Five Things You’re Doing Wrong in the Gym

The gym. I don’t need to explain it, you know why you go there – or don’t, in some people’s case.. But whether you’re a fitness freak or a workout whenever kinda person, there are some mistakes that you could make if you’re not careful..

Shirt from The Happiest Fitness Co

Shirt from The Happiest Fitness Co

Copying other people

Sure, its great looking around for inspiration; maybe you’ve never seen someone do goblet squats before and that’s something you’d be interested in, but go away, do a little bit of research, look into the correct method and then come back and start rocking it. Don’t just see someone doing something strange and unknown, and try and replicate it – you could get injured by doing something wrong.

Feeling pain

There’s a difference between feeling the burn and experiencing actual pain, and only the former is a good sign. When you’re muscles are starting to ache and fatigue, you’ll be getting that familiar warm sensation that isn’t exactly comfortable, but that should go away within a few minutes of stopping. There’s also nothing wrong with aching the following day, or after a few hours, but if you’re walking away from a workout and are still feeling a lot of pain in your body, you’ve overdone it.

Not taking on fluid

Everyone sweats. Its no big deal, especially in the gym, but you need to be replacing the water that your body is loosing swiftly to keep it functioning at its best. If you’re just sweaty, try and stick to water; if you’re also needing to take on some fuel, an isotonic sports drink might be better.

Judging other gym users

This is my absolute biggest gym peeve, and it happens in so many different ways. Laughing at overweight people? They’re still working out aren’t they? Staring at the gorgeous blonde in the sports bra and short shorts? She doesn’t come to the gym so you can wink at her from the corner of the free weights area.. Girls can lift, guys can lift, whatever – getting fit is not a competition so what is the point of putting down everyone around you?

Keeping clean

Be a team player – carry a towel and wipe down your equipment after you use it. Its courteous, and its hygienic; not doing so is the gym equivalent of wearing bowling shoes that haven’t been sprayed between wearers. Yuck.

Are you guilty of any of these?

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