Happy Birthday Me!

It’s my birthday! (Yes, I know its also the day from that Mean Girls quote)

Birthday cake

Now I’m not sure if I’m feeling like Taylor Swift just yet, but I definitely am 22, despite my birthday celebrations beginning yesterday with a family dinner and a healthy-sized chunk of this incredible Banoffee and Nutella cake, made by yours truly, please feel free to drool over your screen..

Birthday Boomf

I also decided (or was pushed) to open a few of my birthday presents from the boyfriend a day early, because technically it was already my birthday in New Zealand.. I got my main birthday presents while I was out there last month, but I still got an adorable little parcel of goodies from Boomf, yay!

As for today though, I started with breakfast in bed – although I had to get out of bed to make it – which was chocolate chip brioche and Nutella, and is it really your birthday if you don’t eat cake for breakfast?

birthday breakfast in bed

boomf cake

With my family at work, I spent my morning FaceTiming New Zealand in bed; I’ve got a stinker of a cold coming on so I wrapped myself up in my new cosy jumper from French Connection and ordered Wagamamas for lunch thanks to Deliveroo!

Wagamamas deliveroo

I’ve been spoilt rotten by my family, with the absolute greatest surprise being what will no doubt be my birthday and Christmas present for the rest of my life: the Lego Disney Cinderella Castle!

Birthday presents 2016

Also a huge thank you to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday on social media, and especially to those that gave me the amazing present of 150 followers on Bloglovin and 1000 followers on Instagram, both of which I hit yesterday! Big love to you all ❤

Here’s to another year!

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