, I know what game you’re playing. If I didn’t follow you back the first time, there’s a reason, and your persistent game isn’t gonna help your case.

You’re under 18

I’ll admit this is me being a little bit superficial, but unless I know you quite well or am really drawn to your account for the content you post, I’m not gonna follow you. I don’t know if its because I went to an all girls secondary school or what, but it just makes me think twice.. Sorry!

I don’t know that you’re a blogger

This is about first impressions. I rarely click on profiles, and mainly just read your bio in the little pop up thingy, so if you don’t mention blogging or writing, how am I supposed to know? Loud and proud people, get that in your bio!

Your content doesn’t interest me

This is in no way meant in offence, but if you only post about topics that I’m not super into or aren’t relevant to me, then its nothing personal but I’m not gonna follow for the sake of following.

You’ve slipped through my radar

Maybe you’ve followed me on a busy day where I’ve skim-read my notifications, or I keep thinking I already follow you, but sometimes I’m not following you just because I’ve forgotten or haven’t noticed you! Chances are one day I’ll realise the error and we’ll become Twitter friends!

What are your Twitter turn-offs?

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Tokyo Disney Giveaway!

You guys, I am SUPER BUZZED.

Its now only 30 days til I leave for Tokyo, and not only am I crazy excited myself, I’m loving the fact that so many of my lovely Instagram, WordPress and Twitter followers are so excited for me; it honestly blows me away how many people have said they hope I have a great trip, and how many people have offered to help with planning and recommendations etc. You guys are amazing!

And that’s why I really want to give back to all these lovely people, so I’m planning not one, not two or three, but potentially FOUR giveaways! Yep, four opportunities to win!

So here’s the deal: its all about my followers. If I can hit the following numbers before my trip, then each platform will have its own giveaway which will go live when I get back from my trip, so all you need to do for now is follow me before July 10th, then sit back and wait until the 20th when I’ll be posting how you can enter, and more importantly, the prizes!

WordPress target – 200 followers


Instagram target – 300 followers


Twitter target – 100 followers


Bloglovin’ target – 50 followers


Get following, and stay tuned for more!